Observations from the Dome

I’d like to dedicate this post to the lady who sat next to me, a fine Georgia fan (she sure thought she was, anyway) who tapped me on the shoulder while I was talking to my friend before the game started wanting to know when I was going to stand up, fell asleep at halftime and left for good before finding out that the interception call on Georgia’s last, fateful drive was overturned.  You make me proud to wear red and black, dear.

Bullet points:

  • All I want for Christmas is Alabama’s offensive line.  Unbelievable combination of power and technique in the run blocking game.  It got to a point in the second half – at least before the last score – when it felt like any time the Tide decided to pass, it was a gift to Georgia’s defense.
  • Amari Cooper is a bad ass, yes, but let’s not overlook how good Tavarres King was.  His last catch was as gutsy as they come.
  • I kidded on Twitter yesterday that the SECCG wasn’t a big game because Aaron Murray didn’t wet the bed.  I’d call his game gritty as opposed to great, but Georgia’s not in a position to win without him.  For the most part he did a terrific job not trying to do too much and he was good with his reads against a defense that spent all day trying to confuse him.  The one play I’d like to have back from him wasn’t the last throw of the game, but the pick he threw in the first half.  I’m not really sure why it was underthrown, because he wasn’t under pressure and had time to set before he launched it.  That three points ‘Bama got before the half made a big difference in the end.
  • I’m not sure there’s anything an offense can do to a defense that’s more demoralizing than running a two-point conversion play up the middle and scoring with ease.
  • My biggest fear is that if CBS agrees to a new TV deal, it’ll run even more commercial breaks.  My Gawd, the time outs were excruciating.
  • One surprise on the day was that Georgia’s offensive line did a better job handling the pass rush than Alabama’s line did.
  • I can’t say enough about Todd Gurley’s play.  Another 100+ yard day against a tough defense and I don’t think he had a run over 20 yards.  He did a pretty good job in pass protection, as well.
  • Eddie Lacy is pretty damned nimble for a guy his size.
  • I tremble as I type this, but Georgia’s special teams outplayed Alabama’s.  The fake punt call, in particular, was beautifully drawn up and perfectly executed.
  • If you’re gonna run all this “Great Moments in SECCG History” stuff during the game, SEC, can you try to find a producer who can spell Brandon Coutu’s name correctly?  (Hint: there’s only one “o” in his last name.)
  • I’ve seen Georgia play several times in the Dome.  I’m not sure I’ve ever heard the place louder than when Ogletree returned that blocked field goal.
  • If Murray had hit Mitchell on that last pass for the win, do you think we’d be talking about Richt’s clock management at game’s end?  Or would we be talking about Saban’s clock management at the end of the first half?
  • Bobo called a pretty good game.  Four drives of 75 or more yards are an indication of that.  If I had to nitpick, I wish he’d have done something a little more creative on one of the third and short plays.  On the other hand, he proved me wrong about the I-formation.  It turned out that Georgia’s offense was pretty effective out of that set.  He also deserves some credit for Murray’s solid game.
  • I’m not sure what to say about Grantham’s day.  His guys came out playing well – Alabama didn’t score until well into the second quarter – but once the Tide basically abandoned the passing game to concentrate on the run, his defense got ground down.  You could tell they were gassed by the way they were missing wrapping up runners.  You knew he wanted to keep his safeties back, but had no choice but to start committing them to the run to stop the bleeding.  Once that happened, the play action success to Cooper was inevitable.  It would have been nice to have had more line depth from Abry Jones.  It also would have been nice if the offense could have converted one of those third and short plays in the second half.  But don’t forget that Georgia never would have had that one last shot at winning the game if the defense hadn’t sucked it up and gotten that final stop first.
  • I said going in that Richt had two key tasks on the day.  One was keeping Aaron Murray’s head in the game and the other was making sure his team was emotionally and mentally ready to play.  He succeeded on both fronts.  There was no quit in that bunch.  As impressive as that last drive was, even as it came up short, the two scoring drives that preceded it, both of which erased Alabama leads, were a clutch as they get.  You don’t get those kinds of results against a quality opponent like ‘Bama unless you’ve got your team ready to fight and fight to the very end.

It was as emotionally exhausting a game as I’ve watched Georgia play.  The hard, hard swings in momentum throughout, capped by the intensity of the last minute of the game made sure of that.  I was proud of what those kids put into that title match.  I’m not going to lie, though – while I can’t fault the effort, the close but no cigar ending didn’t give me much comfort.


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  1. TennesseeDawg

    I really don’t understand the hubbub about the spike at the end of the game. Georgia was moving the ball and Bama was on their heels. They should have kept attacking just like they did. The tip and catch was a fluke thing. The staff was making the right call in that situation

    • cbauga

      I believe they looked at as what would give a higher percentage of success. They could spike the ball and run two plays that would have a lower percentage of success because Bama would have time to set their personnel and scheme in place, or run a play immediately that had a high chance of success because Bama did not have a red zone scheme or personnel in the game. I agree with the call they made, but the execution cost us the game.

      • Silver Creek Dawg

        Poor execution? Please tell me you’re kidding.

        CJ Mosely made a great, athletic play. Mitchell had a step on the Bama CB headed to the back corner of the end zone.

        Sometimes, the other guy just makes a play and you have to tip your hat to them.

        • cbauga

          Isn’t a lineman making sure to block someone in manner where they can’t get there hands up part of execution? Also, the 5 seconds that ran off the clock while everyone got lined up seemed like 5 years…

          Also, isn’t the fact that the play failed mean it was poorly executed no matter the reason it failed???

          • Silver Creek Dawg

            Go watch the play again. Gurley had the responsibility to pick up Mosely. If you want to nitpick, maybe Gurley could have stepped up and engaged Mosely sooner.

            And that 5 seconds would have run off the clock if we have spiked the ball or not.

            • Russ

              Alabama is the #1 team in the nation (don’t care what the polls say). They got that way by occasionally making plays. Mosely made a good play to tip the ball. If he jumps slightly higher, he bats the ball down and the clock stops. If the ball is thrown slightly higher, maybe it’s caught, or incomplete and the clock stops. As it was, it was a fluke bad luck play for us that it fell right to Conley who did what he’s trained years to do – catch the ball.

              Just tip your hat to Bama, pick yourself up and move on. We’ll be back soon and next time the play could fall in our favor.

              • charlottedawg

                This, as someone who has criticized before there is a difference between poor execution or planning on your part and your opponent just making a hell of a play on his part. The last play and for that matter a lot of the game was the latter. Most of the critics can’t recognize that.

                • Cojones

                  That’s not the only thing the nit pickers can’t recognize. Someday we all need to have a discussion about the difference between criticism, analysis, and opinion as it relates to being a CFB blogger with implied fandom.

                  • 79Dawg

                    Our society has lost perspective on just about everything, why should college football be any different?

