SOD fallout

Deion Bonner is persona non grata at Tennessee.

Defensive linemen Trent Taylor and Omari Phillips and defensive back Deion Bonner won’t be part of the program moving forward, according to UT spokesperson Jimmy Stanton.

Phillips and Taylor both stopped attending practices last year to focus on academics, then-coach Derek Dooley said at the time. Bonner was suspended for an undisclosed violation of team rules in November. Taylor and Phillips are listed as inactive students in the university directory. Bonner is still listed as an enrolled student, but if he returns to UT, it won’t be as a member of the football team.

It’s the collateral damage that’s always the saddest part of these stories.  But remember that when one door closes, Alabama State’s door opens.

On a related note, given proximity and Garner migrating to Auburn, how likely is it that we’ll see more Carver Columbus alumni distinguishing themselves on the Plains going forward?


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21 responses to “SOD fallout

  1. Timphd

    Interesting comments from a Georgia kid about being recruited by Garner. Maybe his recruiting skills had deteriorated over time or there was some disconnect, but it makes you wonder whether UGA might have been in the running for other major D line kids over time with a different recruiting coordinator.


    • W Cobb Dawg

      What stands out is that RG and CTG were definitely not on the same page with Bellamy – and that says volumes about the recruiting situation.

      But the good news – like s&c and some of our other past issues which I won’t list, it appears recruiting is getting changed for the better. We’ve been pretty good for a long time, now we can shift gears and be even better.


      • AthensHomerDawg

        Agreed. I didn’t get the hue and cry and the “large hole Garner was leaving in recruiting” (Hijo looking at you!) meme. I guess it all works out.


      • Cojones

        Was Garner screwing with us for not declaring him The D Coord? Has it been happening more than one year?

        Not to let him off the hook, I would like to see why Grantham was not (or was) a part of the miss on these players.


        • W Cobb Dawg

          Just speculating of course, but maybe because Bellamy is a DL it was considered RG’s ‘turf’. Consider how much time and effort we spent re-recruiting Atkins and Mayes, who were already signees in past years. The only ‘new’ verbal is Moose Johnson. Lots of work to be done on DL recruiting before signing day. Amazing that RG would dismiss Bellamy, or any DL recruit for that matter, considering our DL needs.


  2. JG Shellnutt

    Deion Bonner is an energy vampire.


  3. Debby Balcer

    It sounds like RG did cause us to lose the Athlete . I wonder if UT’s kids go JUCO.


  4. Orl Dawg

    Maybe I missed something from a while ago; but how is the nations number one high school recruit within a rocks through of Athens and UGA has never been on his list? Robert Nkimdeche has Ole Miss(I get that with his brother there) and LSU. I don’t get this one. HIs brother should’ve been on the Dawgs list as he’s a quality LB for the Rebels. Maybe Garner wasn’t doing the best he could…..we’ll sure find out…


  5. Orl Dawg

    I meant throw not through


  6. Go Dawgs!

    The head coach at Carver Columbus is an Auburn Alum, too.


  7. 66DAWGnNC

    In my humble but accurate opinion, the difference I see in coach Richt and other programs is this: Richt draws a line and says here are the consequences if you cross it. If a kid crosses it he is shown the door. For instance: Nick Marshall; Chris ? (from Tucker); and Sanford Seay, two high ranking recruits and one average recruit, were quickly shown the door after violating team rules. Richt has been catching some grief on other blogs for not re-signing Marshall. While he may be a great player, he crossed the line and paid the consequences. It was rumored the kid from Tucker may return, but that ship has evidently sailed as well. Then there is the Crowell saga. Another highly touted player that not only crossed the line, he tried to draw his own line. SEC Freshman of the year mind you told to hit the road. How many other coaches do this? Well the Bonner kids scholly offer was rescinded after he stole electronics from the UGA locker room on a recruiting visit. He then ends up at UT, where he is obviously into more trouble. That is not surprising since other UT players beat an off-duty police officer nearly to death and I don’t think they missed a play. I also read somewhere a while back that several UF players had failed some drug tests but never missed playing time during Urban’s tenure. Don’t even get me started on the Cam Newton story. Stole a lap-top while at UF; tried to cover it up; was flunking out of school; took the JUCO route; ended up at Auburn; and you know the rest of the story. While I am sure all the kids on UGA’s roster are no angels, I do know that Richt tries to teach his players to be men first; football players second. When they violate team rules they pay for it.


  8. Stoopnagle

    Wow. UT is gonna suck in ’13.


  9. I’m sure y’all have already heard this, but Alabama State got into trouble for the recruitment of Crowell. Their AD was recently canned for that and some other stuff.


    • Cojones

      BD, off subject, but I know you must not agree with a lot of the character arrows shot at your chief. Sure like to see what you agree and disagree with concerning those speculations. My dislike for some things he does goes back to when he was at LSU, but some character assessments are off target negatively (I feel) and there has to be other tolerance reasons of Saban defense swimming in Bama fans’s heads. Would like to read them.


      • Interesting question, Cojones.

        I’ve liked Saban since his LSU days. I don’t know why, I think I liked his half time interviews or something. On the other hand, I don’t want to just be a sycophant that thinks he walks on water.

        A lot of folks make their assessment of his character (or at least use it as the final straw) based on how he left Miami. Many of these are the same folks that lie to their wives when she asks if she looks fat in that dress or waste their employer’s work time by cruising the web. I guess I just don’t care what they think.

        I don’t think he’s handled every situation correctly and I think he’s extremely hard on people. I would imagine he’s difficult to work and play for, but I don’t think that’s illegal, immoral or unethical. I think in the end, I think the “market of college football” will answer the questions about his character and style. If recruits think he lies and uses them, ultimately, they will head elsewhere.

        Also, I would not expect to come to this site and read wonderful things about Saban. There’s obviously a Georgia slant here. 🙂 Most of the digs and insults make me laugh. That’s part of why I like it here.

        Maybe some of this makes sense. I don’t think his poop smells like roses, but I also don’t believe everything the media says about him. Maybe that sums it up.

        Also, unless I’ve read things incorrectly, the Senator obviously snarks ole Nick, but he also shows a fair amount of respect. I think a fair number of posters here do the same as well.

        Have a good weekend,



  10. Cojones

    Crowell didn’t do anything, the AD lied and the school is awaiting big time NCAA sanctions for that subterfuge.

    The point that was being made was comparison of a Richt on the “hot seat” vs SOD when he is threatened when losing players. Richt performed like a man and a coach who has his players’s best interests at heart, not his own ass. SOD, not so much.

    The reapin’ and sowin’ thingy comes to mind.