On my way to see the Dawgs play.

In my thirty some-odd years of following Georgia football, I’ve been fortunate enough to see a lot of the great moments in person.  I was at the ’80 Florida game.  I saw Georgia win its last national title a few weeks later.  I went nuts watching Kevin Butler kick an insane field goal to cap an improbable comeback against Clemson.  I was there when the Dawgs pulled it off late against Auburn in 2002 to win their first SEC division title under Richt.  I’ve seen Georgia grab its two SECCG wins.

So here’s hoping I can put another notch on that belt today.  Unlike last year, they’ve got more than a puncher’s chance.  It’s all about GATA.  I can’t wait.

Which is why I’m heading downtown now.  Consider this your game day thread.  If Verizon cooperates, I’ll see if I can pitch in.


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  1. Go Senator and build that wall for the New Jerusalem. Have fun and do not drink too much.

  2. gastr1

    For me this is a particularly unique and enthralling experience. Arriving at UGA in the mid-80s, I had not been a UGA fan, growing up in a neighboring state, and my Yankee relatives (yeah, yeah) where rabid fans of the hated Golden Domers and Penn State (so I was on the wrong side of things back then…truly a misspent youth). As a converted UGA fan ever since I’ve had a lot of great experiences but never experienced something THIS CLOSE.

    Here’s to atoning for the transgressions of my childhood. I couldn’t hep it, y’all! Someone please bless my heart.🙂

    • gastr1

      By the way, I should note that even my Yankee brethren taught me to properly hate the Tide and Kentucky basketball. That, at least, they got right.

      • The Lone Stranger

        Consider yourself blessed. I’ve been in Penn’s Woods for the better part of my days, so I’ve fought the good fight against the ills of Penn St. (and consequently am presently content with my early life decsion therein). And I too have seen the light and become a virulent Dawg fan.

        This game sets up well for the Red-n-Black in my view, if the squad plays efficient and fundamental ball. I believe they will and then we’ll have a full month to stew and coalesce over the prospect of rubbing out the Irish.

        Happy viewing, Dawg!

  3. Puffdawg

    You guys know my stance on UGA football. I’m a kool aid drinking, sunshine pumping, Disney Dawg optimist. I’ve constantly defended Richt (melodramatically so, as someone on this board once noted). I’ve been to all the games Senator mentioned that my time on earth would allow (I’m a bit younger than our esteemed blogger). So, with that, I think we get Bama back for 08 (was at that one too). Dawgs pull away late 31-20.

    On another note, I could not care what bowl we go to if we lose. That’s not on my radar nor should it be on any of yours. Who flippin cares. This game is all or nothing. Go Dawgs!

    Lastly, this is where my head is at right now. Careful when you watch this, your head may explode. Hope I’m not peaking too soon. “I am a Champion!”

  4. heyberto

    I’m nervous.

  5. Nate Dawg

    Why do I torture myself by watching Gameday? Not only does Pollack pick bammer- yep, no homerism at ESPN- but your guest speaker Matty Ice picks bammer as well, shortly after picking gt for the upset today (I know, I know..as if any of these picks mean anything).
    Never been a Falcons fan, guess this is a good excuse as any not to jump on that train now either. Man, he’s really in touch w his fan base, a?

  6. MT Dawg

    Go Dawgs!

  7. Bob

    Not only did Pollack pick the Tide, but he has been going on and on about Georgia’s schedule without so much as a peep about Bama’s weak ass schedule last year, this year and next year. I understand trying to be non biased, but think he went a bit too far.

    As for Matty Ice….well, he has to throw the ball to Julio. 😉

    • AthensHomerDawg

      “God knows people who are paid to have attitudes toward things, professional critics, make me sick; camp following eunuchs of literature. They won’t even whore. They’re all virtuous and sterile. And how well meaning and high minded. But they’re all camp followers.”

  8. JaxDawg

    Enough talk, let’s play our game. GATMFA.

    • The Lone Stranger

      And that’s the key, I like to believe. If the Dawgs strap up and BELIEVE that if they play to their potential they cannot be denied then they will not be denied. GATA & ST [stinkin’ media heads] FU!

  9. Governor Milledge

    One thing that hasn’t been discussed too much is the coaching advantage UGA had by going against Southern/Tech back to back… the schematic overlap allowed for less prep time needed for Tech and likely freed up planning time/film time for both the players and coaches, for this game.

    I hope we throw every schematic tool we have left against ’em today. Go Dawgs

  10. CrawforDawg

    I can close my eyes and see it like it was yesterday…a cool Friday night in 1976 (my senior year at UGA)…our group was the second to arrive on the bridge…by midnight the atmosphere got overwhemlingly out of control…it was SRO…the UGA police closed the bridge and adjacent streets…Alabama was comin’ to town. We spent the night on the bridge and awoke to beautiful, crisp fall Saturday. Matt Robinson, Ray Goff and the rest of the Dawgs flat out whipped the Tide’s ass 21-0! Bring it home again Senator!

