When a pompous force meets a narcissitic object…

You try to put the Laner and the Genius together in the same place, something like this seems almost inevitable.


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20 responses to “When a pompous force meets a narcissitic object…

  1. Ubiquitous Ga Alum

    Guess since the Laner doesn’t have his daddy on staff any more, he refuses to show up for the blue hair special hour

  2. As much a I do not like that sour faces of CPJ and it’s fans, I like him to give Kiffin some good spanking in that bowl game.

  3. watcher16

    I think UGA fans should support Tech in this game. Serves 2 purposes:

    1) We all hate the Laner. Nuff said.

    2) Would probably actually piss the Tech fans off more knowing that we’re cheering for them😛

    • AthensHomerDawg

      I can agree that the Lamer is a total douche but I can’t hate on a guy that caused the Hillbillies to burn their mattresses in the streets. The guy was
      a big part of 4 HCs in 5 years and 3 different D schemes. 3 losing seasons in a row and a number of different staffs. That’s good stuff right there. Maybe if I hadn’t made so many road trips to Knoxvegas in the 90’s I would feel different. But I can’t. The enemy of my enemy is my friend. “That’s just the way it is.”

      You do know that PJ has kind of a perfect record in bowl games.😉 I would hate for the trend to change.

    • Brandon

      Strong is my hatred for Kiffykins, but (Yoda sigh) not that strong.

  4. Dboy

    Senator, another A+ on the post title. If i had a blog i would call that Genius Snark.

  5. Stay classy Lane, err…..Paul, err……Lane, err…..I give up!

  6. Cojones

    Not even a report of an excuse; they just coldly didn’t show up with no apology or call to even notify their hosts and other guests? If I were the Sun Bowl committee, I think I would have the Sheriff’s Office arrest the coaches and USC reps, dismiss them from the game and tap UTEP in their place. Revenue problem solved.

    Hell, long ago the problem might be losing them in an overnight celebration in Mexico (where the best food in the area was served), but now your entire team can be cut down if you set foot in the drug cartel murder zone. In the 70s, when I first ate in Juarez, it was at a 40′ banquet table with several chandeliers above and a dirt floor underneath. Best Mexican food ever. Now , as the murder capital of the world (last year, but down 40% now), you had best keep your ass in El Paso and pray.

    Maybe Kiffin was observing vespers.

    • AthensHomerDawg

      Ahhh…. Juarez. That was a stop off. We road tripped to San Diego from Warner Robins in my best friends father’s VW camper bus. Senior trip. Do the cruise thing or do your own thing. There were four of us. My father wasn’t happy with our choice but agreed with conditions. 1.Budget is fixed=don’t call for money. 2. He will not be responsible for legal considerations=he won’t post bond. 3.Stay out of Mexico=He spent time at Fort Bliss for some training before he was married. lol……Juarez was a new destination and you’re right. Plantains,back beans and rice and huevos never tasted better anywhere else.

  7. SouthGaDawg

    I never miss the opportunity to see CPJ in his customary sombrero. I wouldn’t mind it if Tech beats USC although I don’t see it happening.

  8. Dawgy45

    Now which one is pompous? I’m having a hard time deciding which is which.

  9. Brandon

    It will be Georgia Tech’s turn not to show up for the game itself, as per usual.

  10. mwo

    A urinary competition of the highest degree!

  11. Russ

    My distaste for USCw and the Laner is fleeting. My hate for all things Tech endures. Go Trojans!

  12. Bulldog Joe

    Good move, Southern Cal. I wouldn’t want to eat dinner with them, either.