    • Merk

      The problem is it did not work. It works and he is a F’in genius. That’s the way idiots process stuff. Make a choice that does not pan out and it is because you are incompetent. Yet those same people are cheering for you when that same choice works.

      For years all the haters bitch about Richt being conservative, then he starts doing on-side kicks, fake punts, and other risky moves. Of course they bitch when those things do not work.

      • IndyDawg

        I don’t mind fans discussing/debating the call. It’s a matter of risk-reward in a high pressure situation. But the “I blame Bobo” and “I blame Coach Richt” reflex from some immediately after the game without knowing the facts is infuriating.

        • HahiraDawg

          I’ve always been a Richt & Bobo defender while concerned about our once a season no-shows. Thank you ID. My debating the play is not a referendum of any sort on CMR or CMB.
          My concern ove the play has less to do about spike or not to spike but the design of the play that allows the defender in the passing lane more upfield momentum before being engaged. This allows a higher % of disruption. Engage him at the line with a lineman, instead of Gurley, then he has to play it differently.

          Two other thoughts:
          1) Your ‘one play I’d have back from Murray’ is spot on. That was 7.
          2) Not mentioned is the gameplan UA had against Damian Swann. They were going after him all night in the passing game, not with great success but they obviously thought he was the weak link. He had no safety help on that last play action to Cooper. DS has a bright future, but often in that game I wondered what would it have been like if Branden Smith hadn’t been moved to nickel or if SC had been on Cooper’s side at the end.

          • The Lone Stranger

            Perhaps it is unfair given the laser-like accuracy on most every Murray pass Saturday night, but that fateful pass was eerily similar to many others this season that he launched low into defenders hands and elbows.

            • gastr1

              Unfortunately that happens when you’re 6′ 0″ and the defenders and linemen are 6′ 2″- 6′ 8″. That’s the biggest reason why Murray will not be drafted high.

    • Puffdawg

      How many times over the last two years have you heard Georgia fans bitching about Mark RIcht and Mike Bobo taking their foot off the gas. Now they’re being crucified for hammering down. They’ll never win with some people.

      • Cosmic Dawg

        To be fair, we grouse about “taking your foot off the gas” when we are up a scant ten points or so and start a run-only approach at the beginning of the 4th quarter to burn clock (in the past, this has been with inferior tailbacks) – going three and out and giving our opponents the opportunity to crawl back into the game.

        Often this feels riskier than sticking with a passing / balanced attack that had been working up to that point.

        But you are right, people complain that we are not aggressive enough in general, and now they complain that we were too aggressive. But there are not many complaining in Bulldog Nation, that I have heard, which makes me happy.

        • Puffdawg

          “To be fair…?” What is fair about this for Richt? He’s been labeled as soft since the day he stepped foot on campus and it’s grown increasingly worse over his tenure. The recent complaints of us backing off in games are just a microcosm of the criticism he’s recieved from within our fanbase for as long as he’s been here. And now, he goes uber aggresssive and he’s castrated by the media and a lot of our fans. Worse, it was completely calculated aggression as evidenced by his post game remarks. It wasn’t some over the top panicky move by someone who was surprised to be in that position. He expected to be there, and knew what he wanted to do, in the heat of battle with everything on the line. The fact he had a logical explanation to me says the guy is an incredible coach. He has his shortfalls at times, but there is nothing fair about the criticism he’s taking for that call and that game. Nothing at all.

          And I’m not pointing my rant directly at you. Just venting my frustration over the crazy portion of our fanbase who is pissed at the coaches for Saturday’s game, especially when put in context of viewing Saban’s first have clock management, given Saban is generally acknowledged as the best thing going right now.

  2. Jim

    unfortunately the pain of this one is not going away.

    as a very vocal richt critic the last 5-6 years, i couldn’t be happier with our coaching, preparation or effort in that game.

    we went blow for blow with the best team in the land and were in a position to win.

    I’m not one for moral victories, but it was nice to be able to hold my head high after a loss. tons of “what ifs” on both sides but dwelling on this is not productive.

    • Todd

      same here. I bust Richt and Bobo, but this was not the case. I loved the play calling and the no spike. Fluke deal. Very proud of this team and Alec Ogletree played his damn guts out.

    • Cojones

      Good posts guys. And I’m the guy that’s been bustin’ your chops when you were bustin the coaches for the last two,years. I gave it to you in the manner I assessed that you gave it to the coaches(and a few players). You gave it right back.

      Hope this up tic continues past the first two games next year, otherwise we are all going to be back at it again. Except now I have a lot of great help. Too numerous to list all for fear of leaving a bunch out. Yall know who you are and – Thanks!

      Surly aholes 🙂 and Disney fans together singing “Cum Ba Ya”! Brought together by a very worthy team. Tis the season to be jolly.

  3. Excellent summary as usual, Senator. A great game played by two outstanding programs.

  4. Rusty

    ” I’m not going to lie, though – while I can’t fault the effort, the close but no cigar ending didn’t give me much comfort.”

    No, me either. Without a win it still sucks. But my wife asked why I wasn’t pissed after the loss like I usually am. My answer was how can you be mad when they left it all on the field?. Mistakes were made, weaknesses were exposed. And yet they still almost pulled it out. I for one will not find lambaste them after the effort they made.

    • Sanford222view


    • timphd

      After the Carolina debacle I was mad as I could ever be at the team. This one is different. I am totally reconciled to the fact they all played their asses off, but just came up short. All the blaming of coaches, players and what ifs, don’t really matter. They made me proud and I am looking forward to watching them play Nebraska. Hopefully they pummel them mercilessly.

    • Boz

      +1 with the post game sentiment. I didn’t feel like Alabama was a team we would beat te majority of the time we played them, but I thought we had a punchers chance. Internally, I told myself that I could handle a loss if we played with passion and purpose. I could not handle losing like we did to USC. I guess what I’m realizing is that this hurts worse than losing on 10/6 because of the compassion I feel for the players and the coaches. Each were well prepared and the effort showed.

      On the other hand, I can’t say that I’ve felt like this after any loss in recent memory, mainly because of what was riding in the game, but also because all losses in recent memory have been head scratchers for one reason or another. This one, I don’t question decisions or efforts made. They left it all in the field, and I’m proud of the red and black and as optimistic about the future as I can be. We’re playing with fire and passion again, and I think the gaps in defense will be overshadowed by the returning talent on offense. GATA

      • ScoutDawg

        Booyah Rusty, sucks to lose this game, BUT no shame in losing this game.

      • Cojones

        I have never placed a Bama coach or team on any pedestal that we don’t occupy with them. Bama won because they were the other team of deserving CFB players who fought and won over a similar UGA team. The points we covered were just part of the perception when you consider they lost 14 players to the NFL last year and put together another highly competitive team. We will do the same next year. Bama’s players need to be congratulated for being on the “W” end of the stick. They fought hard and if they were our players we would be telling them how lucky they were to have escaped that UGA team.

