The Manchurian Gator

Here I was kinda worried how Georgia could wind up the season ranked in the top five, and ol’ Will Muschamp stepped up and took care of business for me.  Good Dawg!

I guess Gator Nation knew what it was doing.


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  1. The other Doug

    It should be a fun off season.

  2. Hogbody Spradlin

    Who’s the red Queen?

    • Cojones

      That would be the controling Red Cardinal Queen from Louisville who marched their robotic asses off the levee and into shitty water.

  3. heyberto

    Strong sure made a statement (along with his team, of course) with this win. I’m happy for him, and Louisville has to be happy he’s sticking around. I’ve always thought he was a classy guy and a helluva defensive mind. Good for him. Getting passed over for head coaching jobs for so long, this has to be pretty sweet.

  4. Always Someone Else's Fault

    On Twitter last night:

    “Florida fell of the Driskel Cliff.”

    I’ve never seen so much posturing and posing by defensive players on the wrong end of a 14-20 point margin. For a coach who preaches “substance over style” to the press, makes you wonder.

    • I, too, thought their incessant celebrations after each tackle was a little silly. Especially since they were getting destroyed through the air and well behind on the scoreboard the entire night.

      I couldn’t be prouder of Will Muschamp and his gator team… until next year in Jax.

  5. SouthGaDawg

    I understand the ticket sales problem for the non-national championship BCS games. I’d be much more apt to go see Georgia play in a New Years Day game than one of these middle of the week BCS games. Going to a game like this blows a whole ‘nother week of work. Why do this when you can sit at home and watch in HD and still get up and go to work the next morning. BTW, I love me some Gators getting stomped. Looks like Charlie Strong prepped a little better than Boom for this game.

    • 81Dog

      Exactly right! The games get moved to maximize the wishes of tv overlords. who pay so much for rights fees that bowl committees and bean counting weasels like Mike Adams cant move the games fast enough. Never mind the inconvenience to the paying fans, who cant take time off during the actual holidays to go to the games. It’s a tremendous hassle to take time off the first week of the new year, when everyone who’s been goofing off in December is usually going full bore to catch up.

      but no, let’s blame the fan base for not blindly shelling out a considerable amount of cash for the incovenience of mid week, non holiday bowl games that generally dont matter at all in the big scheme of things.

      maybe this is what they really want, so they can justify an 8 or 12 or 16 team playoff. Welcome to “college” sports in the new millenium.

  6. Go Dawgs!

    I’d like to gradulate the Louisville for being not only the ackademic school, but also the best ath-u-letic school. Teddy Bridgewater’s gusty play led the Cardinal to a big win in the Sugar Bowl Allstate Game… 1-2-3-4-5, them Cardinals don’t take no jive. Go Gatah.

    • AthensHomerDawg

      Louisville does the Gator Stomp! Go Gatah!

    • 202dawg

      Oh Corrine, how we’ve missed the…

    • The other Doug

      Driskel with tears streaming down his face….

      To the fans and everybody in
      Gator Nation, I’m sorry.
      I’m extremely sorry. We were
      Hoping for an undefeated season,
      That was my goal, something
      Florida has never done here.
      I promise you one thing, a lot
      Of good will come out of this.
      You will never see any player in
      The entire country play as hard
      As I will play the rest of my career.
      You will never see
      Someone push the rest of the
      Team as hard as I will push
      Everybody the rest of my career.
      You will never see a team
      Player harder than we will
      The rest of my career.
      God Bless.

  7. The FU gatored are nothing but arrogant fools. I guess they got bitten and eaten by their own chomps. LOL

  8. You need to stomp hard on the faces of these over rated and delusional FU fools with your hobnailed boots. You should stomp on them and squeezed down hard like you on a hated, dirty and foul smelling FU roach so they never can get up forever.

