Fabris Invitational, season finale results and standings

All hail 4boysbrew, winner of the inaugural Jon Fabris Invitational CFB Pool!

Overall Standings Through Week 14
Rank Selection W-L Pts Tie
1 4boysbrew’s picks 89-51 89
2 DawgRocker hates the spread 84-56 84
2 Ross Oglesby 84-56 84
4 SCarolinaDawg’s picks 83-57 83
4 ImOpen!’s picks 83-57 83
4 uganewt’s picks 83-57 83

This week’s winner posted a 9-1 record.

Standings for Week 14
Rank Selection Adj
W-L Pts Tie
24 – 42
1 blake20’s picks 9-1 9 14-32
2 tl’s picks 8-2 8 31-42
2 jadams4148’s picks 8-2 8 17-45
2 RocknRollExpress’s picks 8-2 8 31-45
2 reeldawg’s picks 8-2 8 24-38
2 pdhood’s picks 8-2 8 21-38
2 revdawg’s picks 8-2 8 20-35
2 Geezus’s picks 8-2 8 17-35
2 SCarolinaDawg’s picks 8-2 8 14-35
2 Sanford222view’s picks 8-2 8 17-34
2 wilcodawg’s picks 8-2 8 14-28
2 uganewt’s picks 8-2 8 45-31

I finished respectably, but that’s about it.

There will be a bowl pool.  Based on your feedback, it’ll be a spread-based format for all 35 games.  I’ll have things set up in the next few days and will keep you posted.

I hope everyone’s enjoyed this as much as I have.


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6 responses to “Fabris Invitational, season finale results and standings

  1. Just more proof that a blind squirrel finds an acorn every now and then. Thanks for the pool Senator, it was a blast, gave me a reason to keep up with the other games.


    • AusDawg85

      (Applause!) First prize, two tickets to the bowl in El Paso. 2nd place gets 4 tickets, 4 cokes and 4 hot dogs.


    • Cojones

      Yeah , there is a lotta luck in betting a spread, but to get that many correct requires a little something else. Congrats!


    • Macallanlover

      Just outstanding, consistent performance, 4boys. I bet CFB games and that was impressive for games that aren’t even chosen by you. I try to narrow down the field form the total list and just pick the ones I am most confident in and hitting over 63% would be very satisfactory. One of the things I do though is vary the amount i bet on games so it is more important to hit the larger amounts, but you just ripped what was served. Congrats!


  2. Cojones

    Senator, it has been fun and but for a 0.5 pt diff in the Tx/TCU game, that 8-2 list would have been much larger. I finally worked (lucked) back to the top third (barely) to avoid total embarrassment, but you did pretty good for a Barrister. 🙂


  3. ImOpen!

    Thanks Senator and congrats 4boys! This was by far the most fun I had picking games this year and I will be researched and ready to win it all next year!

    Do I get at least 1 coke and a hot dog for 4th?