    • rugbydawg79

      my buddy Matt was the MAN in that one !

    • Just Chuck (the other one)

      And the fans camped out on the tracks beginning on Thursday night (before the East end zone was enclosed), the Bear leaning on the goalpost watching his team warm up, and the parties, oh my the parties, all over Athens on Saturday.

    • Hogbody Spradlin

      The track people claim they made a train back up and re-route that Friday. Milledge Avenue was a parking lot. That was one glorious game.

  11. Ed Kilgore

    Unlike the Senator, I have a history of missing some big Dawg moments: went to the bathroom at Manuel’s Tavern just as the Belue-to-Scott play was about to unfold (couldn’t stand to watch!), and also left at halftime to go back to the law library during the 1978 classic against the Bees, missing the best second-half comeback in Dawg history.

    Today, my wife and I will not miss a moment, though we’re watching from the Pacific shoreline (did get to attend last week’s thrashing of the Dirt Daubers, though, so we’re not jinxes this year). The sun just came out here for the first time in nearly a week, which I’ll take as a pregame omen just for us! I’m now checking for rainbows over the Monterey Bay.

    Go Dawgs!

  12. sniffer

    I’m geeked! Glory, glory….

  13. Uglydawg

    Refs suck.
    The guy who didn’t make that call on the hit on Murray should be fired at halftime. Also, Richt or someone should have gone onto the field and raised mortal hell. Murray should be coached to lay on the field for five or ten minutes after a hit like that…to make the cheating bastard who didn’t call it sweat.

    • +1 on that. I normally make a conscious effort not to whine about “roughness”-type calls, but damn. Just damn.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      +1,000. During the halftime show Spencer Tillman said that Marshall was in the way and the umpire couldn’t see the hit. That’s a LIE! I ran the tape back and while Marshall was on that side of the field he was not in the way. When the ref comes into view you can see him looking right at Murray–no flag. That would have negated the Bama interception. Cheating SEC refs at it again. Fire that SOB!!!!

  14. Carolinadawg

    Most egregious missed call in the history of football. Absolutely unfathomable.

    • UGAIII

      Grantham should say to Tree, “Sweep the leg” a la Karate Kid. Take out McCarron, for good. It’s unclassy to say that but we aren’t playing against gentlemen.

      Overall, penalties have hurt, along with the rush defense. Hopefully Grantham makes his perfunctory adjustments. And the offense needs to step it up. Need more toss sweep to Gurley.

  15. Tom

    The refs know it. Lets see what they call in this half. They should be really trying to make up for it. Least I hope they do.

  16. PatinDC

    Well. Everyone else is pulling for Bama-ND. I guess the Refs are too.

  17. daryl

    Am I the only one seeing the un-called holding going on by bama….??

  18. daryl

    Swann got schooled tonight….

    • Normaltown Mike

      Clearly. I’d been hearing how he’s coming on but he tackled poorly on some key plays and could’ve intercepted that last TD if he had been playing pass defense. The ball was severely under-thrown.

      Shawn Williams also had a horribly bad tackle on one of the late Bama drives. Looked like a cowboy riding a bull.

  19. daryl

    Can anybody tell me the last time we didn’t fair catch a punt…..?

  20. daryl

    How was that not interference…?

  21. Carolinadawg

    Inexcusably poor clock management (ie, coaching) by CMR to not call for Murray to spike the ball. The man can’t coach. I know the ball was tipped, but we should have spiked it.

  22. Turd Ferguson

    I know the Senator likes to milk the “blame Bobo” meme, but that dude cannot coach a close game in the 4th quarter. In every other situation, I think he’s a great OC. But in close games in the 4th quarter, the guy’s a dunce. Hope he apologizes to this team.

    • The Lone Stranger

      How do you you see it?

      • Turd Ferguson

        Opening both drives at 7:14 and 3:15 in the 4th with 1st-down pass plays was inexcusably stupid. Gurley was running all over that defense; but once again, Bobo abandons what’s working. The Senator may stick up for Bobo a lot, but even he has confessed confusion over Bobo’s refusal to stick with what works. He did it again, in the biggest game of his career. And we lost. Never should’ve come down to clock management issues at the end of the game, but it did, all because of Bobo’s inability to “finish the drill.” Like I said, I hope he fucking apologizes to that team.

        • The Lone Stranger

          Well, I’ve not had he time to review the film but I trust your game strategy. But, of course then, we should speak with DC Grantham as well.

          • Turd Ferguson

            Fair enough. Our defense had no answer for Lacy whatsoever. Honestly, I was surprised that they gave Yeldon so many 4th quarter touches. Lacy was putting on a damn clinic.

