Te’o vs. Jones

Emerson points out how stellar Jarvis’ year was.

– Jarvis Jones finished the season first in the nation in sacks, at 14.5, one ahead of the next man. How impressive is that for Jones? He missed two games with injury, and played triple-option teams in two others.

– Jones also finished first nationally in tackles-for-loss, with 132.

Not to knock the Notre Dame star, but did anyone feel like ‘Bama schemed for him last night to the same extent it did against Jones in the SECCG?


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  1. Rocketdawg

    I said this last night on Twitter, “Te’o is the Tebow of defense, good kid, great story, completely overhyped on talent”. He needs to box up all those awards and send them to Jarvis with a “I’m sorry note”

    • JC

      EXACTLY! My wife, who only follows football loosely and rarely watches a full game, said (and I quote), “They (ESPN) have “Tebow’d” that ND guy. They can’t stop fawning over him.”

    • Dawg in Beaumont

      No disrespect to Te’o, because he is a damn good linebacker and a great student/person from everything I’ve heard, but Tebow wasn’t nearly as over rated in college as Te’o was.

      If Te’o was named Bob Smith, played for Purdue, and didn’t have the family tragedy story, extremely few of us would be familiar with him at all.
      I know that sounds extremely dickish of me, but I think it is true.

      Here’s to Te’o having a long successful NFL career. I do believe he will have that.

      • Merk

        My problem is that family deaths played a role in his mention. That is stupid. What they are saying is that if someone you know dies, then you are a better player than someone with the exact same stats. WTF is that. Just goes to show how stupid the system is and why winning the trophy does not mean crap 90% of the time.

        Yes manziel won it, but had they not beaten Bama, then you know Teo would have gotten it.

        • BMan

          I think it’s about as basic as marketing/advertising principles. Go with the snazzy name/package. Manti Te’o is a lot more catchy to repeat a thousand times than Jarvis Jones. Hell, Johnny Manziel wasn’t catchy enough, so they have to say Johhny Football.

          Of course, the way Te’o tackled last night, they may want to call him Manti Olé.

        • NRBQ

          I don’t remember anything from the national media about Jarvis’ inseparable brother being shot and killed.

      • UGA76

        Yeah and that’s what you and a lot of people thought about Rennie Curran lmao. What a joke that was he should have never entered the draft his JR year.

    • Debby Balcer


  2. ChilliDawg

    Why scheme??? Just run right at the guy and have him miss tackles all night. Crash goes your NFL draft pick !

  3. BMan

    If by “schemed for Te’o,” you mean ran right at him because they weren’t all that worried, then yes, they schemed like mad.

    On a serious note, as soon as they knew (1st drive) that their center could handle ND’s noseguard one-on-one, then they could release an interior OL to blast Te’o. Or Lacy could just sidestep whoever the first man in the hole was.

  4. No One Knows You're a Dawg

    Why didn’t Jarvis finish at least in the top 10 for the Heisman?

  5. Tronan

    UGA could stand to up its PR game. Anyone with eyes can see that Jarvis is a much more dynamic player than Te’o, but the ND hype machine is much more effective than Georgia’s (assuming UGA even has one).

    Against my better judgment, I’ve read a few Heisman 2013 projections, and Murray is conspicuous by his absence. I’m not saying he should be viewed as the favorite, but he definitely belongs in the discussion. It’s past time to hire a good media flack and tout his credentials. This likely will be the case for Gurley in 2014, as well.

    • gastr1

      Murray needs to beat the daylights out of a few good defenses AND make amazing Manziel/Newton/RG III plays before he’ll even be considered. His style is too vanilla for the award.

      Not saying it’s right, but we may as well get over it now, because the award is a popularity contest going to the player with the most flash but not always the most success.

      • WFdawg

        So much love for running QBs. Wonder if any of those folks realize how hard it is to execute Murray’s TD pass to King vs. Ole Miss or all of those NFL-quality back shoulder throws he makes.

    • 69Dawg

      I love Dan Mcgill but his time has passed. We never ever hype any of our players. We have had 3 players with national hype in the last 12 years. Pollock, Knowson and Stafford. They get theirs by being great but not because UGA trys to do it. Someone today said if McCarron was the ND QB he would have won the Heisman going away. Murray’s problem is that he has been hung with the he can’t win the big one.

      • gastr1

        I don’t think he has any chance with the Heisman, but he certainly can re-write the “can’t win the big game” meme. I think he got off to a good start with that in the last two games of this season.

