Fun and games with the Coaches Poll

I don’t see eye to eye with Dan Wetzel very much when it comes to the postseason, but with regard to the last regular season Coaches Poll balloting, he’s spot on with this observation.

This next vote is the one released for public consumption, so it will be interesting to see who’s shameless.  I expect a few, at least, to live down to expectations.


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14 responses to “Fun and games with the Coaches Poll

  1. sniffer

    Not sure how this relates to what bowl UGa will be invited to, and that may not be your point, Senator. If it is, it illustrates the tom-foolery and shenanigans that are an excepted part of bowl rankings these days. Does anyone care where we play, if not in the BCS CG?


    • Nothing to do with where Georgia’s going.

      FWIW, I suspect Slive is going to be lobbying fiercely to make sure Georgia doesn’t fall too far, bowl wise. Not because he’s pro-Georgia, but because it would cheapen the SECCG too much.


  2. SouthGa Dawg

    My only thought about the bowls right now is What’s the difference of Georgia going to the Cotton Bowl or getting passed up for the Sugar Bowl. The other BCS games lost all relevance a couple of years back. Granted, it is a nice bowl game but is it really such an “honor” to go to a BCS bowl other than the National Championship? That has become the inherent flaw of the current bowl system which who knows how that will change when the 4 playoff begins. I guess all of these are future GTP topics.


  3. Will Trane

    SI thinks Dawgs are Cotton Bowl bound against the Longhorns. I’d like that.
    Nick Saban made the best comments about Dawgs and SEC to one of the reports. Listen to his entire post game presser. Says Dawgs deserve a BCS bowl. Said his sister has done the math. 60% of the Top 10 is SEC. Why should they get 20% of the BCS. Says it is not fair to push the 2 team in the SEC down like that. Totally takes away from the SEC players, coahces, adn programs. He disagrees with Holtz about it should be conference champions, ie Tech beat Noles and they are in. Damn what does that mean.

    I’m in with Coach Saban. BCS should be all Top 10 teams.


  4. Will Trane

    Also with Mark Weiser on the polls. Dawgs at 4 behind Ohio State. Wisconsin goes to Rose. Put 70 on Nebraska. Baylor puts almost 60 on K State. Polls matters…but more so is the caliber and level of play…and the SEC speaks volumes.
    Not one person I have talked to and who watched the SECCG said it was off the chart. 60 minutes of what football is all about!!!!


  5. The Lone Stranger

    Egads, with the way those Cheeseheads stuck the ball down the Huskers throats on the ground, I can foresee some serious damage doled out by Gurshall. But either Nebraska or Tejas are good sexy opponents.


  6. Tom

    I can see a coach voting his conference team ahead of better teams. With the money distributed from the various bowls, it makes sense to try to get all you can. That is where the flaw is in the system.

    And UGA should remain #3. Quality of opponent. I know we will not be there, but this team has sure earned it.