Danielson on Murray’s legacy

It was kind of fascinating listening to Uncle Verne and Gary Danielson call the waning moments of yesterday’s Army-Navy game – how often do you get to call back-to-back endings like that in nationally significant games?  Both games ended in heartbreaking fashion, but did you catch something Danielson said at the beginning of that last Army series?  Noting that Army’s senior quarterback had never beaten Navy, Danielson observed that he still had the chance in that last drive to create a legacy for himself.  And then went on to use Aaron Murray as an example of that.

I suppose if you want to go snarky, you could say he wasn’t being complimentary, since Georgia didn’t win the game on Murray’s last drive.  But given what Danielson had said about Georgia’s quarterback going in to the SECCG, I think it was offered as a positive example.

Maybe the best way to describe Murray’s legacy at this point is that in a back-and-forth setting, he’ll keep your team in a position to win the game.  That doesn’t mean he’ll always succeed.  Sometimes he won’t; sometimes his supporting cast won’t.  But you leave those types of games early at your peril, because he will battle until the clock runs out.


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  1. timphd

    I heard Danielson and thought he was giving Aaron a compliment. I felt he was saying that Murray had delivered in a way which answered the questions about him in tough/big games.

    I do agree with you Senator, you should never leave a game early with Murray at QB. The excitement is high win or lose. In my many years as a Dawg fan, I will say that Murray is second only to David Greene to me. Above Stafford, Belue, Bobo, Zeier, Shockley et. al.

  2. Cosmic Dawg

    I was rooting for Aaron as much as the team. I think from his comments you can see he takes football very, very seriously, but he doesn’t take football very, very seriously, if you know what I mean. A DGD and proud as heck he wore the G.

  3. 69Dawg

    UGA just cant get all the pieces together at the same time.

    • Cojones

      That is a simplistically profound statement about our program and mostly is based on hard luck. All fans should avail themselves of snake bite kits before games. It helps the medicine go down.

  4. MT Dawg

    I heard it, and thought it was a compliment. I also think his comment says a lot about the gravity of SECCG game. He is literally talking about it a week later. Impressive.
    I thought the same thing about “a heartbreaking loss” yesterday. My heart certainly went out to #8 for Army.

  5. charlottedawg

    Murray was five yards short of going down as a legend in Bulldog lore.

  6. greg

    Am I missing something? Everyone is talking about him in past tense. Has he said he’s not coming back next year?

    • gastr1

      Does anyone really believe he’ll come back? He’s already graduated and has been in the program for four years. He’s up against a weak QB class this year and is unlikely to improve his draft standing much higher than it is now because most of his limitation is related to physical stature and things he has little control over. Even with that he is projected as a second-rounder.

      Given how short a time players have to make a career in the NFL, I think he has little professional choice.

      • He comes back. He completed his undergraduate work, but not his graduate work. Plus… he wants an SEC championship.

        • gastr1

          Yeah, I know he is in graduate school. Whatever on that. If he is serious about playing football in the pros he needs to go.

          • Puffdawg

            Why does he “NEED” to go? I won’t fault Aaron what ever he decides, but in my opinion there’s more to gain for him to stay than to leave. But I’m a homer, so what do I know? Here’s the way I see it. Feel free to add your thoughts. I haven’t seen any draft projections but anything outside a top 15 grade and I think he comes back. He might come back even WITH that kind of grade. Let’s look at the facts, some of which admittedly include speculation:

            Reasons to stay:
            – He will likely set every UGA and SEC passing record
            – Will likely be a preseason Heisman front runner
            – Returning most offensive pieces
            – Team will likely be ranked highly in preseaon
            – He loves Athens and college from all accounts
            – He doesn’t come from a destitute family situation
            – There is not a ton of hype surrounding his draft prospects, thus…
            – Room to improve stock with Heisman worthy senior year (i.e. Robert Griffin – sometimes hype is a big factor surrounding QB draft picks)
            – Shelf life for NFL QBs much much longer than for NFL RBs
            – Unfinished business (has never won SEC or NC) – with the stats he has, if we wins a NC he’ll probably be considered the 2nd best player of all time at UGA.
            – SIblings still at UGA?

