Glad that’s all behind us now.


Before you get too riled up about Saban, remember he did more about it than the SEC did.


UPDATE:  “It was a clean hit, from my perspective. I saw the shot and I took it.


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  1. AusDawg85

    …”handled internally…” Son, we don’t take cheap shots to the head at Bama. Go for the shoulder or ribs on a QB dammit! Here, let’s have a couple dozen of our special assistants work with you on that as punishment.


  2. is it september yet

    Did Saban require him to shine his elf shoes?

  3. Debby Balcer

    Not surprised at all. He probably had to write 1000 Times I will not take an obvious cheap shot.

  4. Joe

    If the proper call is made in the game, it totally changes the game. Bama would not have gotten the field goal before the half. It’s criminal that nothing was called in the game.

  5. Always Someone Else's Fault

    Jarvis Jones did appreciably the same thing to an Alabama lineman during the play Yeldon went up the gut for a TD. Both were well out of the play by that point. A Nebraska WR (Kenny Bell) lit up a Wisconsin player on a Martinez scramble, clearly launching, drawing a flag – and lighting up twitter with a bunch of, “I guess blocking is illegal now,” tweets from CFB writers.

    My question is this: why do we only get lathered up about these hits when it’s the QB?

    • Silver Creek Dawg

      Because the QB is specifically covered in the CFB rule book. On a turnover, it is specifically prohibited to target the QB unless he is making an effort to tackle the defensive player with the ball.

      • SCD, then it becomes a matter of defining “effort.” Was he trying his hardest to stop the return? No, or at least I would hope not. Was he within five yards of the returner with a live ball and moving in the direction of the play? Yes. He was legally blockable by definition on that play. The only question here is whether the helmet-to-helmet contact was with malicious intent to cause injury or just one of the things that happens on a particularly violent block against someone who probably learned a pretty solid lesson on giving a half-hearted effort. Your own coach said helmet-to-helmet contact occurs on every single play. The question here — the reason for a suspension — is intent. It’s clear most Dawgs fans believe he had hatred in his heart and intended serious harm. I won’t try to persuade you otherwise. It’s entirely possible that Dawson just saw something in Milliner’s eye and was trying to help him get it out, but being a Bammer, I’m obligated to believe he was trying to cause harm.

      • Always Someone Else's Fault

        So, we can glorify that hit when it happens to a gunner on a punt return, because he’s expendable, but QBs are off limits.

        Because that hit happens once a weekend on a return or something similar, and it gets run on SC about 1,000 times. I don’t see anything in Dial’s hit that makes it any different.

  6. Seems a shame to get worked up about Dial playing when Sheldon Dawson played versus Nebraska.

    • My problem isn’t with Alabama’s decision to play Dial. It’s with the SEC’s lack of consistency.

    • Macallanlover

      I have no argument with that point, the difference is many of us UGA fans agree dawson should have missed playing time, at least a half, but Bama fans have defended Dial and now Saban does the usual…nothing. Please don’t ever debate us when it comes to ethics, it is just not a fair fight. Please see hundreds of oversigning and suspension posts over the years. You do one, we do the other, guess which is which.

      • A Georgia fan blog posted a favorable opinion about Georgia and a negative one about Bama? The heck you say. It’s just a double standard prevalent among rival programs. Richt pulls Deion Bonner’s offer and it’s an indication that he really does believe in discipline. He brings in Christian LeMay and hey, he’s just a kid. He deserves a second chance. You can mock Saban sending home two players who probably weren’t going to play in the game anyway, but name the last suspension Richt enforced that wasn’t required of him by a higher authority. The oversigning thing is a straw man here. The Senator is right to criticize the uneven hand of the SEC — I agree with that, even if I believe Ellston and Swearinger should not have been suspended rather than Dial should have been — but it’s hypocritical of any Georgia fan to demonize Coach Saban while letting Coach Richt off the hook. Let me ask you something: what was your response to Brandon Spikes’ half-game suspension for the same action against UGA? Be honest.

        • Macallanlover

          You can’t be serious about even arguing the ethics of oversigning with anyone, especially a school that is on record of wanting regulation, in addition to not using that tactic, Hell, we played the season with less than 70 scholarship athletes. Not advocating that, but it shows how far we sterr in the opposite direction. As for Lemay, yeah, I don’t really think a HS student having sex in a car makes him someone I think is dangerous to society. But feel free to spin things anyway you want. If I were trying to defend your side of this discussion, I wouls have to say some pretty stupid things too to just to fill time.

