Will no one rid me of this troublesome ex-Gator?

Ah, geez, WWL, was it really necessary to burden us with the stylistic, non-stop sounds of Jesse Palmer for the bowl game broadcast?

Over/under on the number of times I yell “just shut up!” at my TV:  6.


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31 responses to “Will no one rid me of this troublesome ex-Gator?

  1. Charles

    Jeez, ESPN. What’s that a-but?


  2. TennesseeDawg

    ESPN has a fascination with Florida grads


  3. Go Dawgs!

    has he learned how to tie a tie yet? If not, please don’t use the commentator cam in the booth. Like, at all.


  4. mant

    At least you can play the Jesse Palmer Physicality Drinking Game

    I want to send the guy a new word of the year Calendar…..


  5. Heathbar09

    At least Samantha Steele will be gracing us with her presence. I feel like it’s an even trade off.


  6. collegeparkdawg

    Are you prepared to wear a hair shirt and crawl around like a gator?


  7. Sanford222View

    Tell send Pollack a Twitter message during the broadcast to sack him.


    • ugafidelis

      HaHa… But Pollack picks against the Dawgs too much for me. Dammit. I still appreciate him though.


      • Go Dawgs!

        He’s often right, though, when he does.

        Look, the guy is paid to be impartial. He loves UGA, but he has to keep that out of his work. And he does a great job. I remember when he was working at 790 and people were yelling at him for being a traitor or something when he was advocating for Willie Martinez to be fired. Well, he was right. Personal feelings can’t be a part of it.


  8. Juan

    Pollack is far worse. He does know he is not a black guy, right?

    His Ebonics are embarrassing. Palmer is a knowledgeable dude.


    • fuelk2

      Based on the way he was dressed the handful of times I saw him during school, I’d say it’s questionable as to whether he realizes that.



    Easy fix here, just be in the stadium. Tickets will be CHEAP right before kickoff…..

    That’s my plan.


  10. Will (the other one)

    It’s not just that he’s a Gator, it’s that he still has a Canadian accent. Which would be OK if he were calling action for the CFL Grey Cup. For college football? It’s off-putting. (Unless you drink every time he says “aboot”.)


  11. Hogbody Spradlin

    If Jesse Palmer were a singing group, he’d be The Archies.


  12. Hogbody Spradlin

    Pretty melodramatic title there Blutarsky, bringing up medieval history. You sure that’s kosher? You must take your TV viewing dead serious.


  13. Chris A.

    It could be worse, Thom Brennaman could be calling the game.


  14. Spike

    I don’t mind him that much, notwithstanding that he is a Gator. But, the dude either needs to learn how to tie a necktie or get a clip on.


  15. Otto

    I’ll take Palmer, Pollack, and Steele any day over Holtz and May.


  16. Mike

    Don’t hate!


  17. Chopdawg

    Two choices: 1) attend the game in person; or 2) get an XM Radio subscription, mute your TV and pause the feed for about 10 seconds, and you can sync Scott Howard with the TV feed. Scott will be on Channel 91, or 199, or 202, or one a’themotherns.


  18. Hobnail_Boot

    I guess I’m in the minority. Palmer is one of the best on-air guys today.