Wag the Dawg.

Not that I think for a second that Mark Richt is debased enough to consider doing something this stupid, but for the record I’d just like to say if there’s a single event that would cause me to shut this blog down in protest, the hiring of Trooper Taylor would qualify.  In spades.


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  1. I don’t care if the kid is a Voltron formation of Odell Thurman, Jarvis Jones, Rennie Curran, Manti Te’o and Ray Lewis. It still wouldn’t be worth sullying our program with Trooper Taylor’s presence.

    • JC

      This made me chuckle. Is it wrong that I imagined those five players transforming into a gigantic, tackling machine……that shot lasers.

      • The Lone Stranger

        I consider that a eminently justifiable thought, especially in light of the tackling during the SECCG.

    • almightytmc1

      What you guys have something its clownish, towel waving thug wannabes’ who knock up coeds? …..Nevermind…….

      • almightytmc1

        Why yall be hatin’ on troopa. AKA, da pimp, aka… Mr. Tiger Prowl….aka…Mr. Secondary Recruiting Violations………. nevermind.

    • almightytmc1

      So Rueban lives in GA. Then for some miraculous reason his mom gets a job in Auburn Alabama. And that job is apparently so good that they can afford to move house to Auburn, Alabama and enroll in Auburn High with Trooper’s son. How convenient.
      I have been to Auburn, I had no idea there were that many upscale jobs in the place. …..What does she do for a libing again. Hopefully not working as a secratary at Auburn U. that would break my heart. That and the whole like a second father thing make me, make me think this kid might be some trouble somewhere down the pike.

  2. sniffer

    The image of Taylor celebrating with Fairley, on the field, after another “aggressive” hit on Murray, is etched in my mind forever. Guessing it is with Richt, too.

    No, and hell no.

    • Macallanlover

      +1000 My reaction too, but my not wanting him goes back to TN. If Gundy goes to Knoxvegas, that would be a reunion in two ways….and a logical place for him to go from Auburn.

  3. Sneaky Short

    Signed hype towels on sale now in UGA Bookstore

  4. dawgfan17

    Not gonna happen. If that kid is really hitching onto Trooper Taylor I worry about his judgement.

  5. HVL Dawg

    High maintenance boy there. I honestly don’t want any recruit who has been quoted in the ajc three times a week for the past 30 weeks.

    Smells like a vampire.

  6. Hogbody Spradlin

    Holy Chest Bump Batman!

  7. AthensHomerDawg

    Probably a better fit in Knoxvegas. Even with SOD leaving they will have plenty of experience with package deals.

  8. TennesseeDawg

    Just when I thought Carvell couldn’t be any more ridiculous, he goes out and writes the single dumbest article in AJC history.

    • No One Knows You're a Dawg

      Bleacher Report worthy stuff from the AJC. But many newspapers seem to be going with this sort of reporting with the thinking that it’s not “real” news or opinion but just sports.

  9. Hogbody Spradlin

    “In spades.” Careful Old Boy.😉

  10. Rusty

    Well, Men…I’m afraid that would just make me vomit. In fact, I may just go ahead and do it just thinking about it.

  11. Brandon

    Endeavor to perservere…just put a backwards hat on Vince and craft a towel waiving hand onto the Godfather and push on Senator. Seriously, though that guy at the AJC is just trolling or playing “click on me Son of Jor-El” as you once put it, Trooper ain’t coming down to Georgia.

  12. Tom

    Is that journalism? Speculation has now taking the place of facts. Too bad he’ll get lots of hits now which will lead to more stupid speculation. AJC should put him on the Florida desk.

  13. mwo

    This article proved that the AJC does not require drug testing to be employed there. Carvell is either high or as dumb as a box of rocks. Or both!

  14. Heathbar09

    The AJC poll has 87% against hiring him. Some faith in humanity has been restored! Although, about that other 13%…….

    • Go Dawgs!

      Well, think of all the people out there who wanted Richt fired (still want him fired?) because he hasn’t been willing to “Chiz-Out” and adopt a win-at-any-cost mentality. Bringing in Trooper would certainly be a step in that direction, and I’m surprised it’s only 13%.

      • Heathbar09

        I agree I was surprised with the 13%.

        I was never part of the fire Richt crowd, but I’ll admit, I lost a little faith after the South Carolina game. But not to the point of “fire him, bring in Troopa!”

        I don’t care if our entire recruiting class was dependent on TT coming to UGA, I still wouldn’t bring him in.

  15. Rebar

    Not no, but, HELL NO!

