This didn’t take long.

No surprise there.  It’s Geathers’ decision that’s worth watching.


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  1. Yeah, geathers is the only one I’m worried about 😉


  2. Debby Balcer

    Hoping Feathers stays. Tree thanks for giving it all today even though you are going pro.


  3. Considering how horrible our run defense has been the last few games, I’m honestly not super worried about who goes pro on defense (even though I know I should be).

    It just seems like our D kinda fell apart late season anyway.

    The only person I am concerned about going pro is Murray. I want him to stay and destroy the SEC record books – and possible win a Heisman.


    • cube

      I’m left wondering how much of the D problems were related to lack of quality depth (especially on the D-line). If they were largely depth based, that would be all the more reason to hope Geathers stays (although I don’t expect him to). Whatever the case may be, I’m more than a little worried about the defense next year.

      On the other side of the ball, the offense looks to be in great shape. We lose King and Brown at WR but have some seriously talented guys with a lot of experience at that position. Other than that, everyone else of significance looks to be coming back with the possible exception of Murray (I think Murray stays knowing he’ll have a deeper, more experienced o-line with a bunch of familiar skill position weapons).


      • The Lone Stranger

        I got to thinking that very thing vis-a-vis the depth shortage shooting the Dawgs’ chances vs. Bama. And that reverie led directly to the horrible knowledge of who UGa was matched up against in said game. Could the opposing poles of roster management have been tilted in an any more craven a direction against UGa than to have squared off with Saban Prince Grayshirt? That damn game won’t stop hurting.


  4. D.N. nation


    This Capital One Bowl game thread on StingTalk has me quite amused: http://www.stingtalk.com/forums/showthread.php?t=69581


  5. Daniel Simpson Day

    From what I’m told, he’s gone. Not surprising since his brothers also left early though.


  6. Brandon

    Good luck to him.


  7. HottCheese

    Well…bye. I’m going to really miss watching him tackle RBs after a 6 yard gain like Keith Brooking was famous for. Dude is extremely athletic, but he did not really attack the LOS. He always seemed like someone who was just going through the motions until it was his time to get paid.


    • Big Shock

      Completely disagree. Tree played faster than an UGA linebacker I can remember and was always around the ball. He must have had 15 tackles today.


      • HottCheese

        Dude is an incredibly athletic LB that made A LOT of tackles…6 yards down the field…just like Keith Brooking. Think about where UGA was gashed this year whilst thinking about the responsibility of an ILB. Now compare that to an ILB who did attack the LOS (Curran, Thurman, Ellerbe, Bell). I think Tree is more athletically gifted than all of the aforementioned, but he did not take on the FB or meet RBs in the hole like any of them did. Obviously opposing coaches recognized this as well and ran right at him. Im not saying he wasnt any good. What im saying is that he is freakishly gifted player that did not consistently attack the LOS, but instead made a lot of tackles by catching RBs as they ran into his arms 6 yards downfield. Just watch the replay of the Cap One Bowl or the SECCG and you’ll see my critique is accurate.


    • DW

      Hey HottCheese, go find the clip from the SEC championship of Ogletree standing up Eddie Lacy at the goal line. I bet money Tao can’t and won’t do that in the MNC game.


      • The one you are talking about is at 3:30. That is what an ILB is supposed to do! Attack the LOS and meet the RB in the hole. That was a fantastic play by Tree. But, what you find if you watch the entire video, is that what happens at 4:48 is more representative of his play during the season. He is at his best in pursuit when he can display his phenomenal closing speed, not stuffing a FB at the LOS.


    • Puffdawg

      Ogletree finished 11th in the SEC in TFL despite playing two less games than anybody on the list. To put it in context that’s tied for fourth in the entire conference in tackles for loss per game. Doesn’t sound like somebody who “did not really attack the LOS” to me.



  8. The way Kwame played today, I don’t mind seeing him go.


  9. roy

    Who cares about all the talent leavin? I’m prayin to god that Grantham turns pro.


  10. W Cobb Dawg

    D didn’t look pretty but we ‘only’ gave up 24 points. Our offense was able to put enough points on the board against a highly ranked D. This is the new reality.

    Its very evident CTG’s initial talk about an attacking D was baloney and what we have is the 3-4 version of the bend-but-don’t-break. The O has their own set of problems. But we overcame our issues and have 22 wins the past 2 years, so I’ll take it. It was a big win today!


    • Yeah, if a D with supposedly 8 or 10 or whatever pro players on it can get gashed as badly as ours did on many occasions this year…we might have to put up 50 a game to win next year. On the bright side Jordan Jenkins looks good.

      I wonder if there is really some truth to the meme that Grantham being a pro guy tries to complicate things too much for the limited practice time that college players have.

      We sure seemed to have a lot of trouble getting lined up properly today.


  11. UGA76

    I don’t blame him I’d leave too cause we will not win a National Championship with fucking Bobo calling the plays. And prolly never with Richt coaching. It’s not good


    • UGA76

      All the talent we had this year and yet we failed again. Makes you think its a coaching problem


    • Thanks for your keen insight. That was precious!


    • D.N. Nation

      Haha. You think our offense isn’t good. You’re funny.


    • Charles

      Where are these people coming from!?!!?


      • Macallanlover

        Said it before, the society of the miserable cannot be satisfied. UGA cannot please them, they insist on being unhappy and want others to join them.

        A legit question is the effectiveness of the 3-4 against the CFB power running game unless you have mega studs at ILB along with a dominating NG. Let Geathers go if that is he desire, I saw many better DTs this season and so did the NFL scouts. He is a big body but not a dominator, just a space filler. Who knows? Maybe he will be the second version of Geno Atkins in the pros. I wish him well but I am concerned about UGA, not the “next level”. I think the answer lies with another big body that has got more push. We have to solve this puzzle before next September.

        The confusion on alignment of the defense has been going on long before today’s game. I have seen us “adjusting” many times as the play begins as the players wait for the call from CTG. Something is wrong with the scheme or communication, or else there are a lot of people wrong about the “talent” we had on defense this year. CMR needs to sit CTG down and figure this out….like next week.


  12. Always Someone Else's Fault

    In fairness, it’s becoming impossible to play dominant defense these days. Shifts in the rules and a much deeper pool of talented, experienced athletes have conspired to make this the Golden Age of Offense. When Devon Gardner and Taylor Martinez and combining for 5 TD passes, you just kind of do the best you can. Those two QBs would not combine for 5 TD passes in 5,000 plays against an NFL defense – but in college, their coordinators can get them the equivalent of 10 coin flips a game. Rotate to take away those coin flips, and you get a Burkhead or Lacy storming through the A gap. I’d be more concerned if I saw anyone else out there in the college game with real answers. But I don’t, so I’m just resigned.


    • sUGArdaddy

      Wow, Always, it’s almost like you actually watch football games a lot 🙂

      Indeed, it is very difficult with the current rules. I am hoping our youth next yr lends us to simplifying things, as I think that will help.