We just broke our face with a hobnail boot.


Toughest loss I’ve sat through since…. ’92 Florida? ’82 Pitt?

Proud they left everything on the field.


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  1. Senator, I have a head injury.

  2. heyberto

    My heart breaks for this team. Getting blown out would have been better.. but we were good enough to win.. but so way Alabama’s team. It really could have gone either way in my opinion. I’m grateful for this special group of players. They made us proud, even in defeat. Couldn’t ask for anything more.

    • I Love this team!

      You are out of your mind. This team was amazing tonight. I’m so proud to be a Dawg! Never again will I want CMR not to be our coach. Everyone..EVERYONE came to play and they left it on the field. Unfortunately, time and bad luck (the last catch) got us. Don’t diminish or disgrace what this team did with bad comments, because they did all they could tonight in the time they were allowed.

      Gutsy call by Bobo, to run the fade in the corner for Mitchell. Isn’t that what we’ve been asking for?

      Go Dawgs!!!!!!

    • Ugafidelis

      Never, ever wish for a blowout. We sat in a sea is Crimson and barked our asses off for 60 minutes. That was the best damn football game I’ve ever seen in my life. We just came up short. It sucks. Bad. But it happens.

    • Dawgfan Will

      I’m sorry, but I disagree. Getting blown out might have given my digestive tract an easier night, but it would have confirmed everything every pundit says about us. Our boys belonged on that field tonight, and they proved it. I would always rather come up just short than be laughed at like last year’s game against LSU.

  3. collegeparkdawg

    I just got home and am heartbroken as well, but proud of my Dawgs. That was the National Championship game in my opinion.

    • UFTimmy

      I have little doubt that either of you would beat ND.

      • TennesseeDawg

        But Florida sure could, right?

        • Gravidy

          Easy, TD. It was a compliment.

          • TennesseeDawg

            Sorry, still got a brown liquor fire going

            • Uglydawg

              The following teams would handily beat ND….Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Florida State, Clemson, LSU, Baylor, Texas A&M, South Carolina, and probably at least two other Texas schools…plus a few more. Notre Dame is not even a legitimate top ten team. Bama will kill them. Alabama is the best team in America and Georgia is a close second. Forget the polls.

      • The Lone Stranger

        F*UCK YOU, C*NT!

        • collegeparkdawg


          • collegeparkdawg

            All I meant was that was the caliber game the NC is supposed to be. We played our guts out and never gave up. If that makes me a c$$t so be it.

            • Debby Balcer

              He was talking to Joy. Truly a classless remark by the Lone Stranger. The remark is as bad as the N word please stop using it.

              • Thank you Debby. Are you a Teacher? We need to help these boys with their English. I agree with you; drunk posting should be a no no. People tend to lose their good judgement.

                On Sun, Dec 2, 2012 at 12:02 AM, Get The Picture wrote:

                > ** > Debby Balcer commented: “He was talking to Joy. Truly a classless > remark by the Lone Stranger. The remark is as bad as the N word please stop > using it.” >

                • Lrgk9

                  Hey Lone Stranger,
                  You sir, imo – are a piece of trailer trash with no manners.

                  Shame on you and your momma and daddy if they didn’t teach you better.

  4. Casey

    I agree, Senator. That was an exhausting game to watch. I can’t imagine how the players feel right now.

  5. Zach


    As a senior student at this incredible university, I’d have to wholeheartedly agree. Absolutely crushing but damn if we didn’t play with an incredible amount of heart and tenacity. Would have been one of the most historic drives we’ve ever witnessed, thanks for all you do on the blog. Glory, glory.

  6. Will (the other one)

    If I had been told before the game we’d give up 350 yards rushing and Eddie Cussin’ Lacey would average 10 ypc against our D, but we’d keep the game in down until the final 10 seconds, I would never have believed it.

  7. Rick

    And if anyone wants to start up the “fire X” bus, please do me a small favor…

    F*** off and die.

    Congrats to UA, we made sure they earned their ticket.

    • Normaltown Mike

      Oh, you don’t want to go to the game-day thread. It’s full on harakiri

    • Brandon

      Damn straight.

    • Will (the other one)

      Yep. We did not get outcoached at all today.

      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        Sorry Will. The end of game UGA coaching error really cost us. Turn on any sports TV show. They are all talking about it.

        • Russ

          Nope, sorry Mayor. Nothing wrong with that final call. Just a good play by the Bama defender to tip the ball and bad luck that it fell to Conley and instincts took over. Except for the tip, the play was either a back shoulder TD or incomplete. Nothing at all wrong with that call.

          • Mayor of Dawgtown

            They only got 1 play off Russ. Clock it and you have time for at least 2 maybe 3 plays if necessary. This end of game screw-up is absolutely reminiscent of the 2001 Auburn debacle.

            • Dawgfan Will

              We had time for two plays regardless. Conley made an instinctive play that ran the clock out. It was hands down the shittiest way I’ve ever seen the Dawgs lose a game, but it was not due to poor coaching.

              • Mayor of Dawgtown

                You have to look deeper than just the superficial, Will. You have to not just see what happened but also ask why do things happen. This was the biggest game in 32 years for UGA and the Dawgs OC, with the clock running low and the game on the line, wants the players to run up and run a play because he thinks that the other team’s D will be disorganized. (Bobo said so after the game.) The problem is that our O was disorganized, too, which is totally to be expected in this situation.When disorganization happens to both O and D it always benefits the D–they just react. The O has to have a plan with everybody on the same page. If the play they ran had worked it would have been luck. The reason it didn’t work was bad decision making.

                • Dawgfan Will

                  Actually, I think I was looking pretty deeply, Mayor. My first reaction was the same; I kept screaming “Why didn’t they clock it?!?!” But after I thought about it, I realized the Dawgs had them on the ropes, and they were going for the throat.The O didn’t look the slightest bit disorganized. On the contrary, they looked like they were firing on all cylinders.

                  I understand your line of thinking, but I still disagree with you.

                  • Russ

                    I think there were two plays there either way. They had the play they wanted called as they were going down the field. They don’t have unlimited options, it’s most likely going wide. They found the matchup they wanted, and not clocking it made sure Bama couldn’t substitute. The ball was just tipped. We had Bama on their heels and pressed for the kill. It was just dumb bad luck that it hit Conley in the hands.