        Over the spring and summer there are preparations to be made and some legislatin’ to make the player punishment rules fit all teams evenly. That was as much responsible for this team not being 13-0 as anything.

  5. Uglydawg

    Overlooked or at least understated, was the excellent pass coverage of the Georgia D backs. The pressure on Alabama’s QB was “coverage pressure”. He just couldn’t get the ball out…as opposed to Georgia’s recievers ability to get open and let Murray throw it without haste.
    Yes, the O line did a pretty good job, but the difference was the pass coverage. If there is anything Notre Dame can exploit, Alabama’s pass coverage will be that thing.
    Murray also did a good job of knowing when to leave the pocket and run.
    Good job all around.
    BTW…the one blown coverage is very forgiveable the way Bama was running the ball…perfect call from the Alabama bench.
    Great game from two great teams…..
    I DO want to see the Alabama player that delivered the dirty blow to Murray suspended for the MNC game…and I want the ref that didn’t call it fired.
    That’s extreme, but the no call was the worst I’ve ever seen. The guy is either incompetent or a cheater.

    • Merk

      What about the dick ref who while calling a false start penalty, took the time during the announcement to say “Yea, I got ya!” I was like really?, you feel the need to taunt a player for false starting…at least turn your mic off a**hole.

      • Puffdawg

        Merk, I thought the same thing at the time but then I realized he was probably talking to another ref acknowledging what the other ref had just said to him.

        • Uglydawg

          Puff, I believe you’re correct about that…but I can certainly understand Merk’s contempt for the refs…they sucked..
          someone tell me if it’s holding to pull a defender, with your hands, backwards by the facemask while he’s pash rushing..it must not be holding. Holding is called one time, against Georgia on their own twenty, to put us in a hole. I talk to refs. I know some refs. I have refs who are friends. They all tell me the same thing…you could call holding on every play..So what’ the critera? And, what’s the critera for unnecessary roughness or roughing the passer? It must vary from team to team. Hell, the ACC refs were fairer to Georgia last week than the SEC idiots were this week.

    • dooshay

      I wonder if the Bama player gets suspended for the helmet-to-helmet on Murray will the SEC suspend Ogeltree for his helmet-to-helmet on McCarron?

      • Rhymer Dawg

        There was no helmet to helmet on McCarron. Go back and look at the replay. Ogletree hit him in the chest with his shoulder. It was a horrible call from the refs.

    • TomReagan

      I agree with the coverage sack point. It’s not so much that we were getting pressure with our front 4, but that they were getting there when the coverage gave them an extra second–which is still a very good job against their offensive line by our defensive front.

  6. frowertr

    Great summary, Senator. Your first bullet point hit the nail on the head. Everytime I saw Bama attempt a pass during the second half I said a quick prayer and thanked God it wasn’t a running play. The score may have been more lopsided if Saban had decided to stick with the run…

    I guess Grantham will have his work cut out for him leading into the bowl (Nebraska actually has a good RB) and also for next year as far as run defense goes. I know there aren’t any other teams in the nation that have the Offensive line that ‘Bama has or the RB’s that ‘Bama has but giving up 300+ yards on the ground must mean “something” we are doing is incorrect. We have too much future NFL talent to be run up the gut like that on a consistent basis.

    • Dawgfan Will

      Indeed. If was a Bama fan, I’d have been cussing every time they passed it in the second half.

    • Will (the other one)

      Same here, though I’m wondering if we were just doing something different on the D-line this year from last year, or if Tyson was really our best run stopper: We were a lot worse against the run even excluding the 2 TO teams this season, and never had one of those “crappy offense held to negative or no more than 10 rushing yards” games we had last season.

      I’d say it’s priority #1 for the defense this off-season, and going into the bowl.

  7. Griff

    If we score without spiking it, I think the Alabama fans are complaining about Saban’s first half clock management AND his decision not to call a timeout to set his defense. I was thinking either we would spike it or they would call a timeout since they were on their heels. Absolutely no blame from me on our decision to keep going. In my opinion it was a very athletic play by the Bama linebacker (I believe) to get a hand on the ball. Unfortunately it fell right in Conley’s arms.

    I will say the biggest surprise for me was the fact that we (fans) were outnumbered in the dome. Certainly not a shot at our fanbase, I was just thinking at worst it would be 50-50…it appeared to me to be 60-40 Bama. I still think we were as loud if not louder though.

    • X-Dawg

      Probably the reason there were more Bama fans is that they own a lot of the renewable SECCG tickets dating back to 1992. Not many UGA fans were scarfing those up back then.

  8. It’s great to be a Georgia Bulldog. GO DAWGS

  9. DawgByte

    Couldn’t agree more regarding the Bama OL. They’re one of the best I’ve seen over the last ten years. That combination of size, strength and technique should be the model for UGA moving forward.

    Can someone please tell me how or why Gilliard got the start at ILB against such a good running team??? When people commented during the game about the poor tackling, Gilliard’s name came to the top of the list. Grantham should have started Herrera!

    • The Lone Stranger

      You know, in all the after-game storm over that tipped pass this was an issue I kept coming back to even in the 1st quarter of the game. Gilliard had not seen much of the field for any game this year. And did C-Rob ever even see the field? I gotta believe it was some sort of matchup deal that The Grantham figured was a benefit, but I had been digging some Robinson against the rush for the balance of the year.

        • The Lone Stranger

          That’s weird … I have not been able to bring myself to re-watch the carnage that was the Dawgs tackling but he sure didn’t stand out. But #35 (Gilliard) was out there at the start and that was a sea change.

      • wnc dawg

        Gilliard was in the whole for several of those long runs, even earlier in the game, but wasn’t able to make the play. He’s usually steady, but Saturday was not his best night.

    • W Cobb Dawg

      I agree with DawgByte. Don’t understand why we didn’t see more of Herrera at ILB.

      • Cojones

        Both Herrera and Gilliard are good players we will welcome back next year. Let’s don’t start some undeserved perception of either of these guys. They make mistakes and great plays like most of the Dawgs. They will both play in the bowl game.

        God,what a bunch. I really thought they would win along with those who picked the upset, including Schlabach. Greeting the plane in Athens helps convey our message to this team. Thanks to all of you who went. Dawg Nation forever.

  10. I hope that folks who continue to beat the drum about nothing but the non-spike will consider other critical pieces from that game:

    — the 2 point conversion is quite possibly the play of the game

    — Alabama’s gashing Georgia’s defense for 350 yards…how many times did a Tide back get touched and then peel off for more yards, not to mention how many times they just cake walked through the middle of the line

    — Georgia’s missed a FG, the spot of which likely could have been closer if not for TK’s block in the back

    — not having the full compliment of time outs on defense for Bama’s last series

    I could probably dig up a few others. I certainly understand that it’s incredibly easy to focus in on the end of the game considering how dramatic it was and how close Georgia was (man, was Murray within seconds of making himself a LEGEND or what?), but I hope the majority of folks out there will realize that there were a number of other instances from the game that were just as, if not more, important.

