Name that caption, low-hanging fruit edition

I’m sorry, but I would be seriously remiss in my duties as this blog’s proprietor if I didn’t share this special moment with you all.

Do your best (worst?) in the comments.


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75 responses to “Name that caption, low-hanging fruit edition

  1. TomReagan

    TMZ Headline: Is Mama June cheeting on Sugar Bear? See her at this photo op in Tuscaloosa.

  2. Boz

    Funny, yea, but I sure wish this was a tech blog making fun of the dawgs and our low hanging fruit…

  3. Dog in Fla

    Deryl, Deryl and Larry go to the store to buy some Dr. Pepper

  4. Jax

    On one hand, this is the reason we poke fun at Alabama – no other state can boast of a fanbase with such rubes. On the other hand, the reason that Bama is so successful is that these rubes live their lives for this team. Arguably, no other program brings as much pride to a state as Bama football because they have little else to enjoy.

  5. Gravidy

    I’ll think up a caption…just as soon as I can stop laughing.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      How about this: “Gawllee! That diamond is gotta be the biiiggestest one in all of Alabama!!!! How do they get it on a wrang???

  6. ChilliDawg

    Woooo-weeee. Betty, run back to Household and find one of those. I believe I can make that into a lamp.

  7. Connor R

    Bama fans celebrate the Tide’s 42nd National Championship

  8. AlphaDawg

    Look Ma, a football shaped diamond.

  9. JasonC

    Saban finds his next NG to replace Mt. Cody and another good DE but I think the other one will have to redshirt before he’ll see the field.

  10. Gerga Bulldougs

    (Pictured Above: Me in the red sweater accompanied by my Dad, sister, mother, half brother, and two second cousins)

  11. RomanDawg

    Ricky Tidwell’s mama’s gonna play football….

  12. Harvey Updyke couldn’t make it to the photo opp with the fam, he was a little busy.

  13. Crzybmafan

    I think I could eat it…or birth it.

  14. Hogbody Spradlin

    Is Orson Charles hanging around anywhere close by?

  15. Cojones

    Dr Pepper, it’s not for women ….and at least not for one guy.

  16. Normaltown Mike

    Dr. Pepper…just what the Nephrologist ordered!

  17. Wouldn’t you like to be a Pepper, too?

  18. Dante

    That’s the answer to life, the universe, and everything?

  19. Haywood Jablome

    We can’t beat you on the field but that won’t stop us from making fun of your fans.

  20. “We make Lulu and Junior look like they just stepped out of Vogue and GQ.”

  21. Mike

    No doubt this is Alabama’s answer to Lulu and Junior.

  22. JohnDenver is full of shit

    We drank a Dr. Pepper this year for every Alabama victory… Evarrr!

  23. AusDawg85

    Premiering next season’s cast of villains in “Justified”….

  24. Heathbar09

    “Ay Mama, how’d they know your dress size?”

    “Oh Billy Bob, you’re such a gentleman. I ain’t been a size 42 since my senior year at Greene County Middle.

  25. LTC J

    I’m thinking Halloween Ma…sprinkle some of that “Twilight” Vampire makeup on and you can pull it off!

  26. Hunkering Hank

    Jack Spratt could eat no fat, his wife (and son) could eat no lean…

  27. Matt

    Imma gonna eatcha!!

    Git in mah belly!!!

  28. Keese

    Big fan of the hot pockets on aisle 4….

  29. Is that a two for one Dr Pepper special behind that National Championship trophy?

  30. Bryant Denny

    1) I don’t get why y’all think this is funny.

    2) How did y’all get this picture of me and my kin?

  31. AusDawg85

    So you’re the Dude in the middle? 😉

  32. Bulldog Joe

    And on aisle 42, we have the Mama and the Papas tribute band sangin’ their hit, Alabama Dreamin’.

  33. Ed Kilgore

    Since Bama folk consider themselves the sophisticates of their state, I’d suggest this on their behalf:

    “Three Barners pose as Alabama fans to get as close as they will ever again get to the Crystal Trophy.”

