Go where you wanna go, do what you wanna do.

I think it’s best to look at this story as the coaching equivalent of a baseball player going to AAA on a rehab assignment, especially when you remember where Arkansas State’s last two head coaches are now.



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  1. Arkansas State has a nice little business model going on, hiring upwardly mobile coaches and collecting buyouts every year. It’s like an extra body bag game without having to go somewhere and lose.


  2. TennesseeDawg

    Just make sure his secretary is at least 70 years old.


  3. He can leave notes for his players in their lockers when he takes his next gig. Good practice to get back into the swing of things. I wonder if there will be a clause in his contract about whether or not he can own a Harley.


  4. Gravidy

    Brainfart alert… Who coached there before Malzahn?


  5. Bryant Denny

    The market seems to have worked in this instance.

    I don’t have a doubt that he’ll be back at major school at some point, but given how the UT and AU searches went and he still didn’t get hired, that kinda says something.

    Sure, the report came out that BP had some other skeletons lying around, but this round of job searches allowed that rumor to float and he’ll be good to go this time next year.


  6. IndyDawg

    Booby P is a rolling stone and Arkansas State is comfortable with that.


  7. Lrgk9

    Good On Ya Mate, more accurate than Bobby !


  8. Chuck

    Does Jessica still live there? Man must be getting lonely.


  9. With whatever coach you wanna do it with.