            Reasons to go:
            – Most of defense will be gone (although we do have more guys returning over there than you might think)
            – If there are a lot of early departures he may get the bug
            – Possibly hit his ceiling already with regard to draft stock? (I don’t agree with this)
            – Tired of college?
            – Ready for next stage in his life?

            • Will (the other one)

              Re: his ceiling. I’d say the Bama game was his first statistical good-to-great game against a top defense. If he can do that a few more times (and with SCar, LSU, and Florida in the regular season, he’ll have several shots) that could get people not named Dungy talking him up as a 1st rounder.

              And even with the rookie salary cap, the $$$ difference between 1st and 2nd round is substantial.

      • Biggus Rickus

        Weak QB class or not, he’s 6’0″ tall. Nobody’s drafting him early. He won’t improve his draft stock any by coming back, but he’s not going until late first, at best, no matter what. If he thinks he’s done with college ball and wants to give it a shot at the next level, then he will jump, but I don’t think his draft status has anything to do with the decision.

  7. TennesseeDawg

    Murray is 1-11 versus ranked teams. That being said, he almost wiped that out if not for one ill fated tip.

    • Macallanlover

      And if he had he was 2-10, the same critics would pound the issue as being gospel, and the true measure of AM. Truth is, football is a game where the responsibiity has to be shared. I get it that the QB is the #1 position but if we had hit the FGs in either the Alabama or MSU games, we win. I believe if the OL/backs had been able to protect him in the SC game it would have been different. Etc, etc, suffice it to say that knowledgeable fans should not narrow evaluations down to this type of measurement. Don’t get me wrong, they will, but there are just too many interwoven factors that come into play.

      Greg, I don’t know if AM is leaving or not, but based on the current QB draft pool, and the fact he isn’t going to be 6-4 at the end of next season, I feel he probably should. But your are right, he isn’t gone yet and when we play rnaked teams next year, he is the best we can put on the field.

    • Chopdawg

      Murray’s not 1-11. Maybe the TEAM is 1-11….

      • Macallanlover

        Shhhh, don’t bring logic and facts into the discussion, we have a group of true Americans here that have to assign specific blame on someone. For the CMR haters, it is his fault (just the losses), and for many we blame the QB…no real reason but what the hell, we have to assign it to someone so why not the guy whose name gets called the most? Nevermind that Peyton or Brady couldn’t have won that game, or that Farve would have given up his iron-man status rather than face that rush at SC.

        • Cosmic Dawg

          As a serious fan of AM, even I have to admit his *personal* stats have suffered in big games even taking into account the improved competition.

          You can acknowledge this and still love the kid. In fact, it almost makes me appreciate him more, because I wonder if it is because his sense of duty overloads his circuits….

          • Macallanlover

            I don’t disagree, while you expect the falloff against stronger competition, we haven’t gotten it done. I am just unwilling to single out a single player in a game that is so integrated with 11 souls making a play. My opinion is I see the bottomline numbers but don’t see the “choking” or panic signs….just plays that don’t succeed. That one pass into triple coverage against Florida might be the biggest mistake that looked to be an indication of panic. Fumbles and INTs are part of the game, look at Favre’s record with turnovers. Really good players are going to attempt to make more plays than those who lack confidence.

    • PatinDC

      Peyton never won the big one either. Just sayin’

  8. Mostly OT, but can we officially say that the Heisman Trophy no longer has meaning?

    • Merk

      Well considering the JJ had almost the exact per game stats as Teo, had the same number of forced turnovers, had way more sacks, and played in 1 less game due to injury (that he played at least 3 games with). The reason he wasnt invited? Cause his GF and grandmother didnt die. Yea, I could give a shit about the award at this point.

