Now here’s a question.

I think I’ll open this one up for general response.

What about the “Ted Roof effect”?

Mere laughter is not an answer.


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  1. Uglydawg

    Almost every recruit mentioned as a possible flip for GT is described as “Still comitted” or “Still strongly comitted” to X State, etc. This article is based on wishful thinking and little else.

  2. Bubs

    WAY more laughter?

  3. 202dawg

    Is that kind of like the Butterfly Effect, except instead of nose bleeds the hemorrhage is points?

  4. What about the “Mama” effect. If Ted gets to the Mama’s and they can keep their boys close to home, that will out weigh everything.

  5. That picture is begging for a caption thread.

  6. Spike

    Hmmm.. Ohio State or Tech… What to do, what to do.. Not!

  7. zdawg15

    Better sign for Tek’s first home game: ‘Raise the Roof’ or ‘The Roof is one fire’?

  8. AthensHomerDawg

    I don’t believe Roof is gonna steal many recruits. On another note I noticed this headline while perusing Bluto’s link.
    “Recruiting KARMA? Ex-UGA recruiting coordinator Rodney Garner meets with 5-star he passed on with Bulldogs … now he’s top priority at Auburn”

    Is this starting to be bothersome to anyone besides me?

  9. The insular nature of the coaching profession is ridiculous. I could understand a failed head coach getting a gig as a coordinator. After all, he probably succeeded in that capacity at some point before becoming a failed head coach. But a failed coordinator getting another coordinator job just one year removed from an unmitigated disaster on the Plains (where they weren’t exactly short on talent… unlike his new job) is unthinkable, right?

    I think EDSBS had it right when they pegged Roof as Al Groh without the head-coach complex. Just a silly hire. I suppose the good news is it can’t get much worse. I mean, they got hammered by MTSU this year.

  10. Doug

    You’d think that after Zook, Orgeron and Chizik, schools would’ve learned their lesson about hiring dudes with GREAT reps as recruiters but mediocre-at-best track records as actual, you know, coaches.

    Roof’s defense at Penn State last year finished 29th in FBS in total yardage allowed, the best ranking of his career as a DC. Previously his defenses finished 81st, 60th and 68th (Auburn); 80th (Minnesota); 57th and 65th (Duke); and 32nd, 70th and 100th (first go-round at Georgia Tech). Is this really a guy the Jackets’ rivals are supposed to be worried about?

    • 81Dog

      on the plus side for the nerds, if Roof can get their D ranked 100 on this go round, it would be an improvement, wouldnt it? Remember, it’s all relative.😉

      • Will (the other one)

        Honestly, and annoyingly, yes. If they could hold teams under 30/ game in ACC play, that’s good enough for at least 7-8 wins/year. Ds with talented athletes can shut down Fish Fry’s O, but the nerds play only 3-4 of those Ds a year, tops.
        I’d still rather them hit a true bottom and fire Fish Fry, then watch the shock when the new coach tries to mold a normal offense around talent recruited for punk blocks and option runs. It would be a great chance for us to be the team that sends them to a winless season.

        • 81Dog

          stick around a few more years. Sooner or later, it is bound to happen; it may depend on the economy recovering enough so all those “GT millionaires” we all supposedly work for can afford to buy out the Mini-Skipper’s contract. Even the moonshiners at AU could afford to buy the Chiz out, but GT? Those guys are checking for “fire your football coach half off” offers.

  11. Brandon

    I think this potentially calls for a new lexicon entry:

    “Roofies”, n., football recruits who are mesmerized by the aura of Georgia Tech defensive coordinator Ted Roof who may easily be bent to his will. Associated terms and phrases, “The Ted Roof Effect”; “One Roof to rule them all”.

  12. Chuck

    The ‘Ted Roof’ effect is the result of taking too many ‘roofies’.

  13. Cousin Eddie

    Sole reason Murray can back was to pad his stats against another Roof Defensive.

  14. William

    The murmuring I have heard from my Auburn buddies, was that Roof didn’t teach fundamentals, and so when BVG took over, he was starting everything from square one……this is how you tackle, this is how you square your hips and drive through. Apparently Roof takes the raw talent and just drops it into hsi scheme. He doesn’t Coach them Up, and so any natural gifts they have start to deteriorate due to incorrect application. Just food for thought.

  15. Puffdawg

    The “Ted Roof Effect Defect”

    There, FIFY

  16. Cojones

    Oh, really! If he is so bad, why do I expect the fans to be cheering his name from the stands during the UGA/GT game this year? I can hear it now; “Roof Roof!, Roof Roof!”.

  17. Uglydawg

    If Tech has a leaky defense, it’ll be that as’phalt Roof.

  18. Porter Osborne Jr

    Laughing at Trey Johnson for thinking Urban is a stable situation at OSU. He might want to look at how long he’s stayed at each school he’s coached.

  19. Scott

    Given that Roof changes teams nearly every year, why would a player follow him to any school?