                    • Dawgfan Will


                    • Mayor of Dawgtown

                      One of the reasons you clock it in that situation is to huddle up and say: “We don’t have any more timeouts. If you are not in the endzone and the ball gets tipped do NOT catch it-knock it down. Either the ball gets caught in the endzone or the ball doesn’t get caught.”

                    • gastr1

                      Mayor–As Richt pointed out in the presser, we’ve been playing no huddle all season. What is the point of a huddle other than to call a play? They called the play.

                      If anything what spiking would have done would have been to be sure everyone was organized and lined up properly. But then the defense is better prepared too.

                      Bottom line is that is was simply bad luck that it worked out the way that it did, including Conley slipping. But regarding lining up/not lining up, you could make an argument for and against doing it either way. That’s not what cost us the game.

                    • Cojones

                      If you clock it, Bama has more time to prepare and substitute. After you clock it and you run the same play who can say that same play wasn’t just delayed by the clock?

                      It was good coaching (Richt made a better decision than Danielson trying to play coach and M-M-QBing from his pundit’s booth). It was the correct decision. Picking on it will just show the way that dumbasses think. We don’t need to know who the idiots are here unless you don’t think you are one from the git-go and you just have to prove it.

                      GO DAWGS AND RICHT!!

          • You are correct Russ. Very astute dawg.

            On Sat, Dec 1, 2012 at 11:49 PM, Get The Picture wrote:

            > ** > Russ commented: “Nope, sorry Mayor. Nothing wrong with that final call. > Just a good play by the Bama defender to tip the ball and bad luck that it > fell to Conley and instincts took over. Except for the tip, the play was > either a back shoulder TD or incomplete. Nothing” >

            • Lrgk9

              Plus, he was giving the ole Dan Marino with the spike motion to the bench.
              Well coached and well played. w/o the spike, there MIGHT have been a chance for 3 plays. With the spike only 2 and maybe only 1.

              The problem was the 45% blocking and 45% the Defender’s excellent play on the tip. The problem was not coaching, was not the QB, and at most 10% the WR for making a great catch on the wrong play.

  8. This one is worse

    Murray played great. If that pass isnt tipped, he’s an all time legend. The “what ifs” from this one will never leave me. Crushed, just crushed

    • Normaltown Mike

      Not to be Debbie Downer, but AM’s sack in 1st QTR and pick in 2nd QTR is a 10 point swing. But he gave a Greene like effort in that final drive.

      • shane#1

        UGa could not stop the run. The game went as I expected, except the Dawgs made a better showing than I thought they would.

      • Garageflowers

        Are you serious!?!? Yes. Those two plays lost the game.

        Clearly you saw nothing of all the good he did.


        • Normaltown Mike

          I didn’t say they lost the game. Just cuz you’re angry doesn’t change the fact that AM had another hot/cold nite in a pressure cooker game.

      • gastr1

        I think he had a pretty admirable performance. That’s one of the best defenses in the country; they’re going to make a play or two. Murray put up a bunch of clutch passes today despite the single INT.

        • Dawgfan Will

          I would say he had the best game any QB not named Manziel had against Bama.this season. And he came damn close to winning the game for us.

      • Russ

        We were playing the #2 (really, the #1) team in the country. They got that way by occasionally making such plays. Even still, we were one tipped ball from winning the game.

    • WF dawg

      This. And I’m right there with you.

      • Rocket Dawg

        I don’t know if Aaron pissed in your flower bed or what but there is no way you can lay this loss at his feet. That kid played his ass off and got the snot knocked out of him on a dirty ass play. Murray is the only reason we were in the game at the end with a chance to win.

  9. Matt B

    Left in on the field. Gray shirting, over-signing wins the day. Numb, broken, but proud.

  10. SouthGa Dawg

    That was the best SEC championship that has been played.Give Bama credit for winning (even though I can’t stand their inbreed asses). The way they ran against us was shocking. But, the way we went up and down the field on them in the 4th quarter was just as shocking. BTW, Todd Gurley is the MAN.

  11. Steve

    Oh man I thought when TK caught that tough pass over the middle that we had a good chance When Lynch caught that pass at the end I thought we were going to win. The last pass Conley (I think it was Conley) caught pass instinctively, I don’t blame him. I was hoping they would have clocked the ball and gathered themselves and made substitutions if needed. I guess CMR seen Ala was on the ropes and wanted to go straight for the kill. I can see why he did it but I wish he would have had Murray clock it.

    • WF dawg

      That’s a pretty good summary, I think. We’ll forever debate the what-ifs of this game. Mainly, I’m just sick about it.

    • gastr1

      yeah. It was just dumb luck. The pay was a fade in the corner to Mitchell, the right call. Incomplete gives us a dead ball and another shot, right? But in the end, we had one last gamble and it didn’t work. Think about two that did work: Saban’s two-point conversion–or we kick the FG there and win the game–and Richt’s fake punt.

      It was a hell of a game. I don’t blame the coaches one bit for trying to run a play with the defense out of sorts like that.

    • Uglydawg

      It’s really all being misconstrued. The Bama defender just made a good play and tipped the ball. The receiver thought “look what I found” and just caught it. You or I would have probably done the same….But it was a good plan, I thought….throw the pass to the receiver in the front corner of the endzone, if incomplete, you have two more throws….vs the two you may have gottten from clocking it. It wasn’t dumb, it was just unfortunate. Time and time again we have seen Murray bring Georgia down the field with little time left on the clock.
      Bama’s a little better on the line of scrimmage…that’s usually the determining factor..Georgia’s honestly the second best team in America..I believe it….forget the polls…they’re screwed up because they punish you if you’re number one or two and play in a conference championship game.
      Proud of the Dawgs…Proud of the coaching staff.

  12. Roterhalsdawg

    Even the Paris Hilton photo above isn’t cheering me up…

  13. Brandon

    99 Tech is the worst loss ever for me personally, I’m 35 so was too young for Pitt because it was outright, undisputed theft of a football game. We played our hearts out against the best team in America for 60 minutes, the ball was tipped on that last play or we should have had another play, that’s life. Aaron Murray played a hell of game tonight, his stat line might not show it but he was great quarterback and field general tonight not the deer in the headlights over juiced kid he has been at times in his career during big games.