  9. Uglydawg

    Charley Strong is a very good football coach. His team played almost flawlessly. Florida? not so much. They pretty much sucked in every aspect of the game, save run defense. The Gators have swagger that doesn’t match their performance. My favorite moment was when they drew two unsportsmanlike conduct calls for -30 yds. after a failed onside kick. Will Mushchamp freaks out at players and refs, who all seem out to screw him (please note the sarcasm), but really should look in the mirror if he can stand it.

    • 69Dawg

      Not to be out done the UF bench was called for a foul and delivered another 15 yards later in the game. I guess the poor old Line Judge got tired of Muschamp yelling in his ear.

  10. Macallanlover

    At first it was the orange Syracuse-looking unis that got me fired up (looked like a 70s softball uniform) and embarrassed, then the lack of emotion as they took the field, followed by the opening play; at that point I knew FU could be in trouble. I still thought the “talent gap” would protect them from getting humiliated. Then came the obvious smack, trash -talking even as Louisville was driving it down the Gator defense’s throat. All the while, no emotion on Boom’s face. What was going on in Nawlins? As the first half continued it became obvious, Louisville had not only come to play, the Gators seemed to have no will to fight back.

    When Georgia’s players ignored the talent of a WVU team that was much more talented than this Louisville, they did bow their back and fight back. That wasn’t happening with Florida last night, and if I were a Gator fan I would be very concerned about what is going on behind the scenes. The players didn’t care, I get that, but the staff seemed to be in concert with that.

    The second concern has to be about the total offense. It hasn’t gotten any better since September. Driskel is a poor man’s Tebow with weaker receivers. I know they can get some WRs to fix part of that, but the QB issue will carry over into next fall. Peace was unable to scheme around the talent issue and looked totslly helpless last night.

    • Uglydawg

      So Andre Ware’s meme that Driskell is the second coming of Peyton is dead too?
      Here’s a new meme to replace these dying ones, “Florida can’t win the big game”.

      • Macallanlover

        Had forgotten about that, dang. Some folks get carried away with time on their hands and a microphone near their mouths. Audio/video tape can be a cruel thing.

        • Comin' Down The Track

          NSFW (adult language):

          • Comin' Down The Track

            Well, poop. I didn’t realize the language would be broadcast. I guess I’m the definition of an a-hole.

            • Macallanlover

              LOL You may have made an inadvertant slip but you are sooooo out numbered by the aholes I saw wearing orange panties last night. I hope our coaches show our players a film of how stupid their trash talking looked as they were getting hammered. I really appreciate the disciplined teams I see who play hard until the whistle and return to thier position, It is the one area I would like to see CMR step his game up at with UGA football. I know others have different priorities for him but I am baffled by his approach to Personal Foul penalties.

  11. After losing to UGA the Gators only got up for one game and that was FSU. With the BCS, conference championship games, and now a playoff coming it’s going to be very difficult to get kids up for games when there’s nothing to play for… Let’s face it… these bowl games are pointless some of the times.

    • Dante

      Charlie Strong’s team didn’t think it was pointless.

    • Chris

      Some of the time? Every bowl other than the BCS title game is a meaningless exhibition game. Maybe a team get a preseason bump for the next year from the pundits (see 2008 Dawgs), but even then, as terrible as the Liberty Bowl loss was in 2010, UGA still pulled in the “Dream Team” somehow and went on to win the East.

      Also, I would think the upcoming playoffs would have made a team like UF play harder after it’s loss to UGA, as it will be more inclusive to teams still vying to be in the top 4.

  12. The Lone Stranger

    Just close your eyes, sit back, and visualize Murray and his corps of receivers going after what was on display last evening. Sprinkle in the fact that gone are Bostic, McCray and most likely Jenkins which constitutes the starting LBs. Gutted defense or no, this Dawg-O could, in theory, pistol-whip the Gatahs in ’13.

    • Puffdawg

      Easy now. I know it seems like we beat Florida every year because lately we do (!), but let’s not get ahead of ourselves!

      • The Lone Stranger

        Once I’ve seen it, I can’t un-see it!;) I even like the odds with Mason or *gasp* LeMay.