    And Senator, thanks for bringing up Grantham’s name. After the game, I saw some of the usual Richt or Bobo or even Murray “rabble rabble rabble” but nothing about Grantham’s defense. That damn “traditional” running game put up more on the Dawgs than those two pesky offenses did the previous two weeks.

    • Griff

      You do know Alabama didn’t play the perfect game either right?

      -Our missed FG got us 0 points. Their “missed” FG cost them 7.
      -They had 6 plays inside our 10 and got 0 points.
      -They had the ball on our 25 with 30+ seconds in the half and 2 timeouts and ran 1 play and got a FG.

      Not arguing with you, but you have to look at both sides. You can pick apart every snap if you want to.

      • By no means did either team play the perfect game and of course you can pick apart every play. My post was food for thought addressing a few of the instances that stand out in my mind.

        • WF dawg

          How about the Bama fumble forced by Herrera on KO coverage? We get that and we win. Break for Bama to recover it.

        • Cojones

          All of you are correct and spoken like introspective fans. Squarebush is spot on. This is one of the most enjoyable reads for fans that I can remember.

  11. sniffer

    One observation from the television broadcast was the emotion of the Alabama players on the sideline. The swing from elation to serious concern was noticeable. They did not have a workmanlike demeanor or machine-like approach. They were in a game of highs and lows and they knew it. This was from start to finish, but moreso as the game moved along. This was not what I expected. Saban did a great job of keeping his players’ heads in the game.

    The respect Saban expressed towards Georgia and Richt after the game was not begrudging, but sincere, deserving and earned.

    • Dawgfan Will

      I gained a lot more respect for Saban over the course of the last week because of his demeanor and the level of respect he showed both toward the Dawgs and toward Mark Richt in particular. I still want him to fail because he is by far the biggest recruiting threat to us, but I respect him a hell of a lot more than I did two weeks ago.

  12. Heathbar09

    That was heart breaking. I stood near a group of Alabama fans during the entire game. They didn’t make a peep until the clock hit 0:00. They were a nervous wreck knowing UGA was the best they’ve played all year and were giving Bama all they could handle. Unfortunately, it just wasn’t enough. Games like these hurt so much, but are what makes college football so great. Can’t wait until Nebraska (even though it’s a shitty consolation prize) and can’t wait until next season.

  13. Uglydawg

    The “love” Georgia is getting from the TV talkers is almost sad.
    What’s next? CNN reporting that Romney would have made a great president and it’s too bad he lost?
    I’ve said it all along…you can’t have a fair system when you have “polls” involved in who’s ranked where.
    Here’s Georgia, punished in the rankings because they won their division and played an extra game…down to the wire…against the best team in college football, while Florida, whom Georgia beat, stayed home and watched moves to number three. …That’s life I guess.
    Anyway, I am very proud of the Georgia Bulldogs. They earned a lot of respect on the national scene with that gutsy perfomance.

    • Heathbar09

      Would you be more mad if ESPN, CBS, etc. hadn’t said a word about us? I am actually enjoying the commentary. We were as good as Bama and showed it. Yes, they gashed us for 350+ yards, but they couldn’t stop our offense and our D made a stop when it needed to. Personally, I’d be more pissed if they didn’t say anything after nearly every analyst picked Bama to win. This positive talk certainly doesn’t hurt recruiting also.

      • The Lone Stranger

        Since the Dawgs are no longer a real threat to break up the ordained “Title Game of the Century” it is fun to push them out the door with a pat on the back and “thanks fo playing.”

        • Heathbar09

          That, or maybe most analysts are admitting they were wrong for thinking the Tide would win so easily.

          • The Lone Stranger

            A mixture of both, as in life at large. I like the look of UGa’s rush offense vs. that Husker defense, though.

            • Heathbar09

              I like about every matchup against Nebraska. I’m only worried about the letdown of being 5 yards from Miami vs Orlando. Although, I’m sure CMR will have these boys ready for business as usual.

            • Dawgfan Will

              I’d like to see Gurley drop two bits on Nebraska.

              • Will (the other one)

                I believe Gurley has already tweeted something about whatever team UGA faced in a bowl would face a mad team. Let’s hope that motivation carries on this month.
                We haven’t won a bowl since the 2009 season, and we haven’t won 12 games…well a Richt-coached team has never won exactly 12 games.

      • Uglydawg

        Heath, see The Lone Stranger’s comment immediatly below. He said it better than I can.

  14. Objective Bama Fan

    A few observations for the other side:
    1. It goes without saying that Saturday’s game was the best SEC Championship game of all time. I would take it a step further and say, with what was on the line, the number of momentum and lead changes, it is hard pressed for me to find another game that could compare in my lifetime.
    2. Say what you will about Saban, and he took a lot of flack for what he said last week, but you got to give him credit. He put his money where his mouth was when he voted Georgia third and Florida fourth.
    3. That hit by Q. Dial on Murray was inexcusable. He should be suspended for the NC game.
    4. Why Saban still trots out our long field goal kicker is beyond me. That kick was so low that, if not blocked by Georgia, would have hit our snapped in the back of the head.
    5. Everyone is giving RIcht a lot of flack about clock managment at the end of the game. However, how do you run out of time at the end of the first half and be forced to kick a fieldgoal from the five with two timeouts in your pocket? The clock management at the end of both halves has even Les Miles looking on with shock and awe.
    6. I agree that the ball hit the ground and the replay booth got that correct, but how can you overturn that one, but say that it was inconclusive on the tipped pass on the pass interference call?
    7. If I was a Georgia fan, it would be maddening to me at all the penalties, especially the unsportsmanlike conduct.
    8. The refs missed a lot of calls. On both sides.
    9. I am not a playoff proponent, and I love the bowls. However, that has got to be a better way to select the BCS bowls. It is ridiculous that Northern Ill. gets in and Georgia does not.
    10. Special teams killed us. That fake punt by Georgia was perfectly drawn up. It is maddening to us Bama fans that when we try to run a fake, it always, and I mean always, blows up in our face. How can you get a delay of game penalty on a fake?

    • MT Dawg

      “It is ridiculous that Northern Ill. gets in and Georgia does not” Exactly!

      • Merk

        Well they did play a harder schedule than UGA…

      • Cojones

        Monty, I haven’t talked to my son in Big Timber yet, but surmise there was no difficulty getting the game there. Happy Holidays to you and yours. Thanks a bunch.

    • AusDawg85

      Quality post as usual OBF. Re: #6…the ref was signaling tipped ball immediately, even before it got to the receivers, so he at least thought he saw something. Tough to overturn on review. #8…true dat. Pretty sure it was pass interference on the final drive with the almost interception play. Need to look at replay, but seems your guy was over the top of our receiver early, hence the ricochet. In summary, this crew needed to control the emotions, but let the players play and not be influential in the outcome.