  14. Big shock

    Love this team. Very disappointing but proud of the effort. 5 yards away. Screw all the Richt and Bobo haters. This was a great ballgame from a team with huge heart. We played like a team playing for the national championship. Love these guys.

  15. Prosticutor

    Everyone bashing our dawgs tonight need a paralyzing accident on the way home to prioritize their lives. Proud of the heart they left on the field tonight against one of the best teams they will every face. Go Dawgs.

  16. Always Someone Else's Fault

    Sometimes you just tip the hat. Alabama had three chances to tighten up and crumble, and to their credit they found a way to jump back into the lead.

    5 more yards. 5 more seconds. A classic game that came down the slimmest of margins. Disappointed, sure, but anyone playing the blame-game tonight completely misses the point on what the game of CFB is all about and the trajectory of this program.

    • The Lone Stranger

      I like your schtick there, Shekie! Maybe the Dawgs come back next season, or perhaps we get another soft national creation of semi-toughness

      • Always Someone Else's Fault


        I saw a 60 minute war, and I did not see either side back down. If you want to think it came down to a lack of toughness on Georgia’s part, fine. Alabama won because their offensive line played like a unit with 5 NFL players on it, which it is. Frankly, I’ve considered their play calling too cute by half most of the year. They’re good enough to tee it up and run it at you play after play after play, and in this game they finally did it. Probably because the semi-tough Georgia pass rush was causing turn-overs.

        • charlottedawg

          I was watching the game at a party and I said, when Bama was driving down 28-25, in some ways it might be better if Bama scored quickly and get the ball back to our offense. Reason being is I felt our D was gassed towards the end, with little hope of stopping the run, and I didn’t want Lacy to push us down to first and goal with 12 seconds left.

  17. Mattr

    I think it was the greatest SEC championship game…evah! Richt and UGA showed they can play big on big with anybody.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      And lose at the end.

      • Noonan

        You should find another team to support. This one doesn’t need or want you.

        • Don’t know where he is tonight, Noonan, but there’s a weed-addled old nutsack who long ago appointed himself Team-Cheer Den Mother for this board.

          • Cojones

            Sorry. Been sick with the flu for 4 days. Where is the offending ahole? Oh him? That’s just the Mayor. All Mayors talk from both sides of their mouths and from a few other apertures.๐Ÿ™‚
            Sorry I can’t be more forceful toward the offender, but my piss and vinegar is down to sour wine tonight. There are others on here who will take up the cudgel when the woofers get lost in the treble cleft blather of their losing arguments.

            Seriously, when we blog anonymously, lighting into someone with gutter language is not the brightest thing that we sometimes do. Remember that you are blogging at a handle, a non d’plume, a madeup small facet of part of what someone may or may not be. And No!- I don’t want to convey that I’m a pair of testacles, but prefer the Latino slang for Cojones implying guts; the guts to speak when it appears unwise, but must be said and racheted up more.

            Right now the handle should go to this team of Bulldogs. There were cojones galore evident in this game. The word “courage” doesn’t quite fit the bill. Warts and all, no one will get this game out of their mind anytime soon and the guts this team has shown all season is one that I can smile about after my first stroke. You just won’t see it. Their Cojones have strenthened this moniker all season to the point that they profess it far more than I do.

            I’ve been swimming in the Dawg’s praise on this blog this afternoon and it sure is fun.

            Hail to the Dawgs, the Team with Cojones (See what happens when you cap the “T”?).

        • Mayor of Dawgtown

          I don’t know who you are but I do know you don’t speak for the “team” bozo. And ignoring what just happened doesn’t make it any better.

  18. Matt

    I’m just crushed, but very proud of our guys.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      I’m proud of our players who left it all on the field. I am not proud of the idiot (I assume Bobo) who didn’t clock the ball and threw away a chance to win at the end, like he has so many times before.

      • Rocket Dawg

        Mayor please feel free to go fornicate with yourself….some people.

        • Mayor of Dawgtown

          RD, I was the biggest defender of CMR and this staff all season. Go back and read my posts after the USCe game. But when the players literally risk life and limb (Gary Danielson said the hitting in that game was “brutal”) to come within a few yards of winning the biggest game UGA has been in for 32 years and lose it because of a stupid end of game coaching decision really galls me. But then, you’re not smart enough to understand what really happened are you? You just saw the clock run out and thought: “Oh, I guess we got outplayed.”

          • Biggus Rickus

            Really? Not showing up in South Carolina didn’t faze you, but not spiking the ball, an entirely defensible decision, does? You’re a weird guy.

            • Mayor of Dawgtown

              BR, not showing up against USCe did bother me but not enough to want to fire the HC for 1 loss like some idiots on this blog were advocating. What does bother me a lot more, however, is the repetitious tendency to kick away the win in big games that has been going on for years, with different players. We have to identify why that is happening. This is a coaching problem. Whoever is making these decisions that lose the game at the end needs to not be allowed to make those decisions any more. If you think what I am saying is weird turn on any sports show ’cause they are all saying that the end of game was blown by the UGA staff. Not wanting to get nostalgic but if VD was making the decisions at the end tonight the Dawgs would have won.

              • charlottedawg

                Honest question Mayor, assuming Murray’s pass is not tipped to Conley and instead falls incomplete, we get another play. Why was it a bad decision to not spike?

                • Mayor of Dawgtown

                  The UGA offensive players were not on the same page. Conley shouldn’t have caught the ball as he wasn’t in the endzone and UGA didn’t have any timeouts left. But he’s just a 19 year old kid and doesn’t know that. That is one of the reasons you spike the ball–to huddle up and say to everybody: “If you are not in the endzone do not catch the ball, knock it down instead.”

              • Dboy

                Mayor, the ball was not spiked in order to prevent Bama from getting set up/substitute / dictate our pace on them. If the ball hadn’t been improbably tipped by a blitzing Bama defender AND caught by someone, then it would have ended up in mitchell’s hands and AM / Bobo / Richt would be the toast of the state. Or it would have fallen incomplete and UGA would have run another play. There was not poor handling of the situation in my opinion. It was a great play by the Bama defense and you have to credit them for that. Attacking our coaching staff is just unnecessary.

                • charlottedawg

                  It was Todd “f^&*(n” Gurley’s fault for not keeping his rusher’s hands down. That kid sucks.