            That’s just it, though. Neither defense could stop the run late in the game. So Alabama decides to stick with it, whether it’s Lacy or Yeldon. And Georgia decides to switch things up. That’s the story, right there. And it’s the reason Saban will continue to win championships, and Richt will go down in history as one of the greatest coaches in history WITHOUT a championship.

            • Normaltown Mike

              Not running on first down was inexcusable IMHO. But I can’t flyspeck a dead horse. We looked like Cumberland College on run defense.

            • Ncfarmer

              You’re a jerk. Our guys played a hell of a game, and the outcome was in question until the last second. Pretty evenly coached/ played game in my book.

              • Ncfarmer

                Directed at turd, not you, mike

              • Turd Ferguson

                Everything you just said is compatible with everything I said. So I fail to see any grounds for calling me a jerk. Facts are facts, Ncfarmer. They ran for 350 yards. Completely inexcusable.

                And when Gurley is averaging 5+ ypc on the best run defense in the country, you ride that horse to victory. But Bobo decides to turn Gurley into a full-time blocker. Just ridiculous.

  23. NC Dawg

    Hell of a ball game. Be proud, recruit some talented D-linemen and a cornerback, and move on.

  24. PatinDC

    I think you should find another team Carolinadawg. You obviusly hate this one. THe feeling is mutual.

  25. fetch

    If that ball wasn’t tipped, it would have been a good play.

  26. How in the fuck do you not spike that ball and have a couple of shots to actually win? Biggest game in 30 years and yet another choke. I want to throw up right now but I’m too catatonic to do so. Aaron, thanks for the memories but I’m ready for ya to head for nfl. Of all the kick in the nuts to choke away a game….this is one of the worst.

  27. Mayor of Dawgtown

    I could say that we got jobbed by the refs–we did. I could say that the team members played their guts out and lost honorably–they did. But once again, as has happened so many times in the last 3 years, Richt/Bobo find a way to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory at the end with a bonehead call. CLOCK THE DAMN BALL!!! Another bad end of game decision by the coaching staff wasted a valiant effort by the players and cost the team the win. Words cannot describe how pissed off I am.

    • Normaltown Mike

      Is Murray a coach in your estimation? Cuz I saw several boneheaded plays by him, and some great heroics too. What about Swann? Is he a bonehead coach? Cuz he got pants several times too.

      And how often does a team win when the opponent has ten more first downs and 3 X as much rushing yards?

      But yes, other than that, it’s Richt/Bobo’s fault.

      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        We were presented with an opportunity to win. Murray was signaling to the bench with his right hand to clock it. Look at the replay. They waived him off, the O only got off 1 play and the team lost. Remember the Auburn 2001 game? I sure do. This was the same type end-of-game clock mismanagement. No way anyone can blame Murray for this.

        • Normaltown Mike

          Not laying it on his feet, but “Clutch” will not be his name. He might gradulate the SEC leader in any number of stats next year without coming through in any major game. The pick in the 2nd was poorly thrown and a 10 point swing. The sack after the Bama fumble in 1st QTR was a costly mistake that might have been 3 points.

          Aside from our problems, it’s not like we had any answer on defense for that fancy thing they do where they hand the guy a ball and he runs straight ahead. It would have been utterly shocking and illogical for a team that is out gained 350 to 115 to win.

  28. Billy Mumphrey

    We forgot to put on our hobnail boots. That just sucks.

  29. Sad thing is I actually let myself think we were going to win this game. Fool me once shame on you, fool me 30 times, shame on me.

  30. DAWGiAM

    Who’s decision not to clock the ball, Richt or Bobo?

  31. Turd Ferguson

    They’re coaches know how to finish the drill. Our coaches don’t. Ironic. The Cotton Bowl will be one of the least-watched bowl games, and we’ll have to deal with years and years of NFL commentators saying, “Geez, how did Georgia not run the table with these guys?” So fucking typical of this program. Thanks for the memories, boys. You deserved better.

  32. I hate to say it, but I now well and truly believe this team will not win or even play for a MNC as currently run. They might luck into a shot once every 10 years or so like this year, but they will find a way to choke it away. I’m starting to think that unless David Greene and Pollack have teenage children we don’t know about yet, it’s going to be more of the same. And fucking Rambo, save your shit talking for after the game bc your whole unit was dominated today.

    • Carolinadawg

      Ya think? LOL. That’s been pretty obvious for quite some time. Of course, the Disney dogs don’t think that’s important anyway.

    • For the record, I’m not saying fire Richt. I’m just saying decide if you want to be talented mediocre chokers year after year but be proud of having a nice coach that you could take to your church with you. Or if you want to actually win championships. Not saying either is right or wrong, but I want a championship in my lifetime.

      • Carolinadawg


      • Normaltown Mike

        Mediocre chokers don’t play in the semifinal game to the annual SEC coronation BCS game.

        If you’re interested in mediocre chokers, Ole Miss and Miss State are taking applications.

        Have a little perspective.

