First snarky bowl thought of the day

I wonder how many of the people whining about Northern Illinois grabbing a spot in the Orange Bowl think Cinderellas are the best thing about college playoffs.


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  1. TennesseeDawg

    The Cap One, Chic-fil-a, Outback, & Cotton will all have higher ratings than the Orange Bowl.

  2. Chopdawg

    I personally don’t care about the Cindys; I’d just like to see the best teams playing each other, at the end of the season, in bowl games that actually meant something.

  3. I think it’s impossible to have a cinderella in a 4 team playoff. Moot point.

    • I think it’s impossible they’ll stay at four teams in a playoff. Moot point back at ‘ya. 😉

      • When I think “cinderella”, I think George Mason. Even at 8 teams, there’s no real cinderella. Georgia’s at 7…would you call them a cinderella if they won an 8 team playoff? The upcoming CFB playoff is not even close, nor will it ever be close, to being what the NCAA Tourney is.

        • Did you happen to see who’s playing in the Rose Bowl as the Big Ten champ? Did you happen to see how many losses that school has? Did you happen to notice where that school is currently ranked?

          Your faith in the people running this sport is touching. Unrealistic, but touching nevertheless.

          • Yeah, I did. This year’s Rose Bowl game is the perfect example of the crap BCS system you defend. I would never support a system that would allow a 5-loss team to get in a major bowl game or a playoff. I guess you’re presuming I think conference champs would automatically make an 8-team playoff? I’m not.

            • Chris


              Why are people quick to point out potential problems and slippery slopes of a playoff structure, and completely ignore the nonsense of the current system that is clearly outdated and antiquated.

              • Puffdawg

                This year’s Rose Bowl matchup, while crap, has no bearing on the National Championship picture, and thus should not be included in this discussion. The purpose of the BCS is to pit the #1 ranked team in the country against the #2 ranked team in the country, whereas the prior system did not. Everything else BCS related is just noise. In 2012, the BCS has again accomplished it’s purpose of pitting #1 vs #2.

                • Chris

                  That’s fine if you think Notre Dame is one of the 2 best teams in the country. I don’t think they would even be in top 4 in the SEC. Three one loss teams right now probably agree with me.

                  • Puffdawg

                    That’s why I was careful to put “ranked” after those numbers. I do not necessarily think the best two teams ALWAYS match up (particularly this year – I think that happened last Saturday). But there is no denying #1 has played #2 every single year in the BCS era. That’s why it was created. It has it’s warts, but I think it’s served it’s purpose.

                • Yeah, millions and millions of dollars. “Just noise.” Northern Illinois, 5-loss Wisconsin, Louisville in BCS games…”just noise.” I’m guessing Mark Richt, Bob Stoops, and all 48 of the other teams with fewer losses than Wisconsin would disagree with you. But, hey, at least we get to see Alabama demolish Notre Dame…the #1 team according to your BCS! Dreadful. Enjoy it for one more season.

                  • Puffdawg

                    Wait a minute; you jumped the shark on me there. Are we talking about money distribution or access?

                    Because access is one thing and distribution is another. You’re dogging the BCS as a failed playoff system because five loss Wisconsin is playing in the Rose Bowl. And while that fact impacts revenue distribution, it has no bearing on the national championship picture and access to it. So with respect to the aforementioned national championship picture, and access to it, once the final BCS rankings come out and the #1 and #2 ranked teams are revealed, everything else is just noise.

                    • I’m talking about all the above. The rest might be “just noise” in your opinion, but my point was that a lot of people would disagree because of dollars, yes, and because of getting screwed over by a system that doesn’t really care about how good the teams are in their marquee games. To say that the system worked because the top two ranked teams is a bit of a cop out, because those 2 teams could be anyone..and if you look back at how many times they changed the math formula to determine how they select their teams, you see how ridiculous the BCS is. Thank God we’re almost done with it.

                    • Puffdawg

                      My point is the BCS accomplished what it was designed to do: pit the #1 ranked team against #2 ranked team. It’s not a cop out. All the other BCS bowls are not relevant to who plays for the title. Hence my issue with you claiming the crummy Rose Bowl matchup reflecting negatively on the BCS with respect to national title picture. And, with a 4 team playoff, you’re still going to have greedy scummy back room policitcs in the remaining bowl games.

                      My favorite thing about the current BCS setup is that it absolutely, unequivocably maximizes every single ounce of energy and emotion out of every single solitary college football fan in the country for the top games of the year, regardless of who your team is. As playoffs expand, the number of “important” games will grow for sure, with respect to making the dance. But the raw emotion and cross sectional interest will gradually wane, because who in the SEC gives a hoot about Baylor/K-State with a four team playoff. We don’t NEED either team to win. An SEC team is in, no matter what. The beauty of the BCS is that, on one particular Fall night in 2012, you and I and every other person in Tuscaloosa, South Bend, Athens, Gainesville, Tallahassee, and so on were simultaneously and unanimously fans of the Baylor Bears AND the Stanford Cardinal.

                      I jumped up and down, by myself, in the dark, at my house, for literally 5 minutes, without making a peep lest I wake my wife and kids, when Oregon missed that field goal. I then paused for a minute. And then jumped up and down AGAIN for another 3 minutes. I went to my bedroom and woke my wife and gave her a huge kiss. I called my dad. I called my brother in law. I stalked Facebook. I scanned Stingtalk for a laugh. And then I laid down in the bed that night with the biggest smile on my face since Jacksonville. All because there were only two spots, and we were right back in the mix.

