Problems, problems

All I’ve got to say about this is that if figuring out who the third-string quarterback will be turns out to be one of Richt’s biggest challenges next season, it’s gonna be a damned good year.


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  1. Gravidy

    I wish I thought that would be the case…


  2. Lock a few of those kids in Meyers cafeteria this winter and stick them on the D line this fall.


  3. cube

    The QB chart next fall could potentially look like this…

    Murray – SR (already redshirted)
    Mason – JR (already redshirted)
    Welch – JR (already redshirted) * non-scholarship
    LeMay – SO (already redshirted)
    Bauta – FR (already redshirted)
    Ramsey – true FR (enrolled early)

    If nothing else, that’s a pretty mature depth chart.


  4. Bulldog Joe

    I doubt we’ll be fiddling with QBs while the defense burns.


  5. Will Trane

    QB is important. But the depth chart and the roster begins on the LOS…both sides. Dawgs need to build an O line that is a “starter 2 deep”. Would like to see Will Friend put out an O line that does not drop off from starters and they can constantly rotated for a 4 deep TB position and a 4 deep FB position.
    Bama underscored offense last night against what Holtz and Meyer said was one of the top Ds in the country. Just think these are two former SEC coaches. Bama has a deep O line and rotate 2 TBs in a one back set. No drop off. Bama creates a lot of gaps and running lanes for their back. McCarron was only touched by his center in that game. No sacks on McCarron. That is where all QBs at UGA should be.


    • This is why I am tempted to rejoin one of the recruiting services this year–to see where we are with the big guys up front on D. I don’t know whether to get my hopes up or not, but if we don’t have guys to replace Jenkins things will get ugly this fall. I know we all got tired of Willie’s D giving up big plays in the air. We may have to get used to teams now gashing us up the middle with Grantham.


      • JCann

        We have commitments from a HS NT and a Juco NT w/ 3 years to play. Also a prep school DE and solid chance to add a 5-star HS DE and solid Juco DE. If we get those 2, D-line depth should be solid


    • cube

      Can’t disagree with this. The line of scrimmage matters most.


    • WF dawg

      If Tunsil’s exchange with Gurley on Twitter is to be believed, Tunsil seems to be headed to Athens.


  6. Bulldog Joe

    Speaking of problems, I understand the temporary DC who revived the Jackets defense for the FSU and Southern Cal games isn’t returning. So GT has to identify and hire a entire new defensive staff.

    CPJ could sure use some help from his AD.