Today, in obvious answers to dumb questions…

Reporter, please.

But Richt was asked Friday why Georgia and Alabama should right now be considered the two top one-loss teams, with the winner moving on.

“Because that’s where the BCS voted us,” Richt said, laughing.

What did you expect – an admission that his team didn’t belong there?


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13 responses to “Today, in obvious answers to dumb questions…

  1. Brandon

    Also, today in obvious answers to dumb questions I note 12,789 news outlets are reporting Gruden has told Tennessee to f$%k off, which of course means he is definitely coming to Rocky Top woo hoo, I cannot get over the crazy that is out there on Tennessee boards/newspaper comment sections, etc. holy cow.


    • Saint Johns Dawg

      True, but if I recall correctly … it was reported at least twice by reputable sources that Saban had turned down Alabama. Until he finally accepted the job. The Vol fans are, naturally, expecting that this will happen for them, too. Cause, you know, Gruden is every bit the coach Saban is (snicker).


  2. Dog in Fla

    “Don’t wear black jerseys,”

    That’s good, very good. If we handle the game as well as he has been handling press conferences, we’ll be in great shape


  3. Hogbody Spradlin

    Well, Vince would have said Florida is better.


  4. Timphd

    ” They’re gonna punish us? They’re gonna try to.” Love that. Maybe he is more confident this time. I sure as hell hope so, because I’m anxious as hell.


  5. Anybody got a link to Pulpwood’s prognostication for tomorrow?


  6. WH

    I know this is so 2 months ago, but…

    Mark Richt has lost control of the BCS.


  7. pantslesspatdye

    I know its a different situation. I know our sports masters (ESPN) have anointed this a playoff game. I know even I could come up with a good arguement that we didn’t belong in the title game in 2007, but I dread hearing this undertone creeping up in the media. IF we win tomorrow and get jumped, there’ll be pitchforks I tell ya.


  8. Round the bowl and down the hole

    Erk would laugh. Butts probably would too.


  9. Roll Tide Roll