      I’m very pleased and proud of the Dawgs effort, and the general appreciation of rational Bama fans and staff about the game. Only Finebaum’s show will bring out the ugly gloating side I’m sure….before his first caller.

      • Cojones

        I supposed the tip was caught by sound after seeing the replay. There didn’t seem to be any disagreement on the field either.

    • Rhymer Dawg

      Tipped pass. If you have and HD tv you can actually see Robinson’s fingers bend backwards as the ball goes through his fingers. There is a great shot on the replay of it. Just saying.

      • ScoutDawg

        Bama fan, thank you for sliding into the spot vacated by Joy’s sorry ass Awbarn turds. By that I mean a great new, yet still old, rivalry. Great game, and a pleasure talking with you, although I would have enjoyed it more with a win.

  15. paul

    As someone who has been critical of our team’s and Aaron Murray’s performance against ranked opponents in the past, I have to say both he and the team were ready, not over excited and played extremely well. There will always be mistakes made and opportunities missed. Both were kept to a minimum. Clearly, our coaching staff had the team prepared and their game plan was sound. Georgia played toe to toe with the best team in the country for sixty full minutes. That’s all we can ask. I am proud of our guys. They played with heart, passion and intelligence. Whatever they had, they left it on the field. No regrets. Thanks for a great game men. It was truly something special. Y’all are a bunch of damn good dawgs.

  16. JaxDAwg

    For all the early season talk of AJ McCarron as a heisman candidate, I thought he was pretty average. Nice throw to Cooper though, I saw that Swann was beat after the first 5-yards and Cooper even slowed down at one point and Damian still couldn’t catch up.

    I’m already thinking about next year with an offense that should set records assuming Murray returns and a D with lot’s of holes.

    • Aaron Murray definitely outplayed McCarron, who has been exposed as a guy who can throw a screen and a deep ball but nothing else. I hate it. I want him to be all-SEC caliber, but he’s not there yet. Murray on the other hand played a great game. As did King, who would be enjoying the attention Cooper is getting if the Dawgs had won.

      • Bryant Denny

        Concerning McCarron in your first sentence: that’s not true. I never thought AJ was a viable Heisman candidate, but he’s thrown more than screen passes and deep balls. He’s made a living this year on the crossing route as well. He can hold the ball too long, but he’s hitting around 66% of his passes and has had the best season an Alabama quarterback has ever had.

        • JaxDAwg

          True. But in traditional Alabama fashion, he is asked to not lose games, not necessarily win them. I’m not taking anything away from McCarron, I just thought he was better than he showed. No big deal, he’s the winner and that’s all that matters.

  17. I wanted to give the Bulldogs a few days to lick their wounds before offering a “good game,” but you guys don’t need it. Very impressed with how your fans have handled such a heart-breaker. I typically don’t even bother leaving a comment following a game because the fans are typically screaming about how the refs screwed them or so and so is a dirty player or some other thing other than just acknowledging what happened in the game. Georgia impressed the hell out of me with their play, and the fans have impressed the hell out of me with their rational view of the outcome. Quibbling over whether Richt made the right call or not aside (I tend to think it was the perfect call that was a fingertip away from working), I am proud to call myself a Tide fan, but I would be proud to call myself a Bulldog too based on how the fans have represented themselves here. Good game, Dawgs. Give the Huskers hell.

    • Macallanlover

      Excellent post. Agree both teams played their guts out, and the rational fans of both canaccept that for what is was: a really physical SEC football game with tons of talent on the field, and a game that either could have won. I look at it as Alabama won, UGA didn’t lose. To the victors go the spoils, go kick ND’s ass, hope to see you in Atlanta again next December.

  18. Mike

    The good Senator writes;

    “I’m not sure there’s anything an offense can do to a defense that’s more demoralizing than running a two-point conversion play up the middle and scoring with ease.”

    If there was one play that lost UGA the game, that was it. But in reality, it was UGA’s inability to stop the run in the second half.

    Once again, congrats to the UGA players and UGA coaches for a great season and a memorable game. As an outsider looking in, it was fun to watch.

    • I’m not sure, “demoralizing” and “lost the game” are necessarily the same. If there was one play (and there wasn’t — it was a well-fought game the whole way) that could have be claimed as the one that “lost the game” I would vote for the 3rd and 5 conversion where the Dawgs appeared to stop TJ Yeldon but he managed to drag and stretch for the first down. The next play was the pass to Cooper for the deciding TD.

      • HVL Dawg

        There were at least 15 huge plays that won/lost the game. But the game came down to the last play: an Alabama LB tipped a pass while he was being blocked. That play ended the game, therefor it was the most important play of the game.

        That LB should be given all the credit if the Tide win the MNC.

        • He’s certainly receiving quite a bit of credit — he was named the season MVP. He’s had a heck of a year as it is, but when you consider he was not named the defensive player of the year, but he was the MVP, you have to think that play has a lot to do with it.

          • Uglydawg

            tidefanin-hillbilly land…..Thanks…and ROLLLLL TIDE over ND!!!
            Do if for the Dawgs and the whole SEC and especially for little ole me!

  19. PHDawg

    I’ve had, in general, a lot of complaints about Alabama fans (from having lived among them for four years now), but everyone I talked to yesterday could not praise our team enough. And not in a condescending, patronizing manner, but in a “we know how that game could have ended” way. A young man we know–whose aunt was interim president at UA recently, actually–came up to me yesterday to discuss the game and I expected the usual jawing back and forth we’ve done all season, but he seemed to be in the same state the rest of us were: utter awe and exhaustion. I have to think we gained a lot of respect not just from Saban, but from the fan base as well, which in my experience is saying something.

    It was also amusing to have Auburn fans we knew express their disappointment and then to be approached several times by strangers doing the same thing. As we got out of the car at a Christmas tree lot yesterday a woman walked by, saw our Georgia sticker and tag and said “oh, God, what a game yesterday! We were pulling hard for y’all! So sorry about that.” Everyone is praising our guys to the sky. That’s a nice feeling, even if it comes after such a gut wrenching loss.

    • Uglydawg

      I’ve never seen such a respectful attitude after a huge game like this…from both sides. I have heard and seen only respectful admiration of how hard both teams played.
      But I do hate the refs.

  20. AusDawg85

    I suspect in hindsight, with such a legendary game, Grantham’s D is going to come under much more scrutiny. Under the 3-4, it is the role of the ILB to make those tackles, and it seemed Ogletree was going to get worn-down to nothing…words cannot express what a great job he did. And Jarvis got exposed a little bit for his size in run defense…Danielson was correct that the way to beat him is run at him and pound away…his speed doesn’t help shed two 300 pound blockers and take down a 240lb running back.

