Final pre-game Cap One thoughts

First, I’ll outsource to Bill Connelly.

2. The array of possible outcomes is enormous. Georgia almost lost to Kentucky, needed a fourth-quarter surge to beat Missouri, needed a late defensive stand to beat Tennessee and got destroyed by South Carolina. The Dawgs also handed Florida its only loss, emasculated Vanderbilt and Georgia Tech, and came within five yards of the national title game. Nebraska, meanwhile, beat Michigan, Michigan State and Penn State in successive weeks … and got outscored by Ohio State and Wisconsin (the second time) by a combined 133-69.

Georgia has ranged from average to great, Nebraska from poor to very good. Both teams played their best ball of the season in November, though Georgia played even better on December 1 (Alabama 32, Georgia 28) while Nebraska fell apart (Wisconsin 70, Nebraska 31). Georgia holds the edge, but after a month of reflecting on how close they came to a national title berth, there is no guarantee that the Dawgs will bring their A-game to Orlando.

No, there’s not.  But there’s also no guarantee that Nebraska shows up at its best, either.  And if the Huskers don’t, there’s no reason to think Georgia can’t pull off a, say, somewhat sloppy win.

Honestly, the whole motivation thing has been done to death.  The contrarian in me thinks it won’t end up mattering today.  That leaves me looking at two keys to the game:  (1) Gurshall and (2) turnover margin.  If Georgia can run the ball with authority and win the turnover battle, I have a very hard time seeing how the game goes south for Richt.  Neither of those possibilities seem like much of a stretch, so put me down for a red and black win.


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53 responses to “Final pre-game Cap One thoughts

  1. Go Dawgs!

    Martinez throws 3 INTs today. Gurshall tops 150. Dawgs win.


  2. Griff

    One thing for sure, Jarvis will show up!


  3. Skeptic Dawg

    I will kick 2013 off in a new manner. I look for the Dawgs to win, and win big today. (This is harder than I thought!). Murray and Gurshall will all have monster days today. The D will play inspired and hold Nebraska under 20 points. Happy New Year! GATA.


  4. Siskey

    I think we show up and win big, although I am currently 8-15 against the spread in our pool, so what do I know. Go Dawgs!!


  5. Dboy

    Watching how much Clemson seem to want that win vs LSU (although LSU was 5th in SEC), I get the feeling these teams from other conferences really really want to beat the SEC teams in these bowls. All year they have to hear about the SEC being elite and no matter how much success they have in their own conference, it is a limited accomplishment compared to playing in the SEC. I think Nebraska will come to win. I have no idea how much motivation the UGA NFL bound player laden team will show up and play with.


  6. Mike

    I am of the opinion that the UGA rush defense will decide this game. If the Cornhuskers can wear out the UGA front seven anywhere close to how Bama managed, it might not matter what Murray and the UGA running game perform.


  7. Debby Balcer

    GO DAWGS!!! I think they come out on fire.


  8. Will Trane

    LSU’s defense played 100 snaps against Clemson. Watched it and in the fourth quarter I kept saying to myself. They look like us. Defensive can not get of the field and the offense can not move the ball consistently and put the ball in the end zone.
    Same areas of concern as the last game. D line play. Linebackers will have trouble if the D line does not play. Shawn Williams will not be happy. Gardner is gone, but the D line is still there. How much of Garner’s residue remains. Probably alot.
    O line and the running game. Somewhere, at sometime, and in some game this has to start happening. This O line has to step it up. Control the ball and the clock…stay ahead of the chains and no 3rd and 5+s.
    Been awhile since the Dawgs have had a solid bowl game. Gut feeling. Does not happen today. Hard to say how we match up against them on the LOS as some many factors are in place.


  9. AthensHomerDawg

    Michell gone……..


  10. dudetheplayer

    That was the most exhausting first half I’ve ever watched. Murray possibly leaving early for the draft is a silly notion.


  11. gastr1

    I’m about to turn this off. I can’t stand watching defense this bad.


  12. Uglydawg

    When we punted on fouth and one, second qtr. when Neb was starting to build momentum, I got a sinking feeling. Play to win, damn it.


  13. The other Doug

    It looks like the defense from the Kentucky game made the trip to Orlando.


  14. AthensHomerDawg

    Hunker down Dawgs~!


  15. Stirbaby

    Quote of the day:

    “Did Samuel just get tackled by a Georgia player?”

    Yes, yes he did. He’s been tackled by shadows, blades of grass, yard marker chalk and his own shoelaces. Can we agree that nobody has ever been worse at RB in the Richt era?


  16. Turd Ferguson

    Lose to South Carolina. Come up short in SEC Championship. Lose to inferior Big Ten team. Lather, rinse, repeat.


  17. Steve

    We keep waiting to see if Murray will stay for another year. I say let him go…..he’s done all he’s going to do here. I’ve backed CMR for years now. Let him go too. He’s accomplished all he’s going to. So what if CTG is taken down in the wash? He had one good year and his unit has not been very good this year. They have all that NFL talent this year and still can’t dominate a decent team. Will be fortunate if the beat a average Cornhusker sqad. Save Fla they haven’t beat a good team all year. All you have to do is look at Kicker Walsh with the Vikings this year. Named All Pro his rookie year and set a record for kicks over 50yds. While it’s true UGA doesn’t have a true Special Teams coach, It goes to show you what a player that is coached up can do. Last year he couldn’t hit a bull in the butt with a bass fiddle.


  18. Steve

    Is Alabama’s offensive line playing for the Nebraska today?


  19. daryl

    CTG needs to get his shit together. WTF!?!?


  20. Steve

    Another thing….is UGA the only team in College Football that doesn’t have a punt returner?


  21. Debby Balcer

    Doomsday DAWGS out in force on this thread.


  22. TomReagan

    Jim Donnan messed his pants on Connely score. Nice of Bobo to give one to the mentor like it was January 1, 1998.


  23. Raven

    GO DAWGS!!!!


  24. dudetheplayer

    Proud of these men. Great job to get it together in the second and finish strong. Great season, Dawgs. We can do big things next season.


  25. AthensHomerDawg

    Ogletree going pro… but we knew that. He looked good.


  26. Uglydawg

    I’m still waiting to see how, down by fourteen in the fourth, “Nebraska has Georgia right where they want them”.
    The game announcer was an ass hat…is an ass hat.
    We need to contact him…at ABC I guess…and couldn’t DP sitck up for the Dawgs just a little bit?
    Twelve wins….wow! Great season for the Dawgs and Dawg lovers!


    • Coastal Dawg

      It was a sarcastic reference to Neb coming back from being down by lots in three of its wins this year.


    • Gravidy

      Lil Recey-Poo has a long history as an AssHat where all things Dawg are concerned. And Pollack? He’s unbiased to the point of ‘doth protest too much’.