          I see you might live in tn; when I lived there the CFB fans warned me about what the Bama fan base was like when they were doing well, can’t say they have disappointed. I had not experienced this type of Tide fan before so I was surprised to fing out they were right. Only fanbase I have encountered that is more obxnoxious/delusional than the Cocks or Gators. Go after someone else, I am not a trash talker myself but you came on with some real silly stuff and I wish I hadn’t wasted my time. Prefer to discuss things with the Bama fans I respect. Back to the free Bama Boards and F Bomb with you, this blog doesn’t converse with this level of discussion for hours/days/weeks. You will have more fun on Dawgvent.

          • Am I supposed to take you seriously when you assume you know me because of things fans of a rival fanbase told you about a fanbase I’m related to only because of the team I cheer for? Should I assume you were in your truck headed to Aaron Murray’s home to egg his door when he threw the pick that led to Nebraska’s lead in the first half? That’s what Georgia fans do, right? I have no doubt you would say some pretty stupid things if you were arguing my side of this. Having seen your comments here and on other posts, it’s pretty clear that’s your MO regardless of side.

    • Debby Balcer

      Sheldon was publicly punished and apologized to the Tide player. Where was Dial’s apology?

      • Apologize for what? Did Alec Ogletree have to apologize to McCarron? Of course not. You can’t even compare the level of intent between what Dawson did with what Dial did. Dial should have been flagged (at least, I can see that argument). He should not be suspended. As for the “public” punishment of Dawson, Coach Richt publicly stated that he was punished but wouldn’t discuss what the punishment was. How is that different?

        • Hackerdog

          Richt publicly stated that Dawson was wrong. Saban is mum. Dawson has publicly apologized. Dial says he was justified, even when Shaw said he should have been flagged. There is a difference.

          • There is a difference between a flag and a suspension as well. Let me just reiterate here: I agree with the Senator that the SEC is inconsistent in it’s handling of things. But I am on the side that the other two suspensions shouldn’t have been given out, not that more need to be given.

  7. NRBQ

    But wait! Nicky has sent two freshman back to ‘Bama for team violations. He’s serious about the discipline issue!

  8. Lrgk9

    Stop it boys – We are all agreed on the Bryant – Butts travesty.

  9. Jax

    It’s very hard to win 3 NC’s in 4 years, let’s not hand bama the trophy just yet. Oh, and Quinton Dial is a knuckle dragger.

  10. Nate Dawg

    Geez Senator, must be hell being so popular. I never read other teams blogs, cuz either I hate those teams, or just don’t give a shit. Yet you get gatahs & bammers & prolly some yellar jacket trolls. And then they come on here & act like assholes, sometimes to other very regular posters as well. I will look at stingtalk, but only cuz the other guys on here are laughin at it.
    Two things Senator- you’ve got a great product here & you’re much more patient than I am.

  11. Joe

    After reading the updated article, I can only hope that someone breaks Dial’s leg and that Monday night is the final game of his playing career. I also hope that Notre Dame beats Alabama’s ass, thus ruining the lives of thousands of white trash Saban worshippers. Absolutely sickening. Karma is a mofo, just remember that Quentin. Karma is a mofo.

    • Jax

      I’m one of the few that is pulling hard for ND – sick to death of everything alabama. Sick of their program, sick of the way they work the system to the legal and moral edges, and sick of their arrogant, undereducated, and sycophant fan base.

      • Macallanlover

        I am sick of the Alabama fans but will be hoping for a total destruction of ND tomorrow night. First of all, the Bama fans that everyone hates are not going to become rational/intelligent/civil even if the tide loses…they are just losers anyway. But we can help do something about Alabama not being in every big national game in seasons to come, trust me, if ND wins you cannot imagine how long the media will stuff them down our throats. The good thing, from my perspective anyway, is I think Alabama will roll the Irish. ND just doesn’t have enough offense to win, the only thing that keeps it from being a big blowout is Alabama’s offense isn’t that great either. I think Alabama wins by 10-21 points in a low scoring game.

  12. G Marmalarde

    Whoa dude. Bad karma to wish an injury on someone, isn’t it?

  13. Gravidy

    The fact that Dial publicly defended the hit tells me all I need to know about how seriously Saban treated it. Can you imagine any Bammer player publicly defying Saban? Me neither, and that’s what Dial did… IF Saban had told him what he did was wrong and punished him for it…which he didn’t.

    Having said all of that, however, I have no problem with TideFan’s comments or participation on this blog. What he said was a damn sight less ridiculous than some of the things said by my fellow travelers. Calm down, guys. Geez.