You’ve got your numbers, and they’ve got theirs, ctd.

What a relief – they’ve figured out how to divvy up the new postseason money between the conferences.  Year2 crunches the numbers and finds that, to no surprise, things are berry, berry good for the SEC:

That math comes out to a $91.75 million guarantee to the SEC each year, and it will go up to $119.25 million in seasons when it puts a team into the Orange Bowl. By contract, the league will have at least three and up to five appearances there. The conference will get even more money from teams participating in the playoff games, and individual schools will receive some of the pot for staying above an Academic Progress Rate threshold.

Two things about that.  First, in its worst year, the SEC will take home more from the postseason than the five mid-major conferences combined.  In its best, it’ll be considerably more.  That, of course, doesn’t even take into account the enormous disparity in regular season revenues.  Haves, for the win!

Second, look at the impact conference expansion has had on the math.  If this deal were in place five years ago, the Big East would be sharing the big bucks with the rest of college football’s royalty.  Instead, it finds itself sitting below the salt with the rest of the mid-major peons fighting over the table scraps.  The big boys get to cut their revenue pie into fewer, but bigger slices.

Cannibalization pays.  Which should be a cautionary tale for John Swofford.


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  1. DawgPhan

    So an extra 6-8 million per team from a playoff. If you make the playoff you get a little something for the effort.