“Only the really dumb ones are getting caught.”

Regardless of whether you think this is a sensationalized story about steroid abuse, you can’t help but shake your head over this passage:

On paper, college football has a strong drug policy. The NCAA conducts random, unannounced drug testing and the penalties for failure are severe. Players lose an entire year of eligibility after a first positive test. A second offense means permanent ineligibility from sports.

In practice, though, the NCAA’s roughly 11,000 annual tests amount to just a fraction of all athletes in Division I and II schools. Exactly how many tests are conducted each year on football players is unclear because the NCAA hasn’t published its data for two years. And when it did, it periodically changed the formats, making it impossible to compare one year of football to the next.

In case I haven’t said it clearly enough before, Mark Emmert is an asshat.



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8 responses to ““Only the really dumb ones are getting caught.”

  1. Chuck

    Yes, he is. And Houston still can’t play. That is some bs right there.


  2. Dog in Fla

    Had Kolton been at Alabama, I wonder if Emmert would have granted, rather than denied, “a request for a special exemption for Houston”

    “As reported by then-Baton Rouge Advocate beat writer Lee Feinswog in his 2002 book Tales From the LSU Sidelines, Dean told Emmert that agent Jimmy Sexton’s initial bargaining figure for Saban was $1.2 million per year.

    Recalled Dean: “I could’ve hired him in a heartbeat for $1 million. I could’ve hired him for $900 thousand, 950. This was an opening number.
    He was an agent. What was he going to do?”

    Sexton said he wanted a call back that night. Emmert said go ahead and pay the $1.2M.

    “I said, ‘Mark, I can get him for less money. I’m not negotiating with the coach. I’m negotiating with the agent.’ But Mark didn’t wanna lose him.”
    Saban won a BCS national championship for LSU capping the 2003 season. Emmert left for Washington months later.”



  3. Macallanlover

    Asshat is just a nice description of this incompetent little prick. There is no reason, no sanity at all in the NCAA ruling and it reflects their continued inability to understand their role in college sports. There are murderers walking around who served less time than the NCAA has kept Houston hostage. I am a strong supporter of drug testing, and quick, consistent punishment but this case is a total abortion of red tape. Liars and biased crooks are apt descriptions of what the NCAA decision makers have become (see Cam Newton as just one of hundreds of examples). I hope a 64 team football division emerges from all the conference expansion and they realize they do not need this group to sanction anything to do with the game, Let them have the lesser revenue sports as their reward for not being able to do their job then we will see them stripped of their big salaries and bonuses.


    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      +1. The top conferences need to expand, get together and form their own association for football sort of like the old CFA ( but made up of 4 conferences with 16 to 20 members each split into 2 divisions each) and tell the NCAA to take a flying leap. The playoff $$ would be staggering. They also need to keep all the money and give the NCAA nothing. Overnight Emmert and his crowd would become irrelevant.


  4. Lrgk9

    Hey Bluto, your mealymouthing, sugarcoating, beatingaroundthebush, obfuscating, obscuring, masking, hiding and general misdirection has me confused – How do you really ‘FEEL’ about Mart Emmert? C’mon dude – Emote it All Out for us.


  5. Raven

    Garner to Auburn