        • So we’re big game chokers then? That probably IS better but it makes the getting kicked in the balls hurt worse IMO.

        • Turd Ferguson

          “Mediocre chokers don’t play in the semifinal game to the annual SEC coronation BCS game.”

          They do when they get a ton of help from the rest of the SEC East. Let’s not forget that we backed our way into this one … yet again. It’s the Georgia Way.

  33. WF dawg

    First, I’m shocked and sick. We all are.

    Second, even if we had spiked the ball, the same scenario could have happened–tipped pass, caught short of first down yardage (the pass was intended for the endzone). BUT with the spike, there’s time to remind your WRs not to catch a ball like that.

  34. TomReagan

    I love the Georgia Bulldogs.

    • Carolinadawg

      No shit. We all do. Some of us would just like to see them win a big game occasionally.

      • Brandon

        Gee I don’t know, the Florida game was a pretty big game this year I think they might have been ranked No. 2 or something, since we got rid of Willie we aren’t awful in big games, two thumbs Martinez is pretty much your “bad big game” meme. Hell two years in a row we’ve run the table on our four biggest rivals, from Dooley’s retirement until Richt’s advent we were lucky if we went 2-2 against GT, UT, UF, and AU, I don’t remember us doing better than that during that whole miserable period.

    • The Lone Stranger

      With that guy!

  35. Tom

    Georgia played a good game. Bama is a good team. Proud of my Dawgs.

  36. Stirbaby's Manpiece

    Best loss I’ve ever seen out of a Georgia team. Think of all the losses of the Richt era (which in 12 years isn’t near as many as a lot of our league), and you’d be hard-pressed to find one like that.

    ’01 – team finds its legs and doesn’t know how to win a few close ones
    ’02 – Terrence, my man
    ’03 – LSU, Florida, LSU – combination of horrid O-line & bad kicking
    ’04 – forgot to show up against Tennessee, lost @ Auburn by the end of the first quarter
    ’05 – Shockley’s ankle
    ’06 – young team, figures it out to close the season out
    ’07 – asking why we redshirted Moreno, and forgot we had a game against Tennessee
    ’08 – All bark no bite
    ’09/’10 – I blacked out for these two seasons. Probably better that way
    ’11 – Boise was on Bobo, SC was on the O and Special teams for handing the ball over. LSU/Michigan State were mental
    ’12 – SC was as bad as Tennessee in ’09

    Tonight we played hard, well enough to win, and came up short against a team that has lost 7 times in 5 years. They caught some breaks, we caught some breaks.

    Do you realize that the Ogletree penalty for roughing the passer likely took 3 points OFF the board when the drive ended in an interception?

    Three key plays to the game:
    – Bama 3rd and 13 pick up 15 on the screen
    – Kickoff after our lightning quick second TD drive of the 2nd half. Herrera gets that fumble and it could have been over
    – 3rd and 1 at our own 18 the drive before their final TD. If Gurley gets another 3 feet, we could have gone into 4 minute offense mode

    Played the best team in the country, Bobo, Murray and Ogletree all brought their A-games. Unfortunately so did Lacy & Yeldon. There is nothing to be ashamed of. Conley made a play, when he should have let the ball hit the dirt. Whole team is back next year if they want it bad enough.

    • tdawg89

      Whole team? Ogletree, Jarvis, John Jenkins…?

      • Eh, I’d say the o-line(surprisingly) and Gurley are the only ones who can look in the mirror and be truly proud of themselves. Murray had his usual inconsistent big game with bad mistakes, bobo abandoned the run for long periods when it was all that was working, and the whole defense got worked like rented mules by the Bama o-line and both their RBs. And it wasn’t just getting dominated on the line, it was weak arm tackles and not wrapping up that led to getting gashed for what..like 350 yds on the ground?

      • Stirbaby's Manpiece

        Ogletree and Jarvis could both come back if they want to. Geathers replaces Jenkins, we have Thornton, Chris Mayes and others ready to step up on the D-line. We lose the Secondary, but enough key defenders COULD come back, and everyone but T King and Marlon Brown are back on O

    • Dawg with no fleas

      I have to agree that this was the most enjoyment I have ever had while watching UGA lose. It’s never fun to watch us lose, but I am surprisingly upbeat after that game.

      One point though, Moreno was a redshirt freshman in 2007. Was your point that Moreno should have never been redshirted in 2006?

      • Hey Bulldogs,…we just beat the hell out of you! Ramma Jamma Yellow Hamma, give em hell Alabama!

        • SCDawg

          Are you fucking kidding me?

          • From my Daughter, Graduated first in her class at the University of Alabama. She was a Alpha Chi at Bama.

            • Mayor of Dawgtown

              Joy, that was tasteless. I have defended you on this blog before but not anymore.

