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Package deal

With the news that Reuben Foster and his tat have decommitted from Auburn in the wake of Trooper being giving the heave-ho by Malzahn, I’m thinking this presents a golden opportunity for Bobby Petrino to hook up with Taylor and offer themselves to some desperate AD.  Think about what some lucky school would be getting in one fell swoop – one of the best offensive minds in college, cheaply, one of the best recruiters in the game who’s a style maven to boot and the best prep linebacker in this year’s class.  Boom goes the dynamite!



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“Messing with Notre Dame football is a bad idea.”

Can someone explain how from an institutional standpoint this story is any different from what took place at Penn State?

Well, there is one difference.

Among those being congratulated for our return to gridiron glory is ND’s president, Rev. John Jenkins, who refused to meet with the Seeberg family on advice of counsel, and other school officials who’ve whispered misleadingly in many ears, mine included, in an attempt to protect the school’s brand by smearing a dead 19-year-old…

At first, officials said privacy laws prevented them from responding. But after some criticism, Jenkins told the South Bend Tribune he’d intentionally kept himself free of any in-depth knowledge of the case, yet was sure it had been handled appropriately.

See?  Somebody’s figured out the real lesson from Sanduskygate.  The odds of Notre Dame bringing in an outside party to investigate and prepare an independent report that can be turned over to Mark Emmert for some light reading are pretty slim, I’d guess.


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But what about Gruden?

It looks like Tennessee’s long national nightmare is just about over.

I wonder if Jones will be bringing his defensive coordinator with him.


UPDATE:  Plan E is off to a rocking start.


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Mike Bobo’s agent blames us.

Russ Campbell, the Birmingham-based attorney who acts as Bobo’s agent, thinks some of us suck.

“It’s good to see (Bobo attract head coaching interest) because it has continued to baffle me how all these other coordinators get mentioned,” Campbell said. “He gets lost because of this false perception about the job he’s done there.  I think it just must be one of those situations where familiarity breeds contempt and he’s been there too long. When you drill down and look at it, he’s done a phenomenal job. He went toe-to-toe with Kirby (Smart) in the SEC Championship game; it went down to five yards, right? You hear Kirby’s name all over the place.”

Maybe Kirby has a better agent, asshole.


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