                • Mayor of Dawgtown

                  Yeah, and you probably think the reason that we lost the bowl game last season was that the D broke down–right? If we got 1 more first down in that game Michigan State never would have gotten the ball back and the OC didn’t even try to get the first down. Also in the bowl game last year the decision to run the QB BACKWARDS to the center of the field, even though it took the ball out of our kicker’s effective range, didn’t have anything to do with losing either, did it? There are all sorts of others in other games I could point out, too. I wrote a detailed post on this last year. Think about it!!

              • Biggus Rickus

                Well, if they say it on TV, then I should definitely think it’s true. However, as others have already pointed out the defense of not spiking it, It was a painful loss, and there are certianly things to criticize (the defense allowing over 300 yards rushing is a good start), but focusing on this one play is just weird.

                As for Vince Dooley winning all the close games, it’s bullshit. I watched them lose any number of games at the end for the better part of the ’80s.

        • Mayor of Dawgtown

          Read Bobo’s explanation closely Brandon and then the tell me that the UGA O rushing to the line and trying a pass play was the right thing to do rather than clocking the ball and having time to call a play or 2 and then setting up. I think we now know who f#cked up.

        • Mayor of Dawgtown

          Also read what Conley said. It’s really an eye-opener.

  19. K, here’s my thoughts on the game and this board, for whoever gives a crap. Yeah, I’m freaking pissed off that we lost the biggest game in the last 30 years for UGA. I think the defensive players that were talking crap all week yet got absolutely gashed today should feel pretty stupid. I think that Aaron Murray, while he didn’t play badly, did nothing to change his shaky big game record. I think the O-line did surprisingly well, and Gurley played his heart out. I still don’t have a freaking clue how you don’t clock that ball at the end of the game but whatever.

    The point is, just because I’m pissed off, doesn’t make me any less of a fan or doesn’t make me proud of some of the individual players. Just as the homers get sick of anyone saying anythingn negative whatsoever about the team or a player, I find it incredibly tiresome the whole: “Rah Rah, this team is great and if you say anything negative you’re not a fan or a Tech fan” attitue that is also prevalent on this board.

    Hell, I saw someone on the other thread saying that he can’t believe that the Senator lets some people post negative things about the team. Maybe you should move to North Korea or China if you want everyone to spout the same opinion as you no matter what.

    I’m a UGA fan, didn’t go there, went to a small private school instead, but the first member of my family to graduate from UGA was in the 1930s, so I think I have enough cred to give my opinions. Not saying you have to agree with them, but ffs, it’s pretty damn arrogant of anyone to determine that they are a better fan than someone else just b/c they have a differing opinion.

    I don’t go around telling the Disney Dawgs they are stupid for supporting all things Mark Richt, nor do I insult the people that want to fire Bobo/Richt after every game. Get some freaking perspective people: the point of message boards, forums, blogs like this is to vent and to get out your opinion. They don’t have to be all the same. If you want a blog where everyone is in lockstep and anyone that says anything negative, I suggest you try one of the Tech boards. Not to speak for the Senator but I think his allowing comments is meant to allow people free speech and not to censor them unless someone is truly out of line.

    We’re all UGA fans or we wouldn’t be here, so kindly just realize that this is a debate of sorts of differing opinions and not a meter that determines who is and isn’t a “real” fan.

    • Sorry for the typos and bad spelling, used to being able to edit on my own blog so I just let the first flow out and check later.

      • gastr1

        The defensive guys got gashed for the same reason we gave up so many yards against GT and GSU: they sold out to the run and just outnumbered us in the box. If you want to blame anyone blame Grantham for being slow to adjust to a two-TE set for the whole second half. No defense in the US could have stopped that in its base defense without making adjustments to similar commit to the run.

    • Rick

      Agreed, you are a real fan, and noone can take that away from you.

      Unfortunately, you are also a whiny imbecile, and noone can take that either๐Ÿ˜ฆ

      • Ahh..Irony is often a wonderful thing. I write a post about how insulting people that disagree with you is stupid, and you go and do just that๐Ÿ™‚

        • Rick

          Enjoy it. Then look up the definition of the word ‘irony’. Order is important here.

          • Umm, no, I’m pretty sure you called me a “whiney imbecile” because I’m assuming you didn’t agree with my post, which was about people insulting those that they don’t agree with. That’s irony.

            • Rick

              Dude, it’s not like you have to go find a book. The internet has all manner of dictionaries on it.

              • I don’t need to but thanks. I don’t get on here to get into flame wars but if you can’t see that it’s ironic to personally attack someone that doesn’t agree with you in reply to a post about how stupid it is to do so, then I’m not really sure what the point of trying to explain it to you is. Have a nice evening. I’ll refrain from calling you what I’d like because that would make me a hypocrite, another word you might want to look up.๐Ÿ™‚

            • The Lone Stranger

              You are a whiney imbecile!! Person who doesn’t hew to the Dawg line!

      • LOL @ Complainers complaining about being complained at

        He shoots…he scores!

      • HVL Dawg

        Awesome Rick! Call it like it is.

  20. Nate Dawg

    As I’m posting this, we are being called for another phantom pass interference. Wish Murray had thrown Conley (or whoever that was) open instead of the int right before half. But he didn’t.
    Between ND’s help on the goal line w Stanford and the pass interferences that bammer earns (not to mention Murray getting blasted & no-called on the int), my question is will there even be officials in the MNCG? I mean what’s the pt?

    • The Lone Stranger

      Good stuff, that! The refs got their marching orders.

      • I was texting during the game with a Bama fan that at first tried to defend that blindside on Murray three secs after he threw the ball and was just standing there as no worse than the hit by Ogletree on McCarron. Five mins later she texted me back and said she’d seen a replay and that it was a dirty play..lol

        • Cojones

          Yes it was because it was helmet to helmet. BUT, upon further review, blocking Murray was called for since he was just intercepted and he had begun angling toward the sideline to defend the interception run. He was a legal target who was blocked dirty. The player should have been tossed for the rest of the game for the h-h on a QB.

          • Cojones

            The 15 yds would be assessed to Bama, but they would still tetain the ball.

          • I agree with ya on that. The CBS guys said that the head of SEC refs had made a special point to have a ref watching the QB after a pick b/c defensive players like to get a free shot. That was dirty play even if technically legal because of the pick, and the helmet to helmet should have been called if nothing else.

