“We got the right call against the right look.”

Was there anything more annoying during the Cap One broadcast than Jesse Palmer’s analysis of Nebraska’s defensive pass coverage scheme?  (Although Pollack’s repeated butchering of Swann’s last name came close.)  Granted, Murray threw two picks, but one of those came because Nebraska’s safeties showed a look they hadn’t shown during the season and the other came on a botched inside screen that the Huskers were well prepared for.

In the meantime, while Palmer was blathering about zone matches, Georgia was doing something else:  getting a bunch of yards and scores through the air.  It turned out Mike Bobo wasn’t as awed by Pelini’s scheming as Palmer was.

Georgia attacked the Husker defense in a variety of ways through the air, most often by manipulating Nebraska’s aggressiveness into favorable chances for their play-making athletes.

Bobo said the Bulldogs added crossing route combinations and receiver-pick plays into their arsenal specifically for this game, concepts that apparently fracture NU’s match-up zone coverage scheme. The 29-yard first-quarter touchdown pass to tight end Arthur Lynch, who was wide open as he cut across the middle, was an example of “something that we’ve never done,” Bobo said.

According to Bobo, those types of calls were especially effective on third down (Murray completed 11 of his 14 third-down throws for 246 yards).

Wide open might be an understatement there.  You could tell Lynch was almost shocked at how free he was after he caught the ball.

Nebraska had to adjust:  “Nebraska countered by calling blitzes — because the longer Murray had to throw, the more lethal he was, according to defensive coordinator John Papuchis.”  We know how that worked out.

Then there was the back-breaker. On third-and-8 early in the fourth quarter, the Huskers sent as many pass rushers as they could. But Murray got the pass off to Conley, who ran untouched for an 87-yard touchdown to seal the win.

Daimion Stafford thought his man was running an out route, but the tight end set a pick, taking Evans out of the play. By the time Stafford had identified the deception, he was getting blocked by an offensive lineman.

Bobo’s halftime advice to Murray makes me smile.

Said Bobo: “If you’ll settle down, we’ll be able to take advantage of some things and make some big plays. … I thought we were trying to be too perfect on every play, instead of just settling down and taking what they give us.”

“Taking what they give us” may be Mike Bobo’s ultimate schwing! moment as Georgia’s offensive coordinator.  Hopefully, the balance demon has been exorcised for good.


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24 responses to ““We got the right call against the right look.”

  1. why dont we ask florida to join the acc

  2. AthensHomerDawg

    I was getting annoyed by the “Swain thang too”. Kinda ironic after Pollack was call “Pollock” a couple of times. I remember CMR correcting someone after the uSC interception/TD. What can you say about jd. Total douche.
    “He finished his four-year college career with 3,755 passing yards.On September 11, 2006, the Montreal Alouettes signed him to their developmental roster. Palmer did not dress for a game with Montreal. He retired from the CFL before the start of the 2007 season to pursue a broadcasting career.”

    • Normaltown Mike

      CMR corrected Jill Arrington after that game in 2002.

      Jill could butcher my name any way she wants and I wouldn’t care.

      • AthensHomerDawg

        Of course having a beautiful bride and two loving sons at Georgia that often read this blog….. I never thought of it that way. 😉

  3. my personal opinion

    how has bobo just now figured out the crossing patterns on those little pick plays? the patriots have only won a thousand games in the last 12 years with those plays. maybe all that studying up and late night reading of the Homer Smith novels has finally paid off.

    • Are you saying that you’ve never seen Georgia run a crossing route before? Or just that we should judge Bobo negatively because he hasn’t called the Patriots’ offense?

      • AthensHomerDawg

        Once again. I wish I would have said that.

        • gastr1

          I read a post on another site the other day that claimed that the TD to Marshall was not a matter of play design–instead, it was just excellent execution by players who knew how to react intuitively to each other.

          While it’s true that the play broke down and Murray and Marshall improvised, goshdarnit the play design got both Marshall and Gurley out into the passing lanes to begin with, and it wasn’t a look Nebraska had ever seen. And is it not the OC’s job to: 1. Recruit players who can execute plays within the style of the offense; 2. Train players well enough that they can successfully improvise; 3. Design plays that create matchup advantages for the offense and put the best players in positions to succeed–all of these things, not just one?

          Please, now…the OC’s job is not limited to trying to trick the other team on every play with some super-inventive shenanigans. Can we consider the whole body of work? Can we get it across that Bobo had to recruit two players that could make that play, and then design one that put them in position to do it even if they had to improvise, and then train them to be able to pull it off? How many players in the country even could make that throw, that catch, that spin, and that TD? Was the fact that we have them and they did it for our team purely an accident? Was the fact that Marshall did not stay in to block purely an accident? Can I end my rant now?

