It’s the singer, not the song.

Jim Delany, December 8, 2011:

Delany then launched into an explanation of why a playoff would be bad. He brought up potential risk of injury (which no one cared about when schools approved a 12th regular-season game for all FBS schools), potential devaluation of the regular season (wouldn’t happen) and his league’s longstanding love affair with the Rose Bowl (a perfectly legitimate issue). He then described the plus-one — the four-team playoff that has received increased support since the all-SEC BCS title game was set on Sunday — as a “slippery slope” that would lead to an eight- or 16-team playoff. On that point, he is 100 percent correct. In the end, Delany could think of only one good reason for a playoff. “The only strong argument you can make for it is financial,” Delany said. “I don’t think the other arguments for it are very strong.”

Fast forward to yesterday.

“The commissioners and presidents wanted to go long because they wanted to stop further speculation about eight teams and 16 teams,” Skipper said. “They put a stake in the ground that, for 12 years, it’s going to be the same. I don’t think there’s any contemplation that there will be any change to that.”

Hancock: “They’re [commissioners] committed, and the presidents are too,” Hancock said Monday morning at the annual Football Writers Association of America breakfast. “I tell you on Jan. 7, 2013 I don’t see anything that would change.”

Bets, anyone?


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6 responses to “It’s the singer, not the song.

  1. Gravidy

    “They put a stake in the ground…” BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!


  2. Bulldog Joe

    “You mean, most college football fans don’t want to see Ohio State get crushed in next year’s BCS championship while Delany is out cashing the check?”


  3. Cojones

    This dovetails into “Meet the New Boss” so nicely that it, in affect, validates all reasoning counter to what the footdragging aholes have done to a playoff. The fans are well past Delany’s attempts to continue media control of CFB “Playoffs” using the BCS as their surrogate.

    Any and all polls should have every rating by pundits and coaches published each time they rate, with a reasoning ladder to follow their thinking. They can place the rungs to the reasoning ladder in a chart that never varies during the season and just plug in the team that satisfies each rung. I really don’t care how they do it as long as we can see the Big10/Pac12 coaches and cheerleading pundits exposed as to their reasoning. The SEC continues to be the top conference despite their poll and influence machinations to Dawgpole members.

    Yeah, Mike, I’ll bet- that the aholes will now continue to lay polling minefields until we get a playoff instead of a “Playoff”.


    • Cojones

      “…his surrogates”, not “….their surrogates”.


      • Chopdawg

        (sigh) too bad there wasn’t a playoff in force this season; Notre Dame would’ve been exposed in the Round of 16. All we’ve got is the final AP & Coaches polls, in which they’re still ranked above us.


  4. Hackerdog

    And this time, they mean it.