Thoughts on the Wilson hire

It may not be official yet, but there are enough outlets reporting on Georgia bringing MSU’s former defensive coordinator/d-line coach Chris Wilson on board to replace Rodney Garner that I’ll take it as real.  I confess that I don’t know a lot about Wilson, but he does have plenty of experience coaching defensive linemen (three years at MSU and five years at Oklahoma).  Beyond that? Well…

  • From Wilson’s end, this was abrupt.  He was stripped of playcalling duties in the bowl game and demoted yesterday.  I’ve got no idea whether it was deserved or whether Mullen needed a scapegoat, but either way, it looks like Wilson couldn’t get out of Starkville fast enough.
  • The MSU fan base seems to have more regrets about losing Wilson the recruiter than Wilson the coordinator.
  • It’s a different kind of hire than Grantham’s last two, in that Wilson comes in with some recruiting chops to go along with his coaching experience.  Is that a bonus, or was Grantham more focused on the recruiting hole Garner left than he had been before?
  • “Wilson was special teams coordinator for the Sooners from 2007-09.”  Interesting.  Will that impact Richt’s plan to take a more direct role in coaching special teams this season?


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10 responses to “Thoughts on the Wilson hire

  1. dawgtor

    I wonder whether this has anything to do with the hire (from one of the linked articles):
    “Because Wilson is a well-respected defensive line coach, and has been a good recruiter for MSU as well. Additionally, as many State fans are aware, he is the main recruiter for current 5* MSU commit Chris Jones.”


  2. Joe

    Kind of bummed. Was expecting an NFL coach.

    Was secretly hoping that somehow we could get Robert Nunn back to college. He was the HC at GMC for several years, but has been the DL coach of the Giants for the last few years.

    Probably a longshot, but he would have brought incredible clout, and figuring Grantham is only going to be DC 2-3 more years, Nunn would have been fastracked up the college ladder.


  3. Go Dawgs!

    Special teams guy? Skilled recruiter (so skilled that he can get guys to STARKVILLE)? I’ll sign off on that! Who gives a shit if he was demoted as defensive coordinator? Whether it was deserved or he was made scapegoat to save face for Mullen, he won’t be coordinating or calling plays at UGA either way. Just coach up those linemen and maybe tell our special teamers which way to run and welcome to Athens, buddy. You’ll find it is an easier sell in the living room than the Bizarro Bulldogs.


  4. Scott

    I hope we don’t put him in charge of special teams. He was special teams coordinator for OK from 2007-09 and OK was near dead last in about every special teams category nationally for his entire tenure.


    • AthensHomerDawg

      Do your ” due diligence” or go hand out hotdogs with Hijo. No one will pet you on this blog. Listen up?>KK. OU’s approach to special teams has been similar to ours. CMR has already indicated how he intends to proceed with special teams. Nice to see that Wilson has been there done some but is the DL coach here. He won’t be calling D plays either. We won’t miss a beat recruiting. Welcome to the land of the real Bulldogs Coach Wilson. Woof… Woof!!!!!!

      “Chris Wilson used to be the Sooners’ primary special teams coach, meaning he coordinated the efforts of other OU aides who also contributed to one or two special teams units. When Wilson left after the 2009 season for the co-defensive coordinator job at Mississippi State, Stoops handed things over to Wright. ” “We (used to) kind of split it up,” Way said. “Coach (Cale) Gundy will handle kickoff return.”

      ……my work here is done. Almost. 😉


      • Scott

        Well I admit I don’t know his exact responsibilities other than what it says on his resume: “Special Teams Coordinator. I perked up when I saw it, thinking happily that perhaps UGA was finally getting a coach that could make a difference on special teams. But I guess Special Teams Coordinator (which is what his bio says) must mean something different.

        Anyway. I won’t defame Coach Wilson except to say he was part of a group effort that for three seasons sucked at special teams.


    • Fact Checker

      Below is a compilation of UGA’s Special Teams statistics this past season compared to Oklahoma’s from 2007-’09, the period in which Coach Wilson was in charge of their special teams:

      UGA’s Special Teams – 2012 (FBS Rankings)

      Kickoff Returns: 22.16 yds / return (ranked #44), including 1 TD
      Kickoff Returns – Coverage: 20.20 yds / return (ranked #36)
      Punt Returns: 7.52 yds / return (ranked #82)
      Punt Returns – Defense: 11.14 yds / return (ranked #103), including 1 TD
      Net Punting: 36.78 yds (ranked #57)
      FGs: 8 of 14 = 57.1% (ranked #132)
      XPs: 63 of 67 = 94% (ranked #133)


      Oklahoma’s Special Teams (FBS Rankings)


      Kickoff Returns: 20.82 yds / return (ranked #83)
      Kickoff Returns – Coverage: 20.16 yds / return, including 1 TD
      Punt Returns: 16.26 yds / return (ranked #3)
      Punt Returns – Coverage: 1.76 yds / return, 0 TDs
      Net Punting: 40.27 yds (ranked #5)
      FGs: 18 of 28 = 64.3% (ranked #113); note: used 3 different kickers
      XPs: 48 of 50 = 96% (ranked #103); note: used 3 different kickers


      Kickoff Returns: 25.17 yds / return (ranked #5)
      Kickoff Returns – Coverage: 23.84 yds / return, including 4 TDs
      Punt Returns: 8.29 yds / return (ranked #71)
      Punt Returns – Coverage: 5.00 yds / return, 0 TDs
      Net Punting: 33.84 yds (ranked #83)
      FGs: 8 of 13 = 61.5% (ranked #118)
      XPs: 94 of 99 = 94.9% (ranked #123)


      Kickoff Returns: 28.27 yds / return (ranked #1)
      Kickoff Returns – Coverage: 21.75 yds / return, 0 TDs
      Punt Returns: 7.56 yds / return (ranked #78)
      Punt Returns – Coverage: 10.83 yds / return, 0 TDs
      Net Punting: 37.07 yds (ranked #24)
      FGs: 13 of 15 = 86.7% (ranked #16)
      XPs: 71 of 76 = 93.4% (ranked #133)


  5. UGA76

    I made a bet on the Ole Miss game and won $500 bucks. I know it’s a MSU topic… just saying. I knew they would beat Pitt and beat their ass good is what they did.