              • AthensHomerDawg

                This lady is a few french fries short of a happy meal. Seriously. That’s some pretentious fantasy she rolls with some times. “Why even when I had breakfast at the pool with the governor himself while he discussed an appointment for my youngest an honor student and medal of honor winner to his board…….. yap.. yap .. yap. And the date thing when she petitioned us to tell her why her date just wanted … well what he wanted. I feel like I am my grandmother’s tea party. Some serious shut in shit right there.

            • Brandon

              My sister was too, but she knows better than to send me or my Dad a message like that at the moment.

            • WF dawg

              But why would you ever relay that here on this blog? Or did she hack your computer or forcibly take it from you?

        • Normaltown Mike

          You play football?

  37. AthensHomerDawg

    Damn….. Hillbillies apparently have boo bird relatives that are Georgia fan wanna be dressing in their Walmart Red and Black. Who knew? What a bunch of rag tag , never been in the arena, couch potato, arm chair quarterbacks ever to show up and whine like little girls over a game that went down to the wire. I wish I could find all of you pussies and give you a swirly. Goodness. I’ve known women with more spunk and loyalty.

    • How is it not loyal to live and die with your team? Just because I’m not willing to sing kumbya right now doesn’t make me a worse fan than anyone else and just bc you’re happy with losing literally the biggest game in 30 years for this team doesn’t make you a great fan. I’m literally sick right now because of this game. Just because I look at it as more of the same doesn’t make me or anyone else a bad fan.

      • I mean ffs, do you think I wanted UGA to lose this game? Just because I’m unhappy that they did doesn’t make me disloyal. I’m more mad at myself for actually thinking at points during the game that we were going to win it, when I’ve been kicked in the teeth enough times to know better.

        • The Lone Stranger

          I came around awfully late, but I am DOWN with scottdavid!

        • AthensHomerDawg

          Dude… slow down. Did you even post prior to my last posts? If not you needn’t feel like it was directed at you personally. If you must just jump off a building. I won’t bother you. Take Carolina with you. If he is so sure that the Senator hates him there are other places for him…. other blogs. Blogs that their whole focus is to ridicule and abuse the coaches at Georgia. Go there. You might feel more at home. We just lost a close game. Man the hell up. I feel like I am playing poker with kids. Grow a pair.
          We good?

      • Prosticutor

        Scott, let me be the first to kick your ass off the bandwagon

        • The Lone Stranger

          Prosecute what you like, but scott is a legitimate consumer of football action. (which costs us all $$$)

      • Theolballsac

        Nobody, I mean nobody is calling for Damain Swann right now!

  38. UGAIII

    Hopefully our 30+ recruiting class will help us rebuild next year. The first time my friends heard fire Richt, it was from me after the 05 Sugar Bowl, but they won’t hear that tonight. Two in a row east titles. Respect on the national stage. They put their hearts into it. Les Miles has had his share of clock management gaffes, and has won it all. Starting to believe, with a strong defense, we’ll eventually break through.

    You can blame play calling, lack of rush defense, lack of discipline, but we showed up and played hard for 60 minutes.

    I’m proud to be a GA Bulldog and I’m not taking the flag down tonight. And I can guarantee you one thing, Alabama is going to crush Notre Dame.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      Respect? On the national stage? Really? The ESPN nattering nabobs are already trashing the end of game decision by UGA’s coaches. The comments post game are all pro-Bama and virtually none are pro-UGA. One ESPN dunce called out the “non-tipped pass” and said it took away a legit interception by Bama or else the finish wouldn’t have even been that close. He also made it sound like Bama #90 coldcocking Murray was Murray’s own fault for “not having his head on a swivel.” And F#CK Bama. I hope ND kicks their asses all the way to Havana.

  39. SouthGa Dawg

    I was yelling “Spike the Ball” too. Then run P-44 Gurley. Just didn’t happen.

  40. NC Dawg

    Absolutely nothing to be ashamed of in that game. A great college football championship game.

    • Turd Ferguson

      Bobo screwed up yet another 4th quarter, and our defense gave up 350 yards on the ground. Plenty to be ashamed of.

      • NC Dawg

        I disagree. Disappointed, yes. Ashamed, no.

        • Turd Ferguson

          You’re only saying that because you don’t want to incur the emotional costs of actually coming to terms with what just happened. They ran for 350 fucking yards, NC Dawg. If you don’t find that shameful, you simply do not care enough.

          • CrawforDawg

            Would it still be shameful if we won in the final seconds? Just asking.

            • Turd Ferguson

              1,000,000% yes. Giving up 350 yards on the ground to a triple-option team is bad … but borderline acceptable. Giving up 350 yards on the ground to a pro-style team is just embarrassing.

              And we’ll be weaker next year.

          • Anon

            Please stop being an idiot.

  41. Russ

    A real punch in the nuts, but great game by both sides. If the last pass isn’t tipped, I believe we win the game. Can’t blame Conley for catching it, that’s just instinct.

    Tonight was truly the MNC game. Jan 7 is a formality.