  21. Ed Kilgore

    Just switched over from another blog where most of the posters are either shrieking about firing the coaches because “this was our year,” and “we have the most talent” blah blah blah or are blaming it on the refs.

    In the game I saw we damn near pulled off an upset for the ages against a superior team (yes, for those mesmerized by the “nine future NFL players on defense” meme, we have lots of talent, but it’s not distributed through the roster and into the depth chart like Bama’s).

    You can torture yourself about the final play, but the fact that we drove the ball 80 yards in under a minute without a time out against the best D in the country speaks for itself.

    The only thing that really bugs me now is the Gators getting into the BCS bowl, while we could drop to the Chik-Fil-A (yes, I know the projections are saying Cotton now, but not sure I believe they’ll pass up LSU).

    Meanwhile, those who can’t handle the fact that we are not Bama with five-stars at every position should probably pre-medicate for a 2013 season when our offense needs 500 yards a game–and might well do it if Murray comes back.

    • Nate Dawg

      Why not automatic Cap 1? I don’t understand why not? We list Champ game- we go there – right?
      And fuch the refs, jus sayin..

    • I would agree with you on a lot of your points, but unfortunately I DO agree with the people that are saying that this was our shot and we blew it. We all know next year has the potential to be ugly with all the players leaving. I’m not saying fire the coaches, but really the difference in the game was not the 9 draftees we supposedly had on on defense, but the fact that Bama puts a premium on developing a great offensive line, and for whatever reason, our coaches don’t seem to. How many years so we have to suffer throught patchwork offensive lines and starting true freshman before they realize this is what I wonder?

      And like the people you’re talking about on another board, I honestly don’t see when we will have another chance like this, and it makes me absolutely freaking sick that we blew it.

      • Ed Kilgore

        Oh I dunno. I was in Athens in 1979 and watched the Dawgs lose at homecoming 31-0 to the Senator’s alma mater (which made me very upset because my law school class was loaded with the children of big Atlanta lawyers who had also attended the Senator’s alma mater). You know what happened the very next year. The world was going to end when Herschel left, but we had a pretty good season in 1983. If Murray comes back, and maybe even if he doesn’t, we’re going to be pretty good next year, and again, I would trade places with Auburn or UT fans (who have just as storied a history as ours) for a moment.

      • Rocket Dawg

        Maybe you would like to go over and tell Alabama that their defense isn’t supposed to be any good this year because of all the guys they lost to the NFL?

        Grantham has 3 years of recruits the HE recruited in the system now, we have some big bodies that are coming in to play D-line and there are some talented kids coming in to play in the secondary. We are losing Jarvis but the other JJ (Jordan Jenkins) looks to fill that role nicely. Honestly could they be any worse against the run than this years Defense?

        On offense we have 10 starters back if Murray decides to return (9 if he doesn’t) with the entire 2 deep on O line coming back

        • I’m actually not that worried about the defense aside from Jarvis and worrying about being shorthanded or inexperienced in the secondary. I just wish that Friend or Richt or whoever the hell is in charge of recruiting O-lineman would take a page from Saban’s guys and put a premium on them.

          • Honest to God, I saw so many shoulder-bumps and high arm-tackle attempts tonight that I thought Willie was back in charge.

            The tackling technique in this game was certainly no high tribute to Grantham.

            • Can’t disagree with that. Give all credit to Bama’s o-line and their RBs but there were way too many missed tackles and failed arm tackles. Even though Lacy and Yeldown put up better yards, I’d put most of Gurley’s runs over theirs, Gurley didn’t have guys trying to ole’ him nor did he have an o-line opening lanes the size of 1-75 for him. Half the time Lacy/Yeldon didn’t really have to fight for extra yards.

              • TiftonDawg

                It certainly helps the performance of your offensive line when you don’t have to worry about penalties being called by the officials. Maybe we are going about it all wrong. We don’t need better O lineman, we need an officiating crew willing to look the other way for us instead of our opponent!

                • Debby Balcer

                  +1 Kevin Butler called out a ref by name who was smirking as he made calls and he was the one making all the calls against UGA . Chuck Russ the line judge.

                  • Mayor of Dawgtown

                    I’d like to know who the Umpire for the game was. That is the official who was looking right at Murray when Murray got clocked to the head by Bama’s #90 and threw no flag. You can plainly see it on the video replay. The excuse was made on TV that the Umpire was screened by Marshall and couldn’t see the hit on Murray. Replay shows that claim to be false. That Umpire should be banned from ever officiating in the SEC ever again.

          • Rocket Dawg

            We have 14 Offensive Lineman on scholorship and 4 more on the way for next year (assuming we get 5* Laramy Tunsil), that is 18 scholorships on the O-line. I think that they have that down now.

            This class coming in for 2013 could have as many as 15 Early Enrollees (I have heard 18 but I can only figure 15 out) most of whom are on defense. This class could truley be the “Ring Team”

          • gastr1

            But Saban’s guys can’t pass block. Did you notice that? You get guys who are nothing but hogs and you risk turning into Georgia Tech if you get behind because you can’t throw it.

            • True, but if you can put up 350 yards on someone then why even pass? Really the difference in the game is that they stuck with the run and we couldn’t stop it and eventually they were gonna hit the big PA pass. We were running pretty well too but didn’t stick with it as much and couldn’t hit the play action to make them pay for it. If and buts but if Murray hadn’t shortarmed that pass that got picked, whole different ballgame.

      • Turd Ferguson


    • Always Someone Else's Fault

      I have no issue with the late offensive execution. The back-shoulder to Mitchell was a good call. Mosley just made a great play, and the rest was just dumb bad luck. The execution could have saved a second or two on the snap. Gurley should have attacked Mosley to take his hands out of the play, given the timing of the throw, but that’s a point of execution I even see pro backs missing in the heat of the battle, much less a freshman. Alabama was reeling. I actually consider getting to the line and getting that play off in that situation a sign of good coaching and good execution.

      • Ed Kilgore

        Your comment on Mosely’s play serves as a reminder of Bama’s defensive talent, despite our 28 points. Their secondary made four or five really fantastic plays that would have been Georgia completions against just about anyone else. Our team earned everything they got.

    • Will (the other one)

      Yeah, the “this was our one shot” talk is nonsense.
      What were we preseason, 12? With serious, serious questions about the offensive line, and run game?
      We went from there to 5 yards from playing for a national title.