      • Rocket Dawg

        Just as an FYI, Tony Taylor had almost the EXACT same stats as Te’o in 2006 (I think he had 6 or 7 less tackles) and made 2nd Team All-SEC

      • Patrick

        Human interest stories aside, ND’s defense was ALOT better than UGA’s defense this year.
        Giving up 13 points or fewer to Michigan, Miami, Stanford, Oklahoma, and USC is impressive.
        Teo and JJ play different positions, so stat comparisons don’t really work.
        That said, Teo’s stats measure up to any ILB, and he was best player on best defense in country. I think he earned the Heisman.
        But they may as well re-name it “best dual-threat QB in country” award. Tebow, Cam, RG3, Johnny…some day the voters will realize that offense has evolved and there’s likely to be a 3,000/1,000 type QB every year.

    • Macallanlover

      It has been dead to me fo decades. Too much marketing and politics in this award. Position awards are more valid to me, how can you justify not one “pure” defensive player ever winning the award? Surely the people voting don’t think defense is trivial. Plus, it also depends so much on what team you play for so it really isn’t about the best player. The task of making the selection of “the” best CFB player is impossible. Just give me the best QB, RB, LB, OL, WR, DE, DB, and Kicker/Punter. You are going to recognize the top guys and come closer to the best of each.

  9. AusDawg85

    Murray = Tony Romo …at least if you are both a Dawgs and Cowboys fan. It’s a frustrated compliment.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      Look. If you’re gonna point at somebody make it be the right somebody at least. CMR and Bobo are the one’s screwing the pooch at the end of games, not Murray. The SECCG is a perfect example. Murray wanted to do the right thing–clock the ball. They wouldn’t let him. Did Murray on his own come up with the idea to run BACKWARDS out of the kicker’s effective range in the Outback Bowl last season? The shame is he’s a winner and others (read:coaching staff) have been a millstone around the kid’s neck his whole college career.

      • Normaltown Mike

        Yeah, that 35-7 loss to USC was a real nail-biter until CMR called timeout on 5 consecutive plays in the 4th quarter. The jerk!

        And remember Boise! We had that in the bag until CMB called the sprint draw every other play for the entire 2nd. No wonder we lost by two touchdowns!

        USC 2010? Pish. All CMR’s fault. He sent the team to the wrong bench after half-time and forgot to bring water to boot!

        Yep, the only reason we ever lose is CMR and CMB.

        • Mayor of Dawgtown

          I realize you were trying to be snarky NM but, unfortunately, what you said actually rings kinda true. You can’t hang those losses on Murray. The entire team not showing up for the USCe game this year–whose fault was that? Boise working the short passing game to perfection–certainly not Murray’s fault. USC ’10–that was Lattimore running over, under, around and through the UGA D. Again, not Murray. Who was in charge of the Dawgs in those games? Remind us.

      • Biggus Rickus

        Still? Jesus Christ.

        • Mayor of Dawgtown

          I dunno, has anything changed about the outcome of the SECCG in the last week? And don’t call me Jesus Christ–it’s sacrilegious.

          • Biggus Rickus

            Not a thing. Including the fact that you’re still an idiot about this.

            • Mayor of Dawgtown

              So, you blame Murray? My only point is that it isn’t the QB’s fault so everybody needs to get of his ass about it.

              • Biggus Rickus

                No. I don’t blame anybody. A decision was made. It didn’t work. That’s how shit goes sometimes. But please bring up that one time the coaching staff was obviously to blame for losing a close game again. I’m sure it will convince me that Richt and/or Bobo should be fired this time.

                • Mayor of Dawgtown

                  I’m not saying CMR/Bobo should be fired. Reread my posts. People on this thread were/are blaming Murray for “not winning the big game.” My only point is that that isn’t his fault–it’s the coaches. And it isn’t just one game–it has some factual basis–that’s why it got started.

  10. Bob

    Yesterday for me was like a nightmare revisited. I graduated from Georgia in 72, went to Grad school and then spent the next 30 years in the Army, retiring after a tour in Iraq in 04. I was blessed to spend some time at the United States Military Academy and fortunate enough to have attended 5 Army-Navy games…if you ever get the opportunity, take it because it is indescribable. And yesterday, I felt I relived the final moments in Atlanta only a week earlier. For the first time in a decade, Army was the better team. Unfortunately, you don’t win when you turn the ball over 3 times.