    Grantham came from the pros/Cowboys. In the NFL, you pretty much do what you can vs. the run, but give up space between the 20’s when over-matched and shut-down the red zone. I don’t know that during the 3rd and early 4th Q, we basically did just that. You could almost tell our best strategy was to let Bama bleed clock, score slowly, try to force them into a FG, and be damn sure we had the ball last with 2:00 to go to score last…or at least make Bama try to score in the last few seconds by throwing…no time to run. It almost worked, and the back-breaker in the strategy was the bomb to Cooper. Stop just that one play, maybe make just one of those 3rd down conversions, and from the coaching strategy viewpoint, we probably get our win.

    I think Bama knows no one got out-coached or out-played….Bama got some breaks (how about that punt that ended-up bouncing up into the returner’s hand for Bama and saved about 15 – 20 yards?!) and those things win games in the final analysis.

    • Dboy

      It didn’t help that in addition to “running right at Jarvis,” Alabame routinely double teamed him on those runs to his side. It is a numbers game when you have an elite Oline double teaming you

      • AusDawg85

        “…his speed doesn’t help shed two 300 pound blockers and take down a 240lb running back.”

        Think I said just that.

  21. Cousin Eddie

    From TV my biggest complaint was listening to Dainelson. It was like watching the game on the Bama channel. His comment towards the end that GA could steal a win pi$$ed me off. Like they couldn’t do it honestly they had to steal it. When Lacy broke a good run you could hear his excitment but when Gurley ran for a TD he had to point out UGA got away with a hold.
    To me the penalties killed GA drives to much. Hard enough to get a 1st down on a D as good as Bamas but when you make it 1st and 20 or 2nd and 14 you are killing your chances. GA would get 14 of the 20 yds needed and have to punt where without the penaty it would have been a first down and moved the chains.
    The women in my office are still going off on the hit to the head on Murray. I have heard them tell everyone that comes in how cheap of a shot that was.

    • Uglydawg

      Danielson tried to hide his bias, but it was a poor effort. Happily he has nothing to do with what happens on the field. His “Oh my goodness” schtick is an attempt to market himself as ” Keith Jackson like”, with his signature “Whoa, Nelly!” Nice try, but no cigar.

    • LoveTtown

      As a Bama fan, we always feel like they don’t like us. Listening to them during the A&M game – uggghh! We “get” more than our fair share of Verne and Gary

      • Cousin Eddie

        Its not that I think he is a Bama fan, he just picks a winner and seems to pull for them. Noticed it a few times on other games, some involving the Dawgs and some not, some for and some against.

  22. TheLifeOfReilly

    The only thing I want to know is will we have to wait 11 years to get this close again?

    • Merk

      No…Just 2 years until the playoffs start. At that point you just have to be in the top 4.

      Could you image the sh**storm if something like this year happened, but aTm beats LSU and ND loses one of its nail biters. You literally would have had 1-4 being all SEC teams. Yea…the next year they would vote the BCS back in to play.

    • paul

      Eleven years? We got to the Sugar eleven years ago, there was never any legitimate shot at the MNC. I left Athens in 1980, our last national championship year. We had a chance against Penn State two years later. We didn’t get another opportunity until this year. If I have to wait that long for the next one I will literally be 83. In other words, I may not live to see it.

      • Uglydawg

        No, I don’t think it will be a very long wait.
        Notre Dame will always be there for the playoffs if there is any human based bais in the calculation…They’re entitled, you know.

    • If we show up in big games from now on and play smart and hard for 60 minutes, we will win our share of these type games. That is the point I want our program to get to, that we can compete with anyone on any given Saturday. We showed what can happen when a Georgia team competes for the entire game. I hope we are finished with not showing up as we didn’t in Columbia.

  23. Chi-Town Dawg

    A number of on the mark comments and observations already, so I won’t repeat them. However, the one thing I will say as the Senator and others have pointed out, it was the most emotionally draining and exhausting game I’ve ever witnessed in my 30 years of attending UGA football games. I was at the Dome and the momentum swings went from the highest of highs to the lowest of lows multiple times. I sent my friends a text mid-way thru the 4th quarter after yet another lead change telling them this was the most unbelievable and draining game I’d ever seen and that was BEFORE the last Bama score and UGA’s final drive! I felt like I was watching Rocky and Clubber Lang exchanging blows and just when you think the other guy is out, they get back up! Still can’t get over what an amazing game we saw and how close we came to what might’ve been. It was a tough loss, but I’m extremely proud of the way the Dawgs played! They played their hearts out and left everything on the field! It’s a shame either team had to lose because they both gave it their best, which is all you can ask of them.

  24. David (not that one)

    Did anyone notice Richt removed the gatorade bottles before his postbid interview?

  25. Stephen

    Part of the reason why this game has been so hard for me to process is because I don’t know what it means for the future.

    1) Is our response: “See, we went toe to toe with the best team in the country and had a shot!” If so, that’s nice, but it’s definitely glass-half-empty.

    Having a shot is awesome, and I’m very proud. This season had some amazing highs, and I’m thankful for those.

    But there’s an important difference between being the better team and winning any particular game- luck. Sure “the just clock ran out” in Richt’s words. But so did our luck.

    Few if any UGA fans are saying “UGA was the better team and we just got beat on that day.” By and large, everyone acknowledges that Bama was the better team. If UGA had won, it would have been billed as an upset. Most neutrals say things like “We kept expecting UGA to break, but they barely held on and had a shot at the end.” This is troubling to me and makes me pessimistic about what this game does and does not mean for the program in the future.

    2) Or… is our response: “We fell short, but can improve in the following areas to get better.” If so, this is a glass-half-full situation. Maybe this game leads to better line recruiting and playing in the future. Four quarters of run defense. Elimination of maddening penalties. Maybe this game causes us to emphasize execution on every assignment of every play of every game.

    What makes this so hard to process is that I don’t know whether I’m expecting (1) or (2). I hope it’s (2) because this one was a gut punch, and I want great things for a program filled with talented, classy, and hard working people. I just don’t know.

    • Ginny

      This may or may not relate, but the way I’m trying to look at it is this: we are light years ahead of where we were two years ago. The fact that CMR can go from a 6-7 season with the masses (and I use that term loosely) calling for his head and lead us to a possible 12-2 season where we were yards away from playing in the NC tells me that he can weather the storm and gives me hope for the future. Many of the things that were plaguing us a few years a go have improved, which leads me to believe this can be done in other areas as well (I believe this is your option #2). We lose a lot of experience, but we have a lot of young recruits that will be enrolling early this spring. Our offense should be potent next year (Gurshall are FRESHMEN!), and our defense will be young but not without talent. Is this where we wanted to be at the end of 2012? Not exactly. But this feels a million times better than the way I felt after 2010.

      • Stephen


        The margin that splits good and great gets pretty slim at these levels. I hope that simply being in this game and punching till the end shows them that they can achieve great things.