      I’m not happy, but I feel far better than I did after either the Sakerlina game or the Kentucky win.

      • I’m 35 so I’m not saying this was our one shot in my lifetime..I hope not. But with Florida looking to be close to back, South Carolina being our new Florida, and the Bama/LSU/and now Texas A&M thing going in the west, I can’t honestly see when it will be any easier than it was this year.

        • Rocket Dawg

          Florida loses a lot on defense next year as well and honestly their offense was putrid this year with the exception of Gillislee who is a Senior. UF regresses to 8 or 9 wins next year and we make it 3 in a row.

        • oscardagrch

          In two years we will have a playoff. I suspect the shots will come more often in the future. Hell. With this playoff format Richt would have been in the field at least 3 times in 12 years. I think that is Uggla-esque.

    • gastr1

      The fact is why have NFL talent but that doesn’t mean they are great players at everything. Ogletree, for example, is not so great at getting off blocks. Hope that was noticed by people tonight.

      But look, I’m not blaming Ogletree for anything at all. He played his best and a hell of a game. The whole team did. It was an even matchup. The sun will come up tomorrow.

  22. DAWGiAM

    Dawgs were more talented team tonight – no question. Why didn’t we win going away…

    • Dante

      Because we didn’t sweep the leg. We’re ahead and we can’t get a first down but then we’re behind and all of a sudden we can march right down the field. I don’t think the answer to that problem is as simple as fire X or bench Y, but I think that until we figure out how to take advantage of a lead, we’re going to continue to lose a lot of big games.

  23. Ed Kilgore

    And in response to Scottdavid329, I have no problem with people being “negative” here; you’re right, venting is what threads are for (believe me, I run a political blog and there’s rarely anything positive). But what I was reading at the other blog was constant insults aimed at anyone who didn’t want to fire the entire coaching staff and maybe the faculty to raise money to hire our own Saban–those reasonably satisfied with the program were mediocre people enabling mediocre football. I associate that sort of attitude with The Barn (at least prior to this year, when karma struck hard), and it’s something Dawg fans should avoid (but not ban!).

    • I’d agree, I just happen to think that the people that think that everything is great and if you’re not blind homer you’re not a real fan are as annoying and often as divisise as the fire everyone crowd.

      • Ed Kilgore

        I don’t think blind homerism is generally what you are reading here; just some perspective. All things being equal, I’d prefer to be part of a fan base that wants to win, but can deal with adversity. As I write, I’m watching Wisconsin kick Nebraska’s ass all over the field. Nebraska’s legacy is a lot more storied than ours.

        • I’m not saying everyone is a blind homer, I’m talking about the people that will personally insult you if you dare mention something negative about the team. I’m fine with people that think everything is great and are happy, as long as they don’t get pissy with people that don’t always agree with them.

  24. Boss Dawg

    I’m proud of the effort and the play from the team,it was a great game. I lost my future bet for a NC here but I can’t fault a soul….they all played hard and coached their best in the end.

  25. sniffer

    Stunned, disappointed, exhausted. Proud is what I’m mostly. 60 minutes of SEC Championship football. Saban knows he was in the fight of the year. Bama is a tick better. Who cares where any team goes if you’re not headed to Miami. I will root for Bama against ND and hope they blow the doors off the ‘Domers. How can you be anything but proud of this teams performance tonight?

    • Sniffer, you’ve got it. Georgia and Alabama played to a virtual tie. Someone had to win. Tonight it was Alabama. I’m not sure I have seen a better game and I’m an old fart

    • Cosmic Dawg

      Agree 100%. I had a great time tonight watching two really good teams go at it. And by the way, this is my favorite Georgia team in a while – much prefer these kids to some of the knuckleheads we’ve had in the last few years. They do us proud, CMR does us proud.

      • Russ

        AGree 100% with you, CD. I’ve enjoyed this team and this group of guys. I think next year we’ll be pretty dang good as well. Maybe next year, that last pass isn’t tipped. It always takes a little luck.

  26. BR Dawg

    I am so heartbroken but sooooo proud of my Dawgs for standing in there and fighting till the end. They didn’t give up even when bama had the momentum like they did last year against LSU. We have a DAMN GOOD football team and I’m proud to call myself a GEORGIA BULLDOG. GO DAWGS!!!

  27. Derek

    Great job by the coaches and the players alike. We stood toe to toe with a damn good football team and gave them everything we had and they wanted. The proudest loss I can remember experiencing. We showed everyone that we did belong and that we could play big boy football with the best of them. We bent and bent but never broke. Very proud of those boys. Finally props to Alabama for never once blinking.

    • The Lone Stranger

      Bullsh*t … that ain’t going to get it in the national discussion. We had the game in our hands and coughed it up, again.

    • The Lone Stranger

      Re-read my post and determined it may well have been booze induced. Disregard the bullsh*t please.

  28. WF dawg

    Re: the decision not to spike, here are the pros and cons that I’m hearing:

    Pros: 1) catch Bama off-guard while they’re reeling, 2) possible chance to throw 3 times into the endzone, rather than 2 after the spike.

    Cons: 1) no chance for offense to reiterate the situational plan (e.g. don’t catch passes that can’t be taken into endzone).


    • Personally I’m on the cons side of things, but I’m not a coach or player. I just think that hurrying into the most importants plays of the game is not really the best way to go about things. I’d have felt much better if they had spiked it and then had two shots to the end zone and not converted. Just sitting there and watching the last five secs tick off the clock and knowing it was over was excruciating.

      • HVL Dawg

        If Alabama doesn’t tip the pass we get another shot. If Conley doesn’t catch….

        If a frog had wings..

        We were 5 yards shot of playing for a MNC. I’m proud to be a Georgia Bulldog.

  29. Ed Kilgore

    Since I’ve mentioned Nebraska and Auburn earlier in the thread as cautionary tales about the lack of fan-base perspective: Wisconsin’s leading the Huskers at the half 42-10. Maybe the Barners pining for Pelini will get their wish.

  30. Turd Ferguson

    The final drive went about as well as we could’ve hoped. Honestly, I was pleasantly surprised that we even got it in the red zone.

    But it never had to come down to the final drive.