  42. Brandon

    I’m proud as hell of our football team, they played their hearts out and our coaches coached their hearts out. That last ball was tipped and instincts took over and 31 caught it when he should have dropped it, it was a back shoulder throw to Mitchell, if he caught it we were going to Miami, if not odds are 20-1 we had another play, we went for a quick shot at the TD to our best playmaker (MM), sometimes you eat the bear sometimes the bear its you. Alabama is absolutely the best team in the country and we went toe to toe with them for sixty minutes, the final break didn’t go our way, that is football, that is life. Haters can kiss my red and black a#%, if you are going to get on these players and this team tonight you need to take your “support” elsewhere, f&%k you and the stinking horse you piece of sh*ts road in on.

    • Stirbaby's Manpiece


      I’ve been one of the most obnoxious detractors of Bobo the last five years (and there are a few halves of football out there that have more than justified it). I’ve had serious questions about our Special Teams strategy, and questioned Richt’s inability to fire friends.

      All that said, I would spit shine Bobo’s shoes tonight, and I’d carry Richt back to Athens on my own shoulders. For all the hyperbole about the EPIC coaching greatness they were up against tonight, our staff put together an incredible game plan.

      Lacy & Yeldon are amazing talents. There are 3 All Americans on that O-Line, and yet we’re 1 play away from Miami.

      I feel like the Hurricanes must have felt on the other end of Flutie’s pass 30 years ago. Heartbreaking, gut-wreching loss, but another 20 seconds and that game is ours. Then you’d all be talking about how much you love the people you’re tearing down right now.

      UGa and its depleted roster were 7 yards from taking down The Process, and would have done it playing the exact same ball that built The Process.

      Here’s to Richt’s next ten years.

      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        “Here’s to Richt’s next ten years”–hopefully without Bobo to lose close games at the end.

      • Turd Ferguson

        “All that said, I would spit shine Bobo’s shoes tonight, and I’d carry Richt back to Athens on my own shoulders.”

        We must’ve watched different 4th quarters. Because what I saw was a highly paid offensive coordinator continuing his tradition of abandoning what was working. Gurley is averaging more than 5 ypc against the best run defense in the country, so what does Bobo do in the middle of the 4th quarter? Puts it in Murray’s hand, behind a mediocre pass-blocking O-line. Just genius.

        I’d spit on Bobo’s shoes, too. But that’s where you and I part ways, I guess.

        • Brandon

          Nevermind that we scored 28 points on a team that gives up on average less than 10, we were in that game because of Bobo, he and Richt are the last damn people I am going to blame but I ain’t blaming nobody tonight, we gave it hell and came up short, Bama is going to wax Notre Dame.

          • Turd Ferguson

            Oh, I agree with you. Bobo coached a brilliant 3 quarters. Then, in the 4th quarter, his head got lost somewhere in his own ass.

            • The Lone Stranger


            • Brandon

              I think your issue is we didn’t win the game, if the ball on the last play is not tipped and instead Malcolm Mitchell makes a play and pulls it down or if it is merely incomplete and we score on the next play I really don’t think you’d be on here posting: “Guys, I know you are all excited we are playing Notre Dame for the national championship and we just beat Alabama 34-32 and scored 3.5 times Alabama’s season average on defense but Bobo really got his head lost in his ass in the 4th quarter.” Hell no you wouldn’t be posting that. You guys move straight to blaming our offensive coordinator and totally ignore a defense loaded with future NFL players getting gashed for 350 rushing yards by and large on the most basic of between the tackles football plays and sweeps. For the record I am not criticizing Grantham, Alabama is Alabama for a reason, they can run on anybody but if you are going to be a basher start there its a hell of a lot more reasonable than this whiny Monday morning quarterbacking of offensive playcalling.

              • Turd Ferguson

                If we’d have won that game, I’d be saying, “Please God, let it not be close in the 4th quarter against Notre Dame.”

                And for the record, I’m really getting tired of hearing shit like, “Alabama is Alabama for a reason.” It’s a football team, not a damned god. We’re significantly more talented than they are.

                • Brandon

                  My point is, our offense did far better than most do against Alabama, pre-game everybody was talking about Murray has to play well our offensive line has to play well and they did. Our defense got mangled about like every other team that has played against Alabama this year, I don’t know that’s its fair to blame Grantham but if you’re going to call for coaching scalps I’d damn sure start there not with the unit that outperformed expectations. And again I am not dogging Grantham, I didn’t want to dog anybody but the tendency of Georgia fans to ignore the defensive side of the ball continues to blow me away. Willie Martinez almost drove our program off the cliff, but it is amazing how many people could not identify the problem, we fired the bastard and got someone competent and low and behold here we are 10 wins last year and 11 this year again and an eyelash away from the MNC. If we can keep this staff together we’ll be in the thick of things more years than not, letting the crazies take over is exactly what happened at Tennessee and Auburn and look at where those morons are now.

