Mike Bobo’s agent blames us.

Russ Campbell, the Birmingham-based attorney who acts as Bobo’s agent, thinks some of us suck.

“It’s good to see (Bobo attract head coaching interest) because it has continued to baffle me how all these other coordinators get mentioned,” Campbell said. “He gets lost because of this false perception about the job he’s done there.  I think it just must be one of those situations where familiarity breeds contempt and he’s been there too long. When you drill down and look at it, he’s done a phenomenal job. He went toe-to-toe with Kirby (Smart) in the SEC Championship game; it went down to five yards, right? You hear Kirby’s name all over the place.”

Maybe Kirby has a better agent, asshole.


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46 responses to “Mike Bobo’s agent blames us.

  1. Rhymer Dawg

    Or maybe Bobo was unwilling to change the assumptions he made about offensive philosophy until they went to the Gruden camp this past year. I think this has everything to do with it. It seems to me that Bobo has approached game calling differently. I mean there have been no repeated attempts to gain yardage with a draw play. He has instituted several different formations. And we have the toss sweep back.

    Oh, and yeah Bobo’s agent is an a**hat.

    • Dawgwalker07

      We actually have used the draw play a few times this year. And I remember it working on about 3 different occasions in third and long. I think we actually have backs with speed this year. Which really helps.

      Lets be real, this is the first time since Knowshon Bobo has had competent backs that have high end speed, good tackle breaking ability, good vision, and a good head on their shoulders. It’s hard to make our offense work if you backs are average or worse.

  2. heyberto

    I’m guessing the dude is a Bama fan, since he’s based in Birmingham.

  3. TennesseeDawg

    Bobo is only the 10th highest paid OC in the SEC and 5 of those above him have already been fired or quit. If Campbell was such a great agent, Bobo wouldn’t be working for 10th place money right now.

  4. cube

    I don’t think he’s necessarily blaming the fans. I think that’s more of a comment about other athletic directors and maybe the media.

  5. Brandon

    Willie is who really screwed Bobo over, and Richt for not firing Willie three or four years sooner. If we had Dave Clawson or some other OC who really is bad we would have lost at least 2 or 3 more games a year 08-10.

    • Brandon

      Also as somebody who was in school at UGA at the same time as Bobo he was known as an a dick (and not unjustifiably so). I understand he’s changed a lot personality wise since then, I know I certainly have, its called growing up, but I think Bobo starts out behind with a lot of Georgia people and it scewers the perception of him. It probably would be best personally for him to move on, I just hope we get someone decent to replace him otherwise these idiot Bobo bashers will realize too late that they weren’t so bad off before.

      • DawgPhan

        That is one hell of a round about way of blaming this on bobo…congrats.

        • Newt

          While I disagree that it would be best for Bobo to move on, Brandon does have a point about the perception of Bobo when he was a student/player. He was known for being arrogant and didn’t have the best reputation as a person. I’ve never held it against him as a coach b/c, as Brandon said, people grow up and grow out of that kind of thing. I really had never thought about it before Brandon posted it. But it wouldn’t surprise me if some UGA fans in the 33-39 age range who were in school with him still hold that against him.

        • Brandon

          I’m not blaming Bobo, I was just pointing out that sometimes some of the criticism of Bobo seems to be more emotionally based than on actual facts and I wonder if his rep in school does not have something to do with it, just a theory. I also think most fans generally are facsinated with offense and tend to see offense as the reason for failure way to often when actually its defense which has been the key to our problem period under Richt. It’s an offshoot of the whole “offense sells tickets” thing I suppose. I certainly wasn’t a friend of Bobo’s in school or anything but I have pretty consistently defended the job he has done on blogs for years, I was always of the view that our problems were primarily on defense and I think our return to 10 win seasons last year and this year in years 2 and 3 under Grantham are pretty good evidence that was the case.

    • AthensHomerDawg

      Clawson sure helped grease the tracks for the Pumpkin King’s departure.

  6. TennesseeDawg

    Off topic but LSUFreek has an Alabama/Notre Dame preview. lol

  7. Barstool

    Bobo would look a WHOLE lot smarter with an O-line as talented as Bama’s. Their offensive strategy in the second half was basically that of a high school running attack. Run, run, run, run, run, run, play action pass, run some more. Bobo’s done pretty well scheming around that absolutely gigantic constraint. This isn’t a knock on Will Friend, either. He’s done a great job with what he’s got, too.