      • UGA76

        69Dawg it’s Pollack not Pollock. I’m sure it wasn’t a typo cause the A is far away from the O on the keyboard. Anyway I’m not a spell cop around here but damn it’s David Pollack you’re taikng about one if our greatest defenses players of all time

    • The984

      Heck, we don’t even get all-conference love. Gurley only made one of the two All-SEC first teams this year. On the one he didn’t make, Coaches I believe, Mike Gillislee made it instead (in the one he did make, Gillislee was the other RB, knocking off Lacey). Despite blasting up the SEC record books and having essentially the same passer rating as McCarron (while being asked to do a lot more), Murray gets snubbed for second team All-SEC honors.

  6. austintwo

    Jarvis is great, but no way did he have 132 tackles for loss.

  7. NRBQ

    Double doh!

  8. Will Trane

    Saw all those awards Teo received. Amazed. Perplexed. A senior LB on a team that went to the BCS. Maybe that is it. But ND should not have been in the BCS, and all those awards went to him because of the school he was at. Total bias by sports media, including Holtz and Herbstreet at ESPN. Hard for Jones to receive any of them.
    But if I’m McGarity, I walk down the hall and notify my SID to look elsewhere for work. Read Emerson’s article. 132 tackles for loss that works out to about 12 per game. Very high? And he missed two games.
    LB Jones should have returned for his senior season like ND’s star LB. His play in the SECCG. Bama has proved now that it is a LOS conference. Jones fared better than ND’s star. Just question can he hold up to the NFL lines and schedules. One more year of play and maturity seemed like the better route.
    Other than a new SID.
    Let’s get the O line and D line at the top of the SEC. Do that and I think we go to the SECCG and BCS on a routine basis. Had some initial doubts about Friend, but I think his coaching and the S&C brought the Dawgs to a 12 win season. Let’s get our roster numbers and depth built up like LSU and Bama.
    I’d take Jarvis Jones as my LB everyday and twice on Saturday over ND’s star. No comparison!

  9. Running right at someone is scheming for them, right?

  10. 81Dog

    was it the Senator who looked at T’eo’s stats and found them comparable to UGA’s Tony Taylor a few years ago? I am sure T’eo is a good kid and a good linebacker, but he’s no Jarvis Jones. The NFL tends to be a little less sentimental in player evals, so I expect Jarvis will get the last laugh on draft day. He’ll probably be able to buy a few dinosaur eggs from Dave Chappelle with the extra money he’ll make compared to T’eo.

    • The984

      Barring something like showing up lazy, fat, or injured to the combine, the only lingering question which might drop Jarvis concerns whether he suffers from spinal stenosis. I know we cleared him, and I trust that our doctors made sound medical decisions not based on football motives. However, NFL scouts will probably still consider it some, even when he passes his physical with flying colors.

  11. Normaltown Mike

    Te’o might not have what it takes for the NFL, but he could make it on Good Morning America…


  12. G

    Ogletree would have been a finalist for all the awards if he played a full season. He dominated the Nebraska game flying sideline to sideline. I believe if he works his tail off his draft stock will rise.

    • UGA76

      Ogletree might just end up being the better player in the NFL. Thats if Jones cuts that nasty long hair. I didn’t mean it in a derogatory or demeaning way.

      Jarvis Jones > pee’o

    • RP

      Tree will dominate the combine. That guy is going to look really good doing all those drills. Can’t wait to see his 40 time. Has to be sub 4.5.

  13. AthensHomerDawg

    Domination…. Poor Golick/http://espn.go.com/espnradio/play?id=8824096

  14. HamDawg11

    Don’t forget, Jarvis also led the nation in fumbles forced…..the NATION! Te’o didn’t lead the nation in any statistical category. He was tied for third with 7 interceptions, that’s it!

    I guess Jarvis just wasn’t flashy enough or playing on an over-hyped team to be considered. He led all of D1 football in 3 key stats for defensive players, yet he gets passed over for almost every defrnsive award! Unbelievable! Not only did he miss 2 games due to injury and play 2 option teams, he played at least 2 games (as far as we know) nursing some of the same injuries that kept him off the field…

  15. Tom

    Teo was all about the national sports media and their love for all things NDame. Not about who was the best player, but who was the best story. Jarvis out performed him in a much tougher schedule, against mush tougher competition. When it got tough, Te o whiffed!

    And to top it off, ND is 4 and UGA is tied for 5th in AP final standings. Shows me it aint about who is best, its about feeling good. Not necesarily compatible.

  16. Mayor of Dawgtown

    Te’o isn’t good enough to carry JJ’s jockstrap.