                • Mayor of Dawgtown

                  If you analyze the players position by position UGA is better at virtually every position except for O-line. QB and RB would be a wash, but other than those…….

                  • Brandon

                    Years from now I think the question will be how did a defense with Jarvis Jones, Alec Ogeltree, and John Jenkins give up 350 rushing yards and 32 points, not how did Georgia not win a shootout with the likes of Aaron Murray and Tavarres King. No disrespect to Murray or King, but Jarvis and Ogeltree are both likely going to be all-pro. Its kind of like I scratch my head sometimes and say how did we give 31 first half points at home to Ben Leard led Auburn in 1999 with Stroud and Seymour at defensive tackle, not wow I can’t believe we got shutout with Quincey Carter and Jasper Sanks. Again Murray and our offensive line played as good as anybody has against Bama this year, they are the last people who should be catching any hell.

                    • Brandon

                      To be clear, I don’t think anybody should be catching hell, we left it all on the field player and coach wise, hopefully Bama will beat ND, 55-0 and then Lou Holtz can suck on that all winter.

                  • Sadly I’d say their freshman WR is better than Mitchell.

                • Cosmic Dawg

                  “We’re significantly more talented than they are.”


        • Ncfarmer

          We get it, Turd. You’re miserable. Move on.

  43. Russ

    Geez, I see I need to just stay away for a day or so, and let all the dumbasses clear out. Sad, but inevitable.

    • Gravidy

      I’m with you, Russ.

    • AusDawg85

      Two week break minimum. The dumb asses will tire and find another blog by then.

    • Cosmic Dawg

      Right? So sad. We ought to be celebrating this team tonight almost as much as if they’d won the dang game. I was miserable after SC because we didn’t show up, but this is a loss I can live with.

      Thank you, you awesome 2012 Georgia Bulldogs. You made me awfully proud tonight.

  44. In my dreams tonight, I will see Dawg after Dawg after Dawg trying to tackle that freshman around his shoulders, or going for the strip rather than the take-down.

    Unfortunately, when I wake up hung over tomorrow, I will find it all to be true.

  45. Turd Ferguson

    Murray will return in 2013 … but a C+ defense will keep us from Atlanta. If any Georgia fan is going to start looking ahead, better make it 2014.

    • WF dawg

      This was the window. This was the year. I don’t know when it’s going to break our way like this again.

      • Turd Ferguson

        It won’t. I’m just glad I went to grad school at place where the basketball coaches know how to win a fucking big game. It’s becoming a tradition: (1) watch as Georgia comes up short; (2) shrug shoulders; (3) start watching college basketball, and completely ignore whatever meaningless bowl game we play.

        • Uglydawg

          I’ll never watch a basketball game. That’s a balm reserved for Tech fans.

          • Turd Ferguson

            When I entered grad school, I thought the same thing. Then I watched as my team actually won big games, including a national championship. Take my word for it: National championships feel much better than Cotton Bowl berths.

        • Cosmic Dawg

          Boy, yeah, I can really see your point. I feel awful, just awful for you. You really have a hard time of it, don’t you?
          I have a solution. You know what would be awesome? Just gave up football altogether.
          Just do basketball.
          Start tonight, this very minute.

    • PatinDC

      Ugh. I wish the Senator would ban you jagoffs. He is a better person than me for letting you foul up his blog. Go back to rooting for GT you loser.

    • The Lone Stranger

      Unfortunately, the Turd speaks the truth I fear.

  46. TennesseeDawg

    We dropped 28 points on the #1 defense in the NCAA that gives up an average of 9.3 ppg. The blame lies squarely on Grantham. 350 yards rushing the Dawgs gave up.

  47. OKDawg

    Per Richt in post-game: the ball was meant for corner fade route. He was hoping to have 3 plays in 15 seconds (if needed). In fact, he was calling conservative play to preserve clock. Ball was tipped, dumb rotten luck put it in Conley’s hands (he said the lights actually blinded him and he wrapped up when ball hit his hands). Game over.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      If they had clocked the ball they might have gotten 3 plays.

      • OKDawg

        Unfortunately, we’ll never know.

        • Mayor of Dawgtown

          Yup. There were 15 seconds on the clock and it was stopped when Murray was under center, looking at the sideline asking to clock it. When the ref blows the whistle to start the clock it takes about 1 second to clock it. That would have left 14 seconds if the coaching staff had done that. You can run a quick pass play in about 6 seconds. Assuming that there were 2 quick incompletions the Dawgs would have had a couple of seconds to run a third play, if needed.

          • OKDawg

            Of course, you’re assuming after spiking the ball that nothing unexpected happens (such as a tipped pass on the next play, an INT, a fumble, a critical penalty, etc.). There is no way to know today if spiking it would have improved our chances for a win.