        • The Lone Stranger

          Always with the smileys! :-0

          • The Lone Stranger

            Now I quit.

            • Cojones

              Don’t let Puff talk you out of oracleing, Lone. It’s a good and perfect vision you have. Puff and others here have them also.

              This O is still capable of kicking some FU ass next year, with or without Aaron. Bobo has built a self-perpetuating O and is having fun outdoing the best coaching that our MM QBers can conjure. As long as he is our O coach we will have a chance every game, bar none.

        • RP

          LeMay v Driskell. That’s a dream QB matchup! Definitely getting those tickets.

  13. Nate Dawg

    How bout C Strong calling out Pollack on national TV immediately after the game ended. So much so that it must have been in the forefront of his mind during the game. Guess that’s what Pollack gets for lovin’ him some flaurdah or whatever UGA rival he decides to dote on this week. That’s starting to get on my nerves. Oh yeah, and watching that ass-chompin-stompin’ was fun too.

    • fuelk2

      I’ve seen this mentioned several times. Can anyone summarize or link to Strong’s comments?

      • Nate Dawg

        He basically quoted word for word – saying that Pollack said “it will be a 15pt gator win but will feel like a 30pt gator win” and that Pollack had them (L’ville) fired up before the game after Pollack had said this earlier in the afternoon.

    • Debby Balcer

      Could it be Pollack was trying to inspire Louisville by calling them out? He is a DAWG. Reverse psychology?

  14. Slaw Dawg

    My SEC homerism lastest about .5 seconds into this thing, swallowed in one gulp by my Gator haterism and zapped to less than nothingness when my son (well schooled in his UGA history) observed “That Louisville coach could be a black Erk Russell, couldn’t he?” and I chuckled and responded with “Yeah he kinda could, and like Erk, he turned down the big time to stick with his guys–and they’re trying to win this game for ‘im.” Soon the whole family was lustily cheering on the Cardinals, bed time forgotten.

    P.S.: I realize of course, that “big time” is a very generous way of describing UT football right now!

  15. Uglydawg

    Nate Dawg..please elaborat on Strong calling out Pollack..I missed it but would love to hear about it…Thanky

    • Orlandodawg

      It was a Pat Dye ain’t man enough moment. From CBS sports:

      Louisville coach Charlie Strong, to ESPN following the game: “[ESPN analyst David] Pollack got us fired up earlier today, when he said it was going to be a 15-point game in their favor and it was gonna feel like a 30 point game. And then he said our defense hasn’t played well all year. So this is for him.”

  16. Smitty

    Muschamp’s team shares his composure…..

  17. Spike

    The look on those Gator fans faces as the clock wound down was priceless. It will indeed be a long ride home. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA

    • Cojones

      With a touch of sadness to see the grinning awkward arm clapping fans get energized just before every Cardinal kickoff (they only punted once) as if they had scored instead of Louisville. Sad. Not!

  18. Will Trane

    I read the comment at gottasupportem. Think he is spot on about the Gatos re Cardinals game.
    Think everybody, including Driskel, would say his performance hurt them. Strong and his 34 boys from Florida were ready to shut down Brent Pease and company. To a point they did, but the Gator offensive line played about as bad a game as their QB. They tipped their plays too much. They could not stop the corner and X rushes. Driskel really holds the ball. In those last drives, on 2 pass plays, the receiver catches the ball not in stride. Driskel threw to a player and there were not yards after catch. Offensively, that was a very poor performance…thought they should have stayed and rotated their line in power sets. Down by 14, just keep pounding the rushing game. Can not let a QB like Driskel try to carry your team when you have no receivers and limited throwing ability by him.
    Both Dawgs and Gators were down in numbers / roster this year. Last night Strong exposed the Gators on that. You can be Miami, Florida, and FSU are going to shut down 34 players leaving to go to a place like Louisville. Gators got exposed big time on both sides of the ball, but a couple of plays and no turnovers by Driskel and Gators could have squeaked out. Bet coach Boom will not kick 3 onside kicks anytime soon. Damn coach, you have a good kicking game and D. Let them play…punch’em in deep and lay the wood to their QB.
    Now the D1 world sees what a lot of us said after the SECCG. Dawgs should have been in the BCS games!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Think on that Slive and SEC front office. How many empty seats did UF fail to fill in that game. Shameful performance by UF all around!!!