    The Army is my first love, but the Dawgs are my first love when it comes to football, with USMA a close second. I cannot recall a more painful 7 day period. But I am as proud as I can be of both teams and I feel a special empathy for the two quarterbacks.

  11. FRED

    Look stop being homers he can not win the big ones period.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      I assume you are talking about CMR not Murray since the problem predates Murray’s arrival at UGA. Actually, Fred it’s the close games CMR can’t win whether the opponent is a highly ranked team or not. Look back at the games UGA has won and lost since CMR has been there–you’ll see it.

      • Biggus Rickus

        Richt’s record in games decided by a TD or less:

        2001: 1-3
        2002: 5-1
        2003: 2-2
        2004: 5-1
        2005: 3-3
        2006: 5-3
        2007: 2-1
        2008: 3-1
        2009: 4-2
        2010: 0-4
        2011: 2-2
        2012: 2-1

  12. Bob

    Is Nick Saban headed to Athens? If not, I don’t want to hear about it. Two years ago I heard Georgia fans talking about how fortunate Auburn was to have Gene Chizik. Unless you have some spectacular Vince Lombardi reincarnated, tell us who of the available coach is who is going to “turn this thing” around. What schools have rid themselves of coaches with Richt’s record or something close? Well…..try Knoxville and Miami on for size. Fulmer and Coker were horrible coaches. How did those turn out? Total and unmitigated disasters. This stuff is silly.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      Somehow you clowns have managed to turn this into a referendum on keeping Richt and/or Bobo. I’m just saying “quit blaming Murray for close losses ’cause it isn’t his fault.” Maybe there’s something Freudian going on here about CMR/Bobo with you guys.

      • Biggus Rickus

        I’m basing it on your initial comments in the aftermath of the game that the end of game decisions need to be taken out of the hands of Richt and/or Bobo, which is a roundabout way of saying they need to be fired. Since you’re still claiming that all of the close losses came down to coaching decisions, all evidence to the contrary, I can only assume you still don’t want them making the decisions.

        • Mayor of Dawgtown

          I don’t want either of them making clock management/end of game decisions, no. They both have demonstrated a penchant for screwing that up repeatedly. In fairness to Bobo he may be doing what CMR is telling him, though.

          • Biggus Rickus

            And you don’t see how that requires Richt to be fired?

            • Mayor of Dawgtown

              No. CMR runs the program well. He recruits well. He is a good Xs and Os guy. He is s good face for UGA on the national stage. He’s also a good person. But for whatever reason he screws up end-of-game calls in close games. He needs to get somebody to do that for him, perhaps from the NFL. That may be difficult for him do do though as it would require him to face the fact that he has this deficiency and he probably isn’t willing to do that.

              • Biggus Rickus

                So you want Richt to be the head coach at all other times except for the end of the game, at which point he will turn over the reins to a full-time assistant whose primary responsibility will be end of game management. And this seems like a sane and reasonable idea to you. What about those times when the team shows up completely unprepared and gets run out of the stadium? Should he bring in an Assistant to the Head Coach in Charge of Game Preparation who would step in on Richt’s behalf if he determined the team didn’t seem ready to play by, say, Thursday?

                • Mayor of Dawgtown

                  No. The consultant/new assistant would grab the SOB when he is about to do something stupid at the end of the game and scream at the top of his lungs: “NOOOO! MARK!!! DON’T DO THAAAAAT!!!!! I’ll leave it to you to figure out the solution to the “team shows up completely unprepared” problem. That one is harder.🙂

                  • Macallanlover

                    I remember one gaffe by Richt at the end of the game where clock management was the issue, it was against Auburn in Athens. Just because you don’t see but one option on the “spike, don’t spike ” play isn’t anyone’s fault but your own. If you are through with your embarrassing tandrum immediately after the SECCG you might see what everyone else has seen since before midnight on December 1.