  48. almightytmc1

    It was a great game and could have went either way. I did not like the officiating. and I am shitty about the Quinton Dial’s shot at Murray. Even if the ball was intercepted, I still thought it was unnecessary. If bama had lost, ithis was still the best SECCG I have ever seen. All the way to the wire.
    UGA surprised me and just kept on fighting.
    No one wins everything all the time. Unfortunately, today was Greorgia’s day to come up short. Still UGA fans have nothing to feel ashamed of. That may be the single best game I have ever seen.
    You have a class program, and a class coach. You guys have a lot to be proud of.

  49. Always Someone Else's Fault

    Georgia would have come out on top over any other team in the country tonight, and they almost came out on top on Alabama. No moral victories in a game like this, but sometimes the other team just makes a couple of more plays and wins the game. The game was a classic, and Alabama’s running game had their best game of the year. I would compare it to a basketball team getting hot from long range. Hard for me to find fault with effort, plan, or play calls. A lot of disappointment, and that disappointment always looks for a place to land.

    But sometimes you just tip the hat.

    • Normaltown Mike


      BCS Game might as well be called the Coronation. This was THE WAR to find the best team in the country.

      • Uglydawg

        Yep, and there’s no question in my mind that Georgia, regardless of the final polls, is the second best team in the country. Alabama, Georgia and Florida. Florida will most likely pass UGA in the polls, but that’s crazy because Georgia’s second loss is in the championship game to the eventual national champs and was very close. I enjoyed the game, was dissapointed at the way it ended, and am very excited about the future.
        I don’t think the Notre Dame coach enjoyed the game at all, (bless his little Irish heart). Half the teams in the SEC would dismatle the phoney Irish.

        • Mayor of Dawgtown

          “Half the teams in the SEC would dismantle the phony Irish.” +1. Bama, UGA, FU, USCe, aTm and LSU all kick the Domers’ asses. If ND played in the SEC West and played UGA and FU as their cross-division games they would only be about a 7-5 team.

    • The Lone Stranger

      Tippin’ the Hat … Apparently, that is an honorable stance.

  50. Timphd

    I don’t know Carolina, Turd, scottdavid et.al. In fact I don’t know any of you posters. But I will say I was heartbroken the Dawgs didn’t win but I can’t see how in hell some of you buttheads are so enthusiastic in blaming Bobo, Richt, Murray or any one else for this game. The fact is it was a great game that didn’t end how I wanted. I can live with that and don’t feel the need to blame a 20 year old kid or anyone else. Two great teams played a great game. One team one, one lost. It’s simple.

    Remind yourself that you didn’t formulate the game plan, didn’t make a block, tackle or catch a pass. So for gods sake stop referring to the team as “we” “us” etc. if your self esteem is so poor that you live and die with a college football teams wins and losses I’m sad for you.

    Remember also that the game did not hinge on one play at the end. Did you watch the game? Did you see the D line give up 10 yards a carry in the second half? Did you see the blown coverage? Did you see the holding on every play? The penalties on Bama that weren’t called? Saying they lost because the ball wasn’t spiked is a gross oversimplification.

    Maybe you “experts” need to find a new team. I sure know your posts annoy the shit out of me.

    • The Lone Stranger

      Good points all, Tmphd — the squad did what they could, and will be back next year.

    • AusDawg85

      +infinity Great reasoned response. Get ready to be blasted by the little trolls.

    • Turd Ferguson

      I don’t blame Richt. I don’t blame Murray. In fact, I’m damn proud of Aaron tonight. Even though this’ll go down as a “L” in the win-loss record, I think he did enough tonight to end the “he can’t play in big games” meme.

      I do, however, blame Bobo for his 4th quarter play-calling. As the Senator has pointed out numerous times on this blog, Bobo has a penchant for abandoning what is working, and it has arguably cost us games. I think that happened today. And I’m not even talking about the last drive. I think the last drive went about as well as we could’ve hoped.

      And let’s not forget that we gave up 350 rushing yards against a pro-style offense. Under ABSOLUTELY NO CIRCUMSTANCES is that acceptable.

      Am I an expert? Definitely not. Just a guy with eyes, Timphd.

  51. Timphd

    Won not one. Duh.

  52. ZeroPointZero

    I really hate to say this… But fuck most of you out there right now. One play from a win you cry baby bitches. Thank God for my children or I may feel as empty as you. Damn I’m sad.

    • Turd Ferguson

      Here’s what sucks for people like you: I’m not empty at all. I have two kids who absolutely rock my world. They’re beautiful. They’re perfect. And as long as they’re in my life, I could be immeasurably happy even in a world without any football.

      And yet, I still think there are good reasons for thinking that this game never even had to come down to the last play.

      So fuck you, too, 0.0.

  53. The Lone Stranger

    I come, humbly tendering my apologies for some seriously scattershot drunken raving here last eve. That game just yanked my guts out. Sorry about some of the weirdness.