  31. OKDawg

    Proud of the Dawgs tonight. No quit. Toe to toe for all 60 minutes with great, tough team. If you’d told me to start the season we’d be 7 yards away from NCG, I wouldn’t have believed it. Damn proud.

  32. almightytmc1

    As a Bama fan, I would like to say Georgia played a good game and could have won this one. I think the players and the coaches were a class act throughout. And they played as hard as any team could play. There is not a lot I can say to remove the sting of losing this opportunity. But I can say this, I have always admired The University of Georgia as a team that doesnt quit and earns its respect. And you guys can be proud of a this team. They are winners and they have represented your fine University well.

    • You are gracious and we appreciate your kind statement.

      • Crap, I expect. Would you be here if Murray had found the endzone with 5 seconds left?

        • almightytmc1

          Yeah… I guess I would. Nobody wins every time all the time. Georgai played a very good and hard fought game. No matter what the final score was. Only a large battery operated dildo would not give them the credit they deserve.

          • The Lone Stranger

            “Suck me”
            —Large dildo

            • almightytmc1

              Only if you are brunette female, 5’10 (or more) with tits that have a lifetime warranty brother.

            • Cosmic Dawg

              You are really embarrassing yourself tonight. Go to bed and stop acting like a little girl because your football team lost. Get some perspective, dude.

              • The Lone Stranger

                You are generally OK, Cosmic guy, but as others before have insinuated, if you remain decent, you will get the ugly end of street fights like we witnessed tonight. I am against seeing UGa on the bad end of those,

          • Cosmic Dawg

            Thanks for coming by and the kind words. Good luck in the big game.

            • almightytmc1

              Thanks bro. I will be lobbying to see UGA at the Sugar Bowl. And we will see you next year in ATL hopefully. I can hear the media pluggin it as “Ali-Frazier 2.” The new “Game of the Century”. ..or… well you know how stupid those guys can get…..

    • Russ

      Bama played a great game and I expect you’ll eventually run all over ND. Tonight was the true championship game.

  33. MikeInValdosta

    Missed Field Goals are killers

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      +1. If the first quarter UGA FG attempt goes in Bobo calls for a spike to stop the clock and then the Dawgs kick a FG to win at the end.

      • Rocket Dawg

        If the first quarter FG goes in the game might have been totally different. Maybe Richt gets conservative and we try to kick FG’s all game and lose by 20. You can’ t revise history and say that we would have won if that kick goes through. They had a FG blocked and returned for a TD, how would the game have changed if they miss that one and we don’t block it or if they hit it?

  34. almightytmc1

    There is one thing that truley does suck as a result of this game and that is that UF gets to slide into the BCS. UGA may have one more loss (By virtue of losing in the SECCG) But head to head UGA beat UF. And they should be the ones who go to the BCS bowl.
    Lets be honest, UF doesnt play offense for shit. And they are not as good as Georgia. The selection commitee should see that cause eveyone else in the country except for Will Muschmap and the gator nation know it is true.
    Maybe the voters will keep UGA at #3. It would probably be a first, but today they proved they can beat or equal anyone.

    • Rocket Dawg

      This might actually happen. I have seen a lot online and on twitter about how the Dawgs should still go to the Sugar Bowl. Hopefully the West Coast voters will have watched this game and keep us at #3 behind Alabama and ND. I think that they also have to drop Florida out of the top 5 but stranger things have happened I suppose.

  35. almightytmc1

    They were 2-3 plays away from meeting and stomping the overhyped Irish. Can anyone here disagree?

  36. Rocket Dawg

    In all games someone has to win and someone has to lose, this game could have gone either way and if we had won the Bama fans would be having this same discussion on their board. It was honestly the best football game I have ever watched and I have nothing but the utmost respect for our players and coaches. They played and coached their asses off tonight and came up 5 yards short.

    Instead we have people on here and on other threads ripping coaches, players, the refs and each other. Sometimes you just don’t win.

    • almightytmc1

      I agree it was one of the best if not the best game I have seen. Alot of people dont see the bigger picture. Auburn fluked out a couple years ago. It is very very difficult to get to the NC and win it out of the blue. Today was a huge statement game for Georgia. it definately showed that Georgia is the big boy in the east and will be for a while. Some players may go to the draft from the dawgs this year, but Georgia will probably be even better next year with the personnel they can return. This year went a long way toward showing Georgia is back in the SEC and back in the NC picture. I am not saying Georgia will win either next year. But with the foundation they made this year, and with the confidence gained in the SECCG game, they are starting to look very promising.

    • AmpedDawg

      Probably won’t get a better schedule or chance than what played out this year. But I totally am proud of our guys. Damn they played tough. Lots of damn good Dawgs on the field today. Bama was the the better team but only by, in the end, a few seconds and a few yards.

      On another note, Chuck Oliver can suck it. His post game BS was…frankly…BS. Glad Richt blew his ass up. Bush league and made him and his radio station look like shit.

  37. charlottedawg

    My heart breaks for these guys. I really wish they could’ve pulled out that last drive because it would have been so vindicating and the right way to end the SECCG for a group of damn good dawgs. In the end this was the best SECCG ever.I hate that we lost but I am damn proud of this team. Murray and Gurley came to play. Tip of the hat to Bama, yes we were close but there is no shame in this loss.

  38. The Lone Stranger

    I’d say this is why Georgia is Georgia,

  39. South FL Dawg

    Heartbreaking. But we are back as a program to be reckoned with.

    • I wish and hope that is true. But I’m pretty sure in terms of the media and other fanbases we’re still the team with all the talent that just can’t win the big game when it counts.

      • Russ

        All the talking heads I heard tonight talked about how Georgia certainly deserved to be there and could have easily won the game, and how Murray ditched the “can’t win a big one” label. Really, I agree with Richt. I don’t really care what “those people” say about Georgia not winning the big games.

        Everyone complained about the downward trend from Georgia from 2008-2010. Well, since the third game of 2011, I’d say the trend is looking up. We played for the National Championship tonight and lost by one final, flukey play. I’m convinced we’ll be back in the chase next year, and hopefully in the years to come. We have just as good a chance as anyone else in the league.

  40. One positive, if you will, on not going to Miami.

    Brent Mushmouth will call the game.

    He’s been gobbling Tech knob the whole second half. Now they look doomed.

  41. I’m crushed and devastated. Are we snakebit or what?

    I’m not blaming anyone. Could a few decisions have been made differently? Of course. But some of that is hindsight and nobody is perfect.

