It could be worse.

Imagine how this news would have gone over if Georgia had won the SECCG.


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10 responses to “It could be worse.

  1. xdawg1000

    I’m already over this. I mean, I can survive this situation – DAMMIT!!!!! 🙂


  2. lindsay

    georgia has some whop ass to open up


  3. Prosticutor

    Why risk injury when you’re about to be a 1st round draft pick? Might as well blow off the finals and have a little fun, right?


  4. Curious

    How much of a hit will UGA’s Academic Progress Rate (APR) take from this academic casualty? Last APR UGA was tied for 25th with a 970 (Northwestern was #1 w/ a 995). Penalties kick in for schools that score less than 925.


  5. Go Dawgs!

    Oh, come now. If we’d actually won the SEC Championship Game, surely we would have found a way to keep Big John eligible. Heck, perhaps he would have been more motivated to get it done.


  6. Bulldawg165

    I’d like to think all he had to do was pass a few finals to stay eligible and since we lost he decided it wasn’t worth the effort.


  7. Jax

    He just said “F it, I’m going pro and don’t need this college shit anymore”.