At least you’ve got your health.

After reading this

Jones’ situation is much more serious because not only could spinal stenosis cut short his NFL career, it could potentially leave him in a wheelchair.

If his stenosis is a serious concern, I just hope medical doctors can talk Jones into walking away from the NFL and going back to Georgia to continue his education.

… I’d have to say that on a suckitude scale of 1-10 (ten being ultimate suckitude), the scenario of doctors talking Jones into walking away from the NFL after he’s already given up his college eligibility to pursue his dream would come in at about an eight.


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  1. hassan

    I would say that 8 is conservative. For someone who has so much riding on an NFL future, this one goes to 11.


  2. The984

    Doesn’t he maintain college eligibility until he has signed with an agent? Then again, he likely has signed with an agent.


  3. Mike

    If he fails the NFL medical tests, then does this mean that he had the problem all along? That he was in more danger than a “normal” player of paralysis at best and death at worse. That the UGA doctors that cleared him were wrong, and the USC doctors were right?

    Questions, questions, questions


  4. Debby Balcer

    This give knows nothing about Jones’ health situation. If it was a risk there is no way GA cleared him. They would not want to be liable.


  5. Debby Balcer

    Spinal stenosis could exist in any player do they run tests on all players to check for it?


  6. Go Dawgs!

    This Lost Letterman deal is SUCH an irresponsible article! They’ve never talked to Jarvis, Georgia’s doctors, USC’s doctors, NFL doctors… anyone. This is pure speculation and can only damage Jarvis. Hey, Lost Lettermen, Georgia cleared him. Our doctors aren’t interested in being sued. And after two years of hard hitting SEC action, he has had no trouble. Think Kiper may have access to people with medical knowledge and connections to NFL front office people with knowledge of Jarvis Jones’ history? Seriously. This shouldn’t have been published.


    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      +1. Irresponsible, yellow journalism based totally on conjecture of the rankest sort. Where is the evidence that a problem continues to exist in JJ’s cervical spine? This is making sh!t up just to have something to print.


  7. Uglydawg

    Prayers that he will be found healthy enough to play in the NFL. He’s been very unselfish and is one fine Dawg.


  8. This is seriously the first “Oh, is it safe for Jarvis to be playing?” article that I have read after he finished his medical redshirt over two years ago, and it has to be at the time that this kind of speculation will carry the most weight pertaining to his draft status (AND financial status). Did Jim Webber give a crap for the past two years? No. Did he write the article because he really gives a crap about Jarvis Jones as a person? Hell no. Do I want to punch Jim Webber in the face? Hmmmmmm 😉


    • Debby Balcer



    • Chadwick

      I hope you don’t think that piece carries any weight with where he’s drafted and by what team. I’m good friends with one of they guys that cleared him, and he’ll tell you they made the correct decision on the medical evidence they had at hand. What Jarvis didn’t get was a guarantee. An NFL team will protect their investment regardless of what has been written on a blog. I hope he goes 1st and walks away after an illustrious career.


      • I don’t think that this particular article means much of anything, I just hate the idea of a meme getting any traction whatsoever.


      • j4k372

        Agree. When the rubber hits the road, NFL teams will make the final determination based on evidence. If JJ gets drafted later than the first round, then that would cause me great concern for his health. I really don’t see it happening. If UGA docs cleared him, then you can bet the risk is minimal.


  9. Macallanlover

    Didn’t stay at a Holiday Inn last night so I will not give a medical opinion. The story itself seems a fair point to raise, we all had the same concerns when he was cleared. After 2 years of rugged play, it seems the UGA staff was right and the USC staff was wrong, but that doesn’t mean his situation couldn’t worsen, or be susceptible to a strong hit from a particular angle. As the article states, there have been other instances of this, it is a risk no question about it. And it could hurt his draft chances/position due to the higher likelihood of serious injury. I hope it doesn’t hurt JJ’s draft chances, and that he has a successful career in the NFL. I also hope he gets out before any collisions cost him a chance at a normal life. This article will not ne news to any NFL team, it is well known by anyone who has scouted Jarvis.


  10. Chadwick

    Tat didn’t read like an irresponsible hatchet job to me. I’ve had my fingers crossed for him since he’s suited up. Spinal injuries are catastrophic and just because he was cleared does not eliminate the chances for injury. the author is right, he will be a lab rat until he is picked. He’ll be Jarvis Jones, walking MRI. He is a class kid and I wish him the best.


  11. Debby Balcer

    Anyone playing football risks catastrophic injury. It is irresponsible for the author to make assumptions since he has no access to Jones’ medical records.


  12. 69Dawg

    In none of the cases the author sited did the player have spinal stenosis the players broke their necks. Our own Dave Pollack broke his neck and as far as I know he had no spinal problems before hand. I’m sure UGA and the doctors that cleared him didn’t want to risk the school on a bad outcome. With USC at the time they had personnel like Alabama and might have just used this to clear a scholarship. I seem to remeber that JJ had some independent doctors clear him also.


  13. Jarvis was cleared by UGa docs and 2 of his own docs. He had 4 total opinions including the USC doc. 3 cleared him and 2 werent bank rolled by UGa.

    It’s a pointless article.


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  15. Peyton Manning

    Even if there is some risk of injury, even serious injury, it may be worth it.


    • Go Dawgs!

      I was surprised to see you commenting here, Peyt, but then I remembered that you’ve got some extra time this week.