        It’s funny, though, Bama coaches and players rarely say things like “this is a really talented group.” They say “we’re coached to execute every moment.” Their talent is a given. They’ve chosen to focus the ethos of the program on effort.

        There are three inputs for a team: talent, effort, and luck. When UGA takes the field verses Nebraska, I know I’m going to see us ahead on talent and Lord willing we’ll be ahead on luck. I just hope I see us bring the same effort as in the Dome.

        If we’re going to do great things in the future, it’ll take all three.

        As an aside, for those who think the playoff is going to somehow be kinder to UGA… if there were playoffs this year, we’re not in them. Midseason blowouts to USCe will still be deadly, because they remove the margin for error in the SECCG (as well as decreasing the probability that we make it there). UGA is going to have to –pro–gress, not regress or stay the same if they’re going to win even in the playoff.

        • Ty Webb

          This is a superb analysis of CFB. LSU under Miles, particularly late in years where they’re not in championship contention, is a great example of uneven levels of talent and effort.

  26. Dawgwood

    This game was brutally heartbreaking. I’m just proud of the way our guys showed up to play. Hell, we went toe to toe with the reigning champs and the favorite for this year, and we were five yards from victory. I am ok with the call not to spike the ball. It was a hell of a play for the Bama player to get up and tip it after having to run downfield during that drive. And then it was just a dose of dumb luck that Conley was there. I’m just trying to get over it, but the freaking Friday Night Lights movie was on yesterday and the ending seemed strangely firmiliar. Then driving into work all the negative comments on the radio aren’t helping either.

  27. TomReagan

    I’m chalking up much the second half run defense to inexperience in this type of game. I don’t think that the experience factor is nearly as important as far as being intimidated by the stage as folks make it out to be, but I do think that it helps to have been in that type of game before because teams learn how to keep their emotions in check.

    I think our guys felt the highest of the highs every bit as much as we did, which can drain you physically. They ultimately caught their second wind at the end, but it ended up coming just a little too late.

    By no means am I saying that Alabama wouldn’t have run it on us very well, I think they would’ve, but the 12 to 20 yard runs every single time were more than just good line play and tough running. But the way our offense was answering and was in decent rhythm, it was probably better that Alabama wasn’t putting together 8 or 9 minute drives.

  28. Will Trane

    Hopefully after this season of recruiting, and it is as important as the SECCG to me, CMR will get his numbers up like Bama. Suggest you visit their site and look at their O line and D line numbers. Our losses the past two years in the Dome in my view are on the line of scrimmage. Hopefully the recruiting coordinator and Will Friend will do some great work in getting their lines up to speed.
    Positions. The TEs did a very good job against Bama, passing and blocking. Both come back, and if you look at the roster play, Ty Smith a freshman saw some play, too. Just trying to figure out the role of our fullback lately. Did not see many sets or play from them.
    If the Dawgs built their line numbers and quality at each position this year, will they go to more of a power set…Bama, Florida,Carolina like to run twin TE and unbalanced power. Those sets create a lot of run lanes and gaps to defend, especially with power backs like Lacey, Yeldon, and Carolina’s injured back.
    After watching a replay of the game Bama just go great push of the line and our gap play at time was woeful. Jarvis Jones has a way to go in the run game. He got blocked and caught up inside too many times.
    John Jenkins came close to getting around Bama’s center on that TD pass. Close.
    There are only one play call I have is the sideline pass after we stop them, they punt us inside the 10 or 20 where Mitchell fair caught the ball. That first down pass play puzzles me. Then two running plays up between the guard / tackle on the left side by Gurley. 2nd down run puts them with facing less than 2 yds, but on 3rd down we go back inside with Gurley and they stop it. Bet Saban works his corners on sideline routes. On that last drive, they allowed the TE to make the catch and get to the sidelines. Those were awesome calls by Bobo and outstanding plays by the O. Once those were in the playbook, it allowed better play selection and clock management [now why in hell is noboday talking about that, stupid I guess]. Bama would give up green between the hash becaue Murray and Lynch had now workd down, distance and clock on those two sideline passes. At the five, if I had spiked the ball, I would have gone with the twin TEs, Gurley and Mitchell. But I undestand what they wanted to do and not allow Bama to switch personnel, and they do that very well.
    Bama never stopped our passing game, only the clock. But Murray had two bad passes, the deep ball where he did not get it out there which they return to midfield, take down and get the FG as 1st half ends. Then when he threw into very tight coverage at the end and they almost intercept. He hits that pass before the half and Bama’s game plan changes on both sides of the ball, and Gurley / Marshall would become a big part of the second half play.
    At some point somebody has to figure why we are having trouble this year stopping the running game. 3rd downs are an issue.

    • Macallanlover

      Great post. Murray’s pass mistake at the end of the 2nd half is surprising to me, he would usually nail that, or miss it long when he has the time. The return to mid-field was instumental as well. But your are right, the entire game changed as a result of that likely 10 point swing. Not blasting AM for the miss, just noting that doesn’t happen often. Contender for the most significant play of the game, but there are so many from that game that deserve consideration for that label.

  29. wnc dawg

    I was proud of the effort and how the dawgs just kept coming the whole game. Really the only thing I was frustrated about was the drive starting around the 50 where we threw it 3 times in a row on not so quick routes and the slow developing pass play called on 3rd & 7 that added a good bit of distance to the (missed) FG attempt. But all in all, I think Bobo called a pretty solid game against a really good D.

    Watching it live, I didn’t realize the ball was tipped on the last play and was mad we didn’t spike it. But if you are going for the corner there, I don’t think it makes much sense to debate if it was the right call or not. It was a very reasonable strategy that would have stopped the clock with a play or two remaining.

    • W Cobb Dawg

      Agree. It wasn’t the call or the tip. If Conley lets it fall we get another play. I think people realize this, but don’t want to make Conley into a goat – And I don’t have a problem with that.

      • Cojones

        Actually there was a little more to that play. As he caught the ball, he turned quickly and slid down all in one motion. If he makes that turn he has two choices, go for the goal line or step out of bounds to leave 3 secs on the clock. Another chance. He made a quick play and the result didn’t fit what he wanted to do. How often does thathappen to players in a game?

  30. AlphaDawg

    My one comment concerning the game involves our 2nd to last possession when we had 3 plus minutes and we come out throwing the ball and have to punt. We had time we shoud have handed the ball to Gurley and forced Bama to worry about the run game too. Bama had a hard time stopping Gurley all night.

    • Cousin Eddie

      The eight yrd loss on the 1st down sack took the ball out of Gurley’s hands, if that is the drive I am thinking about.

      • AlphaDawg

        Sorry, I should have been clearer. I meant run it on that 1st down and not pass, so no 8 yrd loss on the sack. Bama was setup to blitz that play, perfect time to let Gurley work.