  19. Mike Cooley

    Nobody wants to accept the obvious. Without Steve Spurrier or Tim Tebow Florida isn’t anything special.

    That seems so obvious but somehow so many people get distracted by all the hype and bs that sourrounds that program.

    FU was fortunate enough to have a coach come along an revolutionize the way the game was played in a three yards and a cloud of dust conference. It took everybody else some time to catch up. Then they had the good fortune of a once in a lifetime player falling in their lap. I don’t buy the nonsense about what a great coach Meyer is. What did he do without Tebow?

    The fact is, Florida wasn’t that good of a football team this year. They were highly ranked because they are Florida. Yes they beat SC and we didn’t. Granted. But is anybody really that impressed with their win over LSU now that the dust has settled?

    Florida was an overrated team with a head coach who is suspect at the very least. Florida aint the juggernaut the world wide leader wants you to think they are.

    Dawgs stand a very good chance of making it three in a row next year.

    • Slaw Dawg

      While we’re looking ridiculously far ahead, IF our Dawggies do make it 3 in a row, I’d say our odds are decent for a successful Hate Trifecta (Gators, southern Alabamians, Nerds), which’d be 3 years in a row for same, which ain’t happened since ’80-’82. I know I’ve just prompted Larry to roll over several hundred million times, but Hell man, I might prefer beating all those bastards 3 yrs running over a natty that came w/o it. I’m just a nasty Hate filled Dawg fan that way, I reckon.

      Strange bowl season ain’t it? Dawgs won, actually enjoyed the hated Nerds beating Kiffy ’cause that was just too delicious, enjoyed Gators getting gutted cause that is deliciouser, and of course, Auburn… lessee now, those guys… what exactly happened to them this year…oh, yeahhhhh (massive grin, loud chortling, soon to be followed by uproarious tear-streaming laughter and pounding of desk throughout lunch break… lessee, can I find that game on YouTube, having trouble remembering how many TD’s Murray hung on ’em the last 2 years…must be all the bourbon…)

      • RP

        Guess AM got his payback on AU and Fairley the next 2 yrs. 83-7 combined and 7 passing TD’s. Maybe he’ll stick around and add to dat.

      • Dawgfan Will

        Shadenfreude is a beautiful thing. I was literally giggling with excitement last night every time Louisville scored.

      • Nate Dawg

        Hey Slaw – don’t forget the Smokey Mtn Moutaineers. We can make it all four, including the hillbillies, for 3 yrs in a row. Remember the ’90s when we never beat the big urnge? Talk about your MNC-less wet dream!

    • Will (the other one)

      Eh…I still maintain that while Tebow was very good, that Florida offense was only great when they had Percy Harvin.

  20. Cojones

    You worded that exactly for me. Except for the rebuildup by ESPN(reminiscent of the Bama/LSU buildup last year) that started when they lobbied for FU to represent the SEC in the Sugar Bowl before we even played the SECCG, they ain’t shit!

    The team that played Louisville last night is the same team we beat this year and last and there ain’t no hero coming to save their ass next year. The pendulum has swung full force on FU and here’s hoping it swings long.

    Here’s to all the old farts who are telling everyone the same thing about next year. You youngsters quit choking your chicken and start your loyal fandom motors. Every game (including the Ls) will be interesting in the future and we all have a great deal of cheer(ing) to do.

  21. Mike Cooley

    The look on the faces of the Florida fans last night was a late Christmas present. Watching those onside kicks blow up in Boom’s face was even better. And watching them commit one astronamically stupid personal foul after another was the best. They are an undisciplined bunch of buffoons coached by a spastic, self of control lacking, buffoon. Florida and Boom deserve each other.