  16. DawgPhan

    I wouldnt read to much into this kid being in the paper. 2 of the best prep players for this class are in GA. AJC has to flog these guys because any quotes will be picked up around the southeast.

  17. Over the Top from Far Away

    Makes you wonder if Trooper’s slush fund is more about agents than boosters. When a kid stil in high school is “loyal” to an assistant who’s been canned, that’s not a ref flag. That’s a Red Flag Parade. What blows me away is the fact that he thinks this is somehow actually persuasive. Talk about self-absorbed.

  18. Mudcat's Impala....

    I wouldn’t take Foster, Nkalphabet and Monty Adams bundled together if it meant Trooper Taylor would be wearing a UGA hat backward on Saturdays.

  19. Go Dawgs!

    It sounds a lot like Carvell put words in this kid’s mouth. If he asked him, “hey, would you be more likely to sign with Georgia if they hire Trooper Taylor” then he should be ashamed of himself for literally manufacturing the news.

    With that said, I’m starting to feel a lot like HVL Dawg in his comment above. I get nervous about some of these athletes who are superstars of recruiting coverage. It reminds me of Da’Rick Rogers when I see high school standouts begin to behave like “stars” because of their 5-star ratings. Of course, the fact that Richt’s staff is pursuing this young man so hard is an indication to me that he’s more than likely a good kid. I just get nervous about someone who has chosen Trooper Taylor as a role model. Let’s get him to Athens and see if we can’t give him another.

    • jryuuu

      i totally forgot about him til last week’s MNF and this week’s primetime game, but i wiki’d Bryce Brown. wow, read about his recruiting process and you’ll be shocked he was even allowed to play a down of NCAA football. talk about a prima donna with red flags…

    • The Lone Stranger

      So then where do you come down on ESPN3 broadcasting full Pop Warner pee-wee football games? It won’t stop there. Once full genome sequencing comes to the fore, the coverage of the live births of putative 5-star LBers could be just around the bend.

  20. What fresh hell is this?

    You know why I love UGA? There’s a better chance of me becoming the next Pope than UGA hiring Trooper Taylor, and I’m not even Catholic.

    However, guess how many programs in this conference would consider such a move.

  21. Mudcat's Impala....

    In news related to AU & Trooper….

    “VictoryLand Casino to reopen later this month with electronic bingo machines”


  22. Bevo

    Not going to happen. Silly rumor.

  23. jryuuu

    also side note, one reason i love this blog is THE AWESOME TITLES of blog posts.

  24. Erin

    I think Carvell should retitle his column from, “College Recruiting” to “How to hype a title to make UGA look stupid and/or rile up the fan base.”

    • Shhhhhhhh

      Do you guys realize his Journalism degree is from the University of Georgia? I used to think he was trying to act the complete opposite of a homer, but it has to be just trying to drum up hits. I now refuse to click on his links from here or the Dawgbone because of this. Plus his starry-eyed reporting on Nkemdiche is sad.

  25. Will Trane

    When you look at the first team all offense in the SEC you see why Bama, A&M, and Florida did so well. Note the linemen. All three of those teams brought back very good and very experienced linemen. Someday the Dawgs will get that. Hopefully, real soon with Will Friend…he did a superb job with the Dogs this year…a team with the least depth and experience on the O line. Recruiting O lineman will be huge for the Dawgs this year…they have to get them in…plus they will play and play real soon.

  26. Spike

    Will Taylor have to put his shirtail in?

    • Bryant Denny

      I guess I’m showing my age, but I’m pretty much offended by all the NFL QBs who wear their hats backward. I stopped doing that when I was about eight.

  27. Bryant Denny

    A little off subject, but it’s interesting how the Smart-to-Auburn process went down (or didn’t). One of the BOL staff pretty much confirms Scarbinsky’s take on things.

    Apparently Smart wanted a full look under the hood and complete control and the Boogs said no thanks.

    That’s a pretty much “not gonna happen” scenario for many reasons.

    Good times.

  28. TomReagan

    Mario Christobal, on the other hand…..

  29. Ed Kilgore

    I find it sad that this kid who is sinking in the recruiting ranks and will never live down the stupid tattoo thinks he has the juice to force a major program into hiring his “mentor.” And if Trooper’s behind it, a pretty good sign of his declining fortunes, too.

    • collegeparkdawg

      He’s a great player and we can cover that tattoo up. He has friends in the coming class and he’s from Georgia. I say we give him a chance, but no way hire Trooper.