    • Infantrydawg

      My personal opinion is quickly becoming (correction: has become) one of those annoying nits that needs to be stepped on. Idiot!

  4. Cousin Eddie

    We all got a good laugh at Lynch on that catch. He took a few steps then almost stopped to look around for the defender before running to the end zone. He did seem suprised to be that open.

    • Dawgfan Will

      My brother-in-law said he was looking around as though he were thinking “Isn’t someone going to tackle me?”

  5. Smitty

    Did everyone notice how small Jesse Palmer’s dress shirt was?? Jees what a d-bag.

    And yes thank GOD Bobo finally said take what they will give us instead of running the toss sweep to the short side of the field into oblivion for all those years.

  6. fatman48

    I have found that Jessie Palmer likes to hear himself babble, and I don’t care at all for Gary Danielson, so I turn down the volume on the T,V,find the game on the radio. Hey it works for me.

    • gastr1

      Danielson and Verne are too in love with hyperbole and catchphrases for my taste, but at least Verne can shut up now and then, and at least Danielson has some insight. Palmer and Pollack sound too much alike and they just babble.

      I will admit that I was impressed with how much Rece Davis knew about both teams. He did his homework.

      • Gravidy

        Uncle Verne and Danielson have their flaws, to be sure. But compared to others calling CFB games these days, they are my favorites. They don’t infuriate me, nor do they bore me to tears. That’s about all I can hope for.

  7. Spike

    Palmer needs to get a clip on tie.

  8. AlphaDawg

    That pass to Lynch was a thing of beauty. You could tell from his body language when he turned up field that he was shocked that no one was within shouting distance and all he had to do was run a mock 40 yard dash for a score.

  9. Will Trane

    It was good to see ESPN have Murray on their game set / site last evening prior to the Gator / Cardinal game. Enjoyed listening and seeing talk about the game and the Florida defense. Pollack is always reserved about the Dawgs, but you know his motor is reving at max rpms. You can tell ESPN and a lot of the sports world hold Murray in high regard as a D1 QB. And rightfully so. His numbers and a 12 win season is a major, major accomplishment.
    But on the other side of the field. Dreskeil [spelling] for the Gators had about the worst performance I have seen in a bowl QB in a longtime. Not sure they can correct his holding the ball so long. Sorta like Murray throwing into tight coverage. Not only did he hold the ball so long but he never moved. Brent Pease will correct UF’s LOS pad level. He had that mastered at Boise.
    It will be interesting now to see where the Dawgs move to in the polls after the BCS games. Frankly I think they are easily a top 3 team. If Alabama wins and shows good against ND, I put them at 2, hands down! The last 2 games the Dawgs have played have convinced me that are a very good team…I mean very good!

    • UGA70

      Will, I hope you’re right about the Dawgs ending up a top 3 team, but I’m thinking we’ll end up 4th or 5th.

      • Loser of AL/ND is #2. Winner of Oregon/Kansas St. is #3. We jump FL and loser of Oregon/KState and we finish #4. Not what we were hoping for going into the SECCG but top 5 is pretty darn good.

  10. Cojones

    Not any mo’ mock than the 87 yrder with Conley driving an 18-wheeler route through the middle.

    Saw where Martinez is still trash talking. The chippy little ahole should consult his D about their chances after their last two foldups on D schemes. Murray had them by their dicks and they went everywhere he and Bobo wanted to take them. Martinez can’t see that the beginning of the end for the Neb D was the end of their game. The only thing left was a game of Cornhole and they were the Hole.

  11. fetch

    Said Conley: “Once Aaron started hitting his targets, the offense was rolling. And once we get into a groove, it’s hard to stop us.”

    Gary Danielson commented on this once before. You have to get to Murray early and often. If you ever let the UGA offense into a groove, it’s all over. They will rip off 15-20 yard plays on you all night. I understand that a 15 play 6 minute drive is disheartening, but there can’t be anything more demoralizing than knowing that you are getting gashed over and over for huge chunks of yards and there isn’t anything you can do to stop it.

  12. 69Dawg

    Conlley had a Forest Gump moment on that 87 yarder. He was churning those arms and beating feet.

    • Cojones

      His two tds in this game was a great vindication for Conley. His first td reception was superb and we got a good look at a great athlete who will return with others for next year. Our O is set for a couple of years, not so much in current players, but the reloading has spaced out to give time for new players to be familiar with Bobo’s system before they ever play a D-1 down. That is a leg up on the NC possibilities.