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The biggest question about tonight’s game…

… for me isn’t who wins or loses.  It’s whether the national championship game will be as entertaining as the SECCG was.

I’m betting not.  And I rooted for the loser in that one.


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The power of Saban

I know just how he feels sometimes.

According to ESPN’s Tom Rinaldi, Alabama coach Nick Saban arranged Sunday for ESPN to be blocked from all of the TVs in his players’ rooms.

Aiight, how many people can do that?


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The Big 12 needs more playoff.

Let me see if I have this straight – a rematch in the national title game is bad for college football, but a rematch in a conference title game, even in a conference with round robin play, isn’t.

At least somebody has a sense of humor about it.

“It could give legitimate playoff contenders the ability to bolster their resume,” the official said.

If that’s what you really care about, wouldn’t it be just as effective to beef up regular season scheduling?


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Hey, who let that guy in the room?

If I can offer a brief word of advice to those brave souls in charge of college football, letting Rogers Redding have input into player safety issues is probably as good a way as I know of to make sure everyone is unhappy with whatever rules changes are made.

“I don’t know if there’s a lot more we can do with the rules without fundamentally changing the game, and it may be necessary to do that,” said Redding, the national coordinator of officiating and secretary-rules editor of the NCAA football rules committee. “I’m not suggesting this at all. But it may be at the point where we take a look at taking away any contact above the neck at all.”

Yeah, I can’t wait to see how they enforce that consistently.

As a general rule of thumb, any time Redding starts off by saying “I don’t know”, it’s best to heed that.


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