    Our guys were ready to play. We didn’t take a half or a quarter off.

    I’m just so sad for this team because it is one of the best we have had in 30 years.

    When is it our turn?๐Ÿ˜ฆ


    • Normaltown Mike

      Is that really Muck? It must be gettin’ chilly in hell right now…

      • Well, maybe your assumptions about me are wrong and always were.

        I’m not a hater. I like all of our coaches and our program. But there have been things about it for years that just don’t seem to be right. But now’s not the time for that.

        Our team played great. Our coaches had our team READY to play. That second part should not be underestimated, because they did NOT have us ready to play last year’s SEC champ. game nor did they have us ready to play SCAR.

        So I was proud of all that, but………. ARGHHHH.

        WHEN?!?! When is it our turn to have everything fall into place?

        UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Excuse me, I’ve been kicked in the gut for the 10,000th time.

    • Cosmic Dawg

      Nice comment, Muckbeast – agree with all of the above.

    • Brandon

      Way to go Muckbeast, I’m with you for once.

  42. Long time lurker, first time poster. Immensely proud of the way the Dawgs played tonight. That was one hell of a fight.

    Disappointed to read some damn good dawgs bailing on this team and this staff. Short of Satan himself I don’t know who you think would do a better job coaching this team.

    The spike is safe. Let’s you regroup and think things through- But the corner fade after 3 straight first downs was a good playcall.

    After SC the thing I was most afraid of was that we lacked energy. No one can say that tonight. Damn proud of this team and damn proud of this season. Go Dawgs!

  43. Debby Balcer

    The team left it all on the field, they were devastated by the loss. The fans in the stands were fantastic. The ones who welcome the DAWGS back to Athens made me proud. I do believe this team will be in it next year. We are missing Abry Jones I hope he gets to play in the bowl. I hope some of you don’t drunk post after the bowl game.

  44. Will Trane

    LOS, LOS,LOS. Bama has a lot of experience on their O line..Saban will put this game with his loss to Tebow and Gators in SEC title game. In that game Bama dominated the Gators on the LOS in the 3rd quarter but in the 4th the Gators begin to make close first downs and make TDs to pul away.

    Dogs came close to that. The play if could call back was Bama was stopped and the kicked us inside the 10 trailing by 3. On fist play Bobo calls for a pass down the sideline and its incomplete. Gurley get close on 2nd and on third we are less than a yard from first down. I think if they make that down they come out and move the ball to put Bama deep on their end. Bama scores with just over 3 minutes left in game.

    But at the end the young inexperience WRs came into focus. Close play. Bama may have had a lot of rushing plays and yards but stats do not win games. Poinst do. Swann and corners had trouble tonight, and the play action after their first down at midfield was big. We force them to punt it is over. But they mange to squeak out a first down.

    Do not like we lost but this was a very, very good game on both sides of the ball. Neither team deserved to drop this one.

    See no reason for Dawgs to drop in polls after their performance. Clearly they are a top 3 team!!!! Deserve to go to Sugar Bowl. Especially after Ritter and company helped Bama secure their BCS title game for Slive. Well played gamed but probablye the worst officiated game in SEC history,

  45. Objective Bama Fan

    That was one of the best, hard fought, gut-wrenching games I have ever watched. I know the feeling you Georgia fans feel right now. It happened to us in 08 (Tebow broke our heart). I am certainly not here to gloat. I just wish these two teams could meet in the Championship game. That was two of the most evenly talented and gifted teams that I have ever saw. Hopefully, we meet again next year. I know words can’t describe what you are feeling now, but I will say, both teams fought admirably and left it all on the field. Both teams should be proud of their effort. It is a shame the runner up isn’t playing in the Sugar. Y’all definitely deserve it.

    • Dawgfan Will

      Classy post, as usual. Thanks, man.

    • Brandon

      Thanks OBF, I thought about your game in 08′ earlier. Our family is 90% Georgia but we do have one Bama grad and one who grew up in the shadow of Tuscaloosa, I have no hatred for Bama, I hope yall beat the hell out of ND.

  46. Connor

    Damn proud of the dawgs today. Damn proud. Moral victories are for teams like Tech and South Carolina, and I won’t claim one. I and many fans have said for years that they wanted to see a team that fought to the last whistle, and this was that team. It’s a shame they came up short, but that’s the game. Someone had to lose. We’ll be back. Go Dawgs!

  47. Big time?.......not!

    Bitter party of one. My table is ready. Damn.

  48. W Cobb Dawg

    Man, I thought it was ours. With one play left I thought we’d reach into our bag of tricks and pull out a hobnail boot, or something that would’ve clinched it. Its a terrible metaphor considering the opponent, but I feel like Forrest Gump – just want to run out the door and keep running until last night is a distant memory. We were soooo close! So f-ing close!

  49. byrddawg

    My take is that both teams made some mistakes and both teams made enough plays to be in a position to win the game. Both teams kept fighting until the end. Alabama simply made one less mistake or one more play (depending on how you look it). If we had won, Alabama fans would be pointing to mistakes that they made as to why they didn’t win (special teams cost us; interception in the endzone cost us, etc.) I saw two very good teams that played an incredible game. Alabama was a little better than we were over the course of the season, and they played a little better than us last night to earn a hard-fought win and a chance at a national title. We should be proud of the effort our team and coaches put in and disappointed that we couldn’t make one more big play. We proved that we are one of the best teams in college football and that is something to be happy about.

    I attended Georgia during the Goff / Donnan years and while Richt has had a couple of down years (almost everyone does in college football), he has taken the program to a different level during a period when more SEC programs playing at an elite level year in and year out than in recent history. The fact that we’ve been in the running for SEC and national titles so much in the last 12 years is a huge improvement over the Goff / Donnan eras where it seemed we generally had little or no chance against the better teams in the SEC.

    It’s a disappointing result but we have had a great season in the toughest conference in college football and were part of one of the best games I can remember in the last decade or so. There are tons of teams that could only have dreamed to be in the position we were in last night. I’m as proud as ever to be a Dawg fan this morning. GO DAWGS!

  50. The Lone Stranger

    I come, humbly tendering my apologies for some seriously scattershot drunken raving here last eve. That game just yanked my guts out. Sorry about some of the weirdness.