The Big 12 needs more playoff.

Let me see if I have this straight – a rematch in the national title game is bad for college football, but a rematch in a conference title game, even in a conference with round robin play, isn’t.

At least somebody has a sense of humor about it.

“It could give legitimate playoff contenders the ability to bolster their resume,” the official said.

If that’s what you really care about, wouldn’t it be just as effective to beef up regular season scheduling?


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  1. Go Dawgs!

    Well, it’s certainly garbage. If the NCAA would have let the ACC have their title game without 12 teams, a lot of things would be different and possibly better in college football. But I say give it to them, NCAA. If they want their title game, let them have it with the number of teams they’ve got so they don’t have to go out and poach FSU from the ACC and we can maybe start to return to a little bit of stability in college sports.


  2. Just Chuck (the other one)

    So, if you can’t play by the rules, change the rules. If you can have a championship game in a 10 team league, what about an eight team league? Could you form a league with four teams and play a championship game? Maybe a team could play as an independent and schedule an extra game at the end of the season. They could call that a championship game.


    • Cojones

      Chuck, I was typing my post below independently when you posted yours. I didn’t read yours until after I had posted. Two great minds?


  3. Cojones

    What happened to Delany’s push for larger, 12+-team conferences that really got us into expansion to 14 teams? Bullshit trickery or he couldn’t produce the goods after advocating where the conf numbers had to go (up)?

    Now the Big12 wants to lower the # instead of expanding to 12 teams where it was established as the number of teams necesary to make it competitive for a championship game. What happened to the original thinking concerning 10 teams not enough to support a competitive CG? What’s the smallest conference size we can shrink a CG into?Since you can’t get anyone else to join the UT League, you now want to lower the numbers to suit your monopoly on competition? Who in hell is “a Big12 Official” ? What insight on a CFB national front does that individual possess? What power does he have besides a convoluted opinion?

    Hell, sign me up as “an SEC Unofficial”! Each SEC blog fan carries as much weight as some other anonymous jerk from the Big12 who is stirring the pot, especially if they blog on “gtp”.


  4. Mayor of Dawgtown

    If the NCAA lets conferences with 10 teams have a championship game, I say kick USCe, Arky, aTm and Mizzou out of the conference, play a round robin schedule and still have the SECCG. The only reason for expanding the SEC in the first place was to have the SECCG. If we no longer need the excess teams–get rid of them.


  5. Bulldog Joe

    While the Big 12 rematch may not be the most compelling game, it should remove the one week advantage the Big 12 team was expected to have in the new SEC-Big 12 Sugar Bowl.


  6. Alkaline

    It seems to me they could just as effectively accomplish what they want through some creative scheduling. They are already free to schedule games on Championship Saturday, they would just need to wait and determine the matchups the prior week. Combine that with some creative use of the “Hawaii Rule” to get to 13 total games, and there you go.


  7. Dante

    If beating a massively overrated Oklahoma helped get ND into the title game, just imagine what beating a massively overrated Oklahoma team TWICE will do for a Big 12 team.