Random, swirly bits about you-know-what

This is just a series of thoughts I’ve had this week about today’s game that I couldn’t fit into a post.

  • It’s funny that one of the biggest concerns before the season started – the number of scholarship players on the roster – never really bit the Dawgs in the butt.  And now they face their polar opposite on roster management.
  • Speaking of which, how does Georgia lose two starting receivers, plug in other guys on the roster and keep on keeping on, while it’s Alabama that’s talking about taking a redshirt off a kid today to replace a wideout who’s lost for the season?
  • The biggest difference between ‘Bama and Georgia this season is consistency.  Georgia knows what it’s going to get from its opponent.  But which set of Dawgs – defensive in particular –  shows up, the first half of the season team, or the second half?
  • To all the pundits who’ve decided that Alabama’s superior to Georgia at running back because of the offensive line play – aren’t you really saying that Gurley and Marshall are better?
  • Aaron Murray isn’t going to stress the ‘Bama defense the way Johnny Manziel did.  But he’s gonna have to match Mettenberger’s success against the Tide for Georgia to have a good chance today.
  • Really hope this game doesn’t turn out to be a field goal duel.  One good thing working against that possibility is that Georgia is actually the better team at converting red zone opportunities into touchdowns.
  • Any Dawg happier not to be playing a triple-option offense today than Jarvis?
  • When anyone says Alabama has the coaching advantage today, what specifically is that about?  Preparation?  In game adjustments?  I’m not arguing with the assessment, mind you, just wondering where it shows up.
  • You’d think the biggest impact roster numbers would have in a game like this would be on special teams.  So I’m hoping that the improvement we’ve seen over the past few weeks in Georgia’s kickoff and punt coverage work doesn’t turn out to be a mirage today.  Especially when I look back at what the Honey Badger did in last year’s SECCG.
  • Maybe it’s just me, but I sense the pundit class is willing to concede the possibility of a Georgia win far more this year than last year.  I wonder how much of that is due to Bama losing to TAMU at home and how much of it is due to Georgia having one less regular season loss than it did in 2011, thus making the SECCG equally meaningful to both teams.


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10 responses to “Random, swirly bits about you-know-what

  1. Hogbody Spradlin

    On the pundit class subject, Georgia has also looked a lot more efficient, for a long stretch of games, than the same time last year. Recall we gorked by Kentucky and didn’t really wreck Tech.


  2. TennesseeDawg

    We got a game today? Who we playing?


  3. From one Bama fan’s perspective (you know you really wanted this):
    The redshirt being pulled from the kid at Bama isn’t quite as simple as one guy goes down and so they pull him. It was two receivers, both of whom played the same role of deep threat. Additionally, Black — the freshman — was getting a medical redshirt, not just a standard one, and prior to his injury, was expected to be a bigger contributor than Amari Cooper, so this is more than a “warm body” decision.
    I will agree that the combo of Gurley and Marshall has been better than Lacey and Yeldon. I could rationalize that, but the stats are what they are.
    That red zone conversion rate is a bit deceptive. Yes, UGA only converts TDs 2.5% more often than Bama, and that’s the result of the Tide taking a knee in the red zone against Auburn. Bama has more RZ trips, scores more often in the RZ and has more RZ TDs.
    I can appreciate your concern about return coverage, but the Tide has no one who can do what Matthieu did. We struggle ourselves just to hang onto the ball on punt returns.
    Regarding the “coaching advantage” my guess is the depth of analysis goes no further than success in big games. Also not sure it has to. You can’t fairly assign the results of any one game solely to the coach, but trends are a different story.


  4. Lrgk9

    UGA being labeled ‘Miss Congeniality’ in the BCS Beauty Pagent really chaps my derriere.


  5. W Cobb Dawg

    Bama’s coaching advantage is the consistency they bring to each game and each season. And that’s all preparation. Great preparation usually makes the game outcome a foregone conclusion. I don’t believe saban out-coaches or out-schemes his opponents on gameday, he grinds them. I believe bama is better prepared for this game. But I think at this time, this game, the Dawgs have more highly talented players at key positions, and a defense of veterans. If we play to our potential we win.