  31. TheLifeOfReilly

    Can someone please convince me that I didn’t watch UGA’s best chance of a NC for the next 30 years be lost in such a heartbreaking manner? Proud of the effort but looking back would it not have been better to lose convincingly? At least then you can say that it wasnt your time, this time. How does the fanbase not see next year as a dissapointment without an SEC Championship? I havent been in favor of Richt since the retaining of Willie and he really did a great job on Saturday but I think he may end up losing his job by having the misfortune of having “everything but a NC” success and coaching during so many recent NCs of SEC rivals. It is so damned difficult to get excited about next year (especially with the D leaving) when your brain is telling you that it will probably be 2 to 3 years min to get back to being one game away. I am one depressed dawg. Can anyone cheer me up?

    After being that close how do you get excited for the Cap One Bowl? If the players show up in the bowl game as much as they did in Atlanta then that will be one of the best coaching jobs I have ever seen.

    • I don’t understand the idea that the Bulldogs can’t be there again soon. Yes, you lose a lot of defensive talent, and I’m sure some will resent me for this comparison, but in 2008, the Tide lost a heartbreaker to Florida in the SEC Championship (and then promptly shat the bed in the Sugar Bowl). That team lost a ton of talent on both sides of the ball (QB, leading rusher, four OL, All-American safety, half the DL, and so on), but went on to win the national championship the following season. This UGA team is in better shape than that Bama one was in terms of returning players.

      • Russ

        Don’t cloud the issue with facts, tidefan. 😉

        I agree, we’ll be back soon. Offense will be good again next year, even if Murray leaves. Defense has some holes to fill, but some good young players to fill them. The trend is definitely back up.

      • sUGArdaddy

        Saturday night, I immediately thought of that 2008 Bama team. They had not won a title since ’92 and had not won an SEC Title since ’99. I’ll bet their fans wondered if they’d ever get close again after going 12-0 in the SEC, only to drop the next 2. They weren’t quite as good as Tebow and the Gators, but the next year, they were better.

        I think the Dawgs have turned it around for good. I think we’re going to be in position for a long time, and the 4-team playoff is going to be very good to Mark Richt, as winning the SEC will simply almost always get you in.

        • Slaw Dawg

          Exactly, sUGArdaddy. The “never say die” heart on display Sat was = to the same we saw v. UF in 2010. We lost that one, but the “never say die” carried over to the next 2 CT bowls, which we won. Looks like for our UGA Dawgs, it’s a hard slog to the very top, not a sudden leap, but that hard slog may pay off for a long time. One thing’s for sure, our Dawgs will need to carry over the “grown man” attitude to next season, which’ll start tough and won’t get any easier.

    • Dawgfan Will

      With the playoff starting soon, I think we’ll be in the mix fairly often. I recall several bloggers and commenters lamenting back in 2008 how we’d let the most talented Dawg team ever slip through without a championship. Well, just four years later, we have an even better team. I won’t say that we’ll ever win that championship because I don’t believe in tempting fate, but I think will be contenders many times down the road.

    • paul

      Know what we can’t control? What someone else does. Know what we can control? How we choose to respond. Losing Saturday sucked. It was and is painful. But do you doubt for one second that our guys put everything they had out on field? That’s all we can ask. Saturday night those men were as damn good as any group of damn good dawgs that ever were. If we’d lost convincingly we would all be commenting about how Richt was now firmly ensconced back on the hot seat. As far as motivation for the Cap one is concerned, I doubt any player that sees film of Richt at the post game presser will need any further motivation to go out and kick some cornhusker butt.

  32. Russ

    One random thing I noticed that really made me proud – Geathers chasing Lacy down the sideline after Lacy bounced it outside. Geathers and his 350+ pounds were really hoofing it about 20 yards downfield and he got in on the tackle at the end. Granted, it would have been great to not let Lacy bounce outside, but I really admired the effort in the 4th quarter to try to make that play. They left it all on the field, and that’s all I can ask for.

  33. JaxDAwg

    Jesus where was P-44 Haynes when we needed it? Anyone else think about this?

    • The Lone Stranger

      …. and if it had been little old Merrit Hall sneaking over the goal line for the snag! This L is going to take at least a week to understand fully.

      • paul

        Not sure the Alabama D would have been fooled into believing we were trying to run one up the gut with no timeouts and 14 seconds remaining. For that play to work you really have to sell the run.

  34. Comin' Down The Track

    First of all, Go Dawgs.
    Secondly, the wrong guys scored last, but other than that…

  35. NC Dawg

    Yes, Bama has a great offensive line, but I found it hard to determine whether we were making any adjustments at all to try to stop the run. All of our “NFL talent” looked pretty slow to the hole.

    • From what I’ve read, John Jenkins was quoted as saying something to the effect of “I’ve never seen that blocking technique before.” Anthony Steen (Tide’s RG) said that he was surprised the Dawgs didn’t try to attack it differently.

      • JaxDAwg

        what did the AL oline do that was so unique? and what could be done to defend it?

        • LoveTtown

          Not sure – but did read that Jenkins went and found DJ Fluker after the game and asked him to show him the technique they were using on him.

  36. AthensHomerDawg

    I still got the blues but looking forward to some corn on the cob.
    just sayin’

  37. Debby Balcer

    You could feel the heart the team had in the Dome. I was very proud of them. They never quit. When the game was over you could see how devastated they were by the loss. I was so proud of the fans we did our job we were loud and proud the whole game even when we got behind we were doing our part. I feel much better about this loss than I did the one against SC. I feel it will help our recruiting. It’s great to be a GA bulldog!!

  38. Jim

    A little pump fake from Murray on the last play would have been nice. He turned and stared down the receiver.

    • AthensHomerDawg

      Jimbo… really? Did he stare down Lynch the previous play too? Damn..second guessing is an art form from the armchair qb chair isn’t it?
      I am gonna start an AssHat award. I give 3 this game.
      One- Postgame-… that would go to Oliver.. enough said.

      Another to -During the game- that would go to the ref – no call on the on the late hit on Murray… but the helmet hit called on Georgia is competing.

      And then to armchair qb Jim for that turned and stared down receiver quote you made. Well done Jim-Bob. “NO SOUP FOR YOU!”

  39. Will Trane

    Wished we were going to the Cotton Bowl. But I don’t care where they play or who they play. Just as long as they play like they did against the Tide. Playing Oklahoma would have been great. Have not met or talked with anyone who saw that game who did not think it was sensational. It was damn good.
    What do you think was going through Saban’s and Smart’s mind when the play clock started on that last play. Other then “oh hell, they’ve completed everyone coming down the field”.
    The play of the TE’s to me was tops. Rome breaking the route off to get open for his TD reception. Last play. You see Murray look to the sideline for the signal and he is wanting to checkdown.
    You go to the SECCG, lose in a nailbiter, and someone puts you below the team you beat, and who did not get there. No explanation for that, but it sure ain’t right.