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“I think I got all four fingers.”

If you can stomach it, here’s an article looking at the last play of the SECCG from the Alabama perspective.  The “oh, what might have been” part of the deal may not be quite what you expected.

The biggest defensive play of Alabama’s season also contained a freshman mistake, as cornerback Geno Smith was supposed to be blitzing along with Mosley.

“I will always wonder that if Geno had blitzed, he probably would have batted the ball down to the ground,” Alabama defensive coordinator Kirby Smart said. “Then there would have been another snap. The fact he didn’t come and bat it down and they caught the ball is a little bit of fate there.”

Interestingly, no comment about the decision not to spike being a mistake.


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Thoughts on the Wilson hire

It may not be official yet, but there are enough outlets reporting on Georgia bringing MSU’s former defensive coordinator/d-line coach Chris Wilson on board to replace Rodney Garner that I’ll take it as real.  I confess that I don’t know a lot about Wilson, but he does have plenty of experience coaching defensive linemen (three years at MSU and five years at Oklahoma).  Beyond that? Well…

  • From Wilson’s end, this was abrupt.  He was stripped of playcalling duties in the bowl game and demoted yesterday.  I’ve got no idea whether it was deserved or whether Mullen needed a scapegoat, but either way, it looks like Wilson couldn’t get out of Starkville fast enough.
  • The MSU fan base seems to have more regrets about losing Wilson the recruiter than Wilson the coordinator.
  • It’s a different kind of hire than Grantham’s last two, in that Wilson comes in with some recruiting chops to go along with his coaching experience.  Is that a bonus, or was Grantham more focused on the recruiting hole Garner left than he had been before?
  • “Wilson was special teams coordinator for the Sooners from 2007-09.”  Interesting.  Will that impact Richt’s plan to take a more direct role in coaching special teams this season?


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Wanker of the day

George Will, in a landslide.

College football has proved Karl Marx right about how capitalism dissolves old social arrangements: “uninterrupted disturbance of all social conditions, everlasting uncertainty and agitation . . . all fixed, fast-frozen relations . . . are swept away . . . all that is solid melts into air.” Blame college football’s turmoil on male beer-drinking truck drivers, and technology.

Hmm… makes you wonder if there’s an appropriate Engels’ quote  that Will could trip over while bloviating about the NFL’s version of socialism.


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Glad that’s all behind us now.


Before you get too riled up about Saban, remember he did more about it than the SEC did.


UPDATE:  “It was a clean hit, from my perspective. I saw the shot and I took it.


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