    • Will Friend gets the ‘brains and guts’ award this year. Made huge strides from game one to the SECCG. Very capable of making adjustments on the fly, working with no depth, keeps ’em healthy, and requires zero accolades. Probably a better hire, dollar for dollar than Grantham.

  8. Go Dawgs!

    I’m not offended by what his agent has to say… it’s true. Bobo’s had his moments of futility, but he’s been damn good the last few years. And damned if our fans don’t still scream and bitch in the stands when Georgia punts… even if the first punt doesn’t happen until the 3rd quarter.

    • Gravidy

      I’m not offended either, nor do I think his comments make him an asshole. I just think his comments reveal him to have the mental processing ability of a 13-year-old…oh yeah, and a very poor agent. On what planet does he think those comments (true or not) will help his client advance his career?

      To put it differently, how do we think Bobo reacted when he heard those comments? I doubt he was happy.

    • Will (the other one)

      Though in fairness to our fans, (and judging by the audio leak during the game Bobo agrees with this), we really shouldn’t have punted against Tech until the 4th quarter.

  9. charlottedawg

    I for one will be sad when Bobo leaves, He may not be perfect but offensive coordinators and quarterback couches like that don’t grow on trees.

    • Bubs

      Ding ding ding! We have a winner. We have been so spoiled by good QB play over many past seasons and you can credit the large majority of that to Mike Bobo. When and if he leaves you will almost assuredly see our QB play drop off; maybe a little, maybe a lot.

      Imagine if he left, Murray decided to leave, and all of a sudden we are left with Mason, LeMay, and Welch as our top 3 QBs? (FYI, Brice Ramsey would not be coming to UGA if Mike Bobo left. I have seen that reported numerous times).

      I think Bobo gets a large pay increase by UGA and stays put. That is my hope, at least.

      • Merk

        Bobo will be hard pressed to leave until Richt goes. Bobo has a big family and I think that will keep him here. As he knows Richt is not going to just up and fire him unless he just starts scoring 10 pts a game. Leaving for “greener” pasture would put him in some deep sh** if it did not work out.

        • Mayor of Dawgtown

          A 5+ year contract with a big buyout would allay those concerns. Why is anybody is shedding tears for SOD? He bilked UT out of $2 Mil/year for 3 years and …what is it…another $6 Mil to get rid of him. As long as he did any kind of reasonable tax planning he’s set for life.

  10. Scorpio Jones, III

    Bobo’s agent could very well be an ass hat, but he is still right.

    In this arena, “Fire Bobo” should be an emoticon.

  11. Always Someone Else's Fault

    Oh. So, fans set a tone by the things they say on message boards, which then becomes the media focus for said assistant, which then directly causes ADs to want to interview them.

    So, coaches don’t need agents. They just need a good personal blogger. Looks like Coach Frannie was ahead of his time.

    Senator, I am sure you could swing a deal with Bobo for approximately the same terms as his agent. You wouldn’t even need travel expenses.

  12. william h

    I’ve always called it like I see it. To be honest this past year has been the only year I’ve liked most of Bobos play calling. I swear if I never see a speed back run up the middle again in my life I would be so happy. I see the judgment passed off on Bobo in the past as being merited. Some of it was execution on players behalf but that doesn’t account for the predictable or high percentage plays(whichever term you want
    to use). Bobo uses the term high percentage so apparently I was wrong in the past for calling him predictable. I’ve been called a Bobo hater a thousand times because of the comments I make but it’s just not true. I’ve always wanted to see him succeed but after last year seeing no change I gave up on him. The loss of the SEC championship game and the bowl game was just to much. Then this year came and I was expecting more of the same. Boy was I surprised and I’m proud of the progress Bobo has made. If this season is a preview of what’s to come I hope he’s a Dawg for along time.

  13. BOBO is not much of a complainer in public at least, but he sure has a surrogate that is a whiner and only sees dollars. LOL

  14. DawgPhan

    Also senator, I don’t get it. Blame Bobo is a daily occurrence on this board. Now some of it might be a joke, but for a long time it wasnt. Fans in general are terrible at assessing coaching talent, which is why they think the world of Grantham and think that bobo sucks hind tit.