                      Further, I don’t think anyone, including myself, and including the BCS, will ever be truly fully satisfied with any post season system. They ALL have their pitfalls. So why not stick with what makes CFB so special in the first place: in the current college football setup, there is a guarantee that every single Fall Saturday, the margin to get into a two team dance is so razor thin that it matters to me what every other college football team is doing on every single Saturday. We live and die with games 2000 miles away played in states we have never been to and will never go to.

                      I just don’t think I’ll personally feel the same passion for games outside our region when we go to an expanded playoff.

                  • Cojones

                    We HOPE that the team beaten by A&M will defend the SEC. This Bama team is not on par with the one last year, but good enough to still represent. If Manti gets into Bama’s backfield once, the espn turds will give him the Heisman.

                    I’m rooting hard for Bama against ND, but ND has enough talent to play in this game. They were lucky with a couple of their wins, but we can say the same with Bama . Yeah, I know that UGA and LSU aren’t in the same class as ND’s opponents so don’t be sending any spiky notes this way. The ND coach is fully capable of mounting a good game against them and started over a week ago since he had no championship game to further test his mettle.

                    Although Bama has already played their NC with us, I hope they don’t let up. That would be a shame after what we invested in the game with them.

                    FU Mike, look out for those Timberwolves. They may be Boise St South for all we know. Nah, I guess not.

                    • Cojones

                      Sorry, Mike. Wrong team. Certainly, FSU deserves them more than you. Brain farts are a terrible waste of old fart’s brains.

  4. Rocket Dawg

    No but you could have a 5 loss Big Integer champion in the 4 team playoff if there is a conference champion requirement. You will definitely see that in an 8 team playoff. How pissed will people be if an 8-5 Wisconsin is playing for a MNC and an 11-2 UGA team sits at home?

    • Cojones

      Pretty pissed. I don’t favor the conf champs crap, just the top 8 teams. And they had better get open balloting by then and questioning the Pac-12 and Big-10 coaches for explanation of their rankings before they pack this CFB Court. They intentionally keep ranking SEC teams low since they can’t compete straight up during the season.

      I hope by the time there is a true playoff that they make Big10 schedule SEC games. I wouldn’t mind at all if they cheat up by playing Ken or Vandy because those teams can whip some Big10 butts as well.

  5. FisheriesDawg

    To everyone who cheered on the causes of Boise State and Hawaii and Utah over the years:

    This is your fault. The BCS was afraid of getting sued by the midgets of the CFB world and they badly overreacted.

    • Hackerdog

      I don’t think so. I think the BCS conferences hoisted the midmajors on their own petard. The 4-team playoff will use a selection committee composed, primarily of BCS conference representatives arguing about style points.

      I doubt any midmajor could ever crack the current 4-team playoff plan. And that’s why they’ll go to 8 teams, which will put us back to conference champion automatic berths. Oh boy!!

  6. Chris

    Um, NIU in the Orange Bowl represents everything that is wrong with the outdated bowl system that the BCS has put on life support, and wouldn’t be an issue in an 4 or 8 team playoff. Get the old fashion politics and closed door meetings out of the college football postseason and let the kids play it out on the field.

    Nice try with the lawyer-ing, Senator!

    • stoopnagle

      So, how would you characterize the coming selection committee process for choosing the 4 worthy teams to play it out on the field?

      • Chris

        While I don’t think the makeup of the playoff selection committee has been determined yet, I’d imagine it’d look very similar to the march madness basketball committee.

        The university presidents have already been on record for saying no automatic qualifiers for conference champs, which gives me optimism for the future of the playoff. God forbid that.

        • Puffdawg

          Let me try to help Stoop here. To be clear, Chris, you would not characterize the coming playoff selection committee as – using your own words – “the old fashion politics and closed door meetings out of the college football?” Come on, man, you ain’t that naive.

          Also – “I’d imagine it’d look very similar to the march madness basketball committee.” and “…no automatic qualifiers for conference champs…” don’t jive. The 2008 UGA men’s basketball team says hi.

          • Chris

            Bowl politics is slimy business. A set rotating playoff site structure and matter-of-fact team seeding eliminates back room dealings with bowl chairmen and conference commissioners.

            Also, you can’t compare a 64 team playoff to a 4 or 8 team playoff. I know, I know, here comes the bracket creep responses…

            • Puffdawg

              So you’re saying with a playoff system in place, the “slimy business” of bowl policitcs will cease to exist for games not relevant to the national championship picture? Like in your example, this year’s Orange Bowl?

  7. Bulldog Joe

    NIU vs. the ACC.

    Sounds like a reasonably even matchup to me.

  8. Zach

    What’s the difference between Tennessee and cereal?

    You can’t find Tennessee in a bowl. Zing.

  9. Chris

    My original statement was that I wanted old fashion politics of a flawed system out of the college football postseason. Slimy bowl politics is just part of it, and will likely continue outside the newly structured playoff as long as TV viewership continues to make it viable.

    • Puffdawg

      Are you’re preferred method of removing the slimy politics is to demolish the BCS and start a playoff… Just so we’re on the same page, you do realize that the guys guilty of participating in these politics – the ones who fashioned the BCS – are going to be the same ones leading the development of the new playoff system, right?