The last disillusioned man in Lubbock, Texas

Texas Tech’s AD haz a sad.

Texas Tech athletics director Kirby Hocutt was stunned when Tuberville called to tell him he was leaving.

“The first indication I got was at 10:32 this morning when he called me,” Hocutt said. “Tommy and I have talked a number of times since the conclusion of the Baylor game this year, and as recently as yesterday he looked me in the eye and gave me his commitment and dedication to Texas Tech football and leading this program forward.”

Well, that worked at Ole Miss, pine box and all.  The man is consistent.

Besides, it’s hard to feel sorry for a guy whining about loyalty who works at the same institution that shitcanned Mike Leach the day before he was scheduled to earn an $800,000 retention bonus.


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9 responses to “The last disillusioned man in Lubbock, Texas

  1. heyberto

    Question: is the administration at TT the same people that canned Leach? Wile I get the irony of loyalty from the institution itself, it’ll go from ironic to moronic if its coming from the mouth of the same AD.


  2. After the way Mike Leach got run out of town on nothing more than Craig James’ say-so, I kinda thought the Texas Tech administration and a smarmy weasel like Tuberville deserved one another. Kinda sad to see Tubbs bail for greener . . . well, other pastures.


  3. Lrgk9

    Hey Doug,
    Ever met and talked to Tubs?
    Would wager a guess you haven’t.


    • Go Dawgs!

      I have, and actually liked him a lot. I covered Auburn football for about a year and talked to him several times. I respect him for the way he deals with the media. He’s a very nice guy.

      That said, Doug’s right about the guy being a bit weasely with how he’s dealt with employers. From the empty pine box in Oxford to telling this AD the day or two before he left that he was sticking around, I don’t know that I respect that as much. Now, it is true that is the way it is handled by many if not most coaches. It’s a difficult situation to navigate, for sure. But if you are going to make fun of Saban for his Dolphins speech or Petrino for his job climbing, then Tubs at least deserves a little derision.


  4. 69Dawg

    Do unto others before they have a chance to do unto you.


  5. UGA70

    Regardless as to whether anything is in the works for Bobby P at Ark State, It sounds like Bobby P and TT would be made for each other?


  6. Dboy

    If this is the same AD that presided over the Mike Leach debacle, then the Football Fairy has just sprinkled him with Karma dust.


  7. Rebar

    I don’t understand why Tennessee didn’t pursue him.