    • Cojones

      Damn straight. And that twisting of reality says even more about the astuteness of those fans-nada. It’s unfortunate and was the major reason I’ve tried to return the horseshit in spades. They were such a small % of our fans and made the loudest, loutish lip-leaps lasting so long that I finally concluded that most were trolls and attacked accordingly. I still think that assessment is correct.

      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        Lemme get this straight–“loudest,loutish lip-leaps lasting so long”…Great alliteration Ballsy!!! Of course that’s YOU that you are describing.🙂

    • HVL Dawg

      Careful there DawgPhan, The Senator has a crush on Grantham. Grantham gives us tasty quotes like “Little people can’t block big people”.. you know, like those little Boise State linemen couldn’t block our boys who out weighed them by 100 pounds each. Wait a second, I think Alabama is going to run the ball five more time against our future NFL defense, then throw the ball to whomever #5 is covering. Wait…. is that Conner Shaw rolling right and throwing left?

      • 69Dawg

        Hey I blame Rodney Garner. What coach in the history of UGA football has done less with more. If he could not recruit he would be totally useless. Any good Oline can beat our Dline because they are simply not coached on the basic technics. They stand up at the snap and the O gets leverage on them. Granted Alabama had the size and used it but Boise’s O did the same thing ditto UT.

  15. AusDawg85

    Wow…now Mark Richt has lost control of blaming Bobo.

  16. Boz

    I have no first hand knowledge of this but what I do read on the recruiting boards is that he may be our most effective recruiter over the long haul. People forget that coaching is only part if the equation. For all the calls pointing to Paul Johnson’s genius, his steady decline is fueled by a downward trending talent gap and lackluster recruiting. As a dawg, I’m fine with this, but it chaps my ass when people talk about how great a HC he is when he fails miserably in this critical area of college football.

  17. Anthony Barrett

    Anyone that thinks Shaun Watson isn’t the real deal is no position to be a head coach.

  18. hassan

    Bobo has certainly done an outstanding job recruiting and developing QB’s. He has also had to learn on the job as an OC – and with that comes growing pains. I think that we have seen a tremendous improvement in the offense over the past few years. Looking at the coach that he is now (ignoring history) he is a good one. Unfortunately for Bobo, a lot of Dawg fans have some ill feelings that they will never get over.

    • Cojones

      Bobo has grown as Murray gets a more comprehensive grasp of the playbook and overall play philosophy through the years to accompany his good mechanics. Bobo has always had the plays and the playbook, but has had to feed it into the O as the player potential has matured. With good RBs to compliment the QB and receivers arsenal, the O has changed overall. His O Coordinator abilities have always been there, but has had to flex with field availability and knowledge level of players he has at his disposal.

      It’s a lot more complicated than short-sighted fans can imagine. With a few more high end line blockers he can institute an O machine. He’s getting close.

  19. mg4life0331

    I don’t think Kirby has a better agent. Its our ungrateful fans.

  20. OKDawg

    It’s ironic, to me, that the agent invokes the name of Kirby Smart. There seems to be some bizarre cosmic connection between Bobo and Smart, one deeper than the obvious relationship they have from their playing days. They both appear to battle a public perception, legitimate or not, that they are not quite able to hold their own as coordinators in big boy football…and thus are questionable head coaching candidates. Certainly Smart is ahead of Bobo on that spectrum, having received significant “interest” from other programs. But Bobo seems to fight the perception that he is only a great QB coach and an adequate OC. Our own fans question whether Bobo is merely a puppet for Richt, and therefore owes any success ultimately to Richt (the man who built his own reputation as an OC at FSU but was merely overwhelmed by the additional HC responsibilities at UGA to continue his former OC success). That seems to be a meme out there for Bobo. For Smart, is he ever given any credit as a DC without Saban also being mentioned? I’m not sure I’ve ever heard his defense called “Kirby Smart’s defense.” It is always “Saban and Smart’s defense.” While Smart has received some interest from other programs as a HC, I can’t help but think a similar meme has prevented him from landing the job to date. I, for one, believe Bobo has grown into his own as a very good OC, and improved RBs, OL, and D have certainly helped. And I hope Smart gets his opportunity as a HC soon, although I wouldn’t mind seeing him cut his teeth in another conference.