  34. Congratulations- winners of the Dr. Pepper combined I.Q. contest! 42!!!

  35. hassan

    We ah here to t’see the Doctor ’bout our diabetus. Ohhh lookee here Carl, dey got uh family size meth pipe dat look like a footbawl. Dis da best minute clinic eveh.

  36. Tatum

    Three proud University of Alabama graduates wonder why all the other fans are so focused on crystal footballs instead of academics.

  37. AusDawg85

    A touching moment for Kenny Stabler and family….

  38. dawg92

    Saban: “OK, so do one of you take this, um, woman to be your wife? Hurry up dammit. I don’t have time for this $h*%.”

  39. Bulldog Joe

    “We stopped by for some Krystals and all we see here is this funny lookin’ footbawl.”

  40. Hey, no fair we don’t ever get a chance to make fun of y’all. You don’t ever win a national championship.

  41. Russ

    Maybe we can see some townies posing with it by the Grill next year…

  42. Dawg19

    Three more winners of the “I came to Miami to get tackled by Manti T’eo and all I got was this lousy crystal ball” T-shirt contest…

  43. hhg

    You’re all real heroes for anonymously making fun of strangers for being overweight and appearing poor. Jesus Christ.

    • mg4life0331

      Thank you for your moral lecture. God will still punish you the same for taking his name in vain though.

      • hhg

        You’re welcome for the lecture, friend. I’ll take my chances with the Almighty.

        Maybe I missed something. Is the “humor” coming from something other than their weight or apparent lack of money? Oh, I noticed that some of you don’t think they are as smart as you are; intelligence being one of those things that is really easy to determine from a picture.

        Look at this outside of the context of the internet, and you might see my side of the argument. If a bunch of lawyers, accountants, and other professionals were at a table next to yours at a restaurant and you overheard them gleefully mocking the busboy for being overweight, or for having shitty shoes, what would your reaction be? Maybe you’d join in on the fun, but I hope most people would think, “Boy, what a bunch of assholes.”

        The only difference is that in my hypothetical, the busboy probably wouldn’t hear the comments, whereas the ‘Bama fans pictured above will probably be forwarded at least some of the links of everyone taking such joy in mocking their station in life.

        • Gravidy

          As usual, when someone expends this much energy typing out an anonymous internet rant, you’ve missed the point entirely. But hey, at least you feel better about yourself now. That’s the goal, right?

          • hhg

            What was the point that I “missed entirely?”

            • Gravidy

              Well, speaking only for myself, I don’t think the picture is funny because of “their weight or apparent lack of money” or any of the other straw men you knitted together. Truth be told, I’m quite a portly fellow myself, and no one would ever accuse me of being rich. No, the funny part to me is that these people stood in a line for hours to have their picture taken with a trophy. I can’t fathom that. It is funny to me. If you can’t understand that, then sue me. And by the way, the fact that they just happened to appear at this big event wearing the same clothes they wore to bed doesn’t indicate a lack of money. It indicates a lack of judgement – which is also mock-worthy in my book. I’ll let others speak for themselves, but that is the point you “missed entirely” about my reaction.

  44. Uglydawg

    Ouch! Thanks for that hhg. These people aren’t “public figures” and don’t deserve to be hurt. I considered not posting for the same reasons, but did it anyhow. You’re a better man than me.

  45. Brandon

    These are just regular folks, I like doing this more when it’s a coach or someone who has thrust themselves into the limelight or a controversy. We’ve all got our fans who might embarass other fans and we’ve all got different ideas as to who that might be.

  46. Ubiquitous Ga Alum

    So Bama is up to 42 National Championships now?

  47. Cojones

    Saw that the Senator posted this under the file: “Whoa, oh, Alabama”, to elicit an anti-Alabama response of jest, however, many responses didn’t follow that theme, including mine. Shit!

  48. Rebar

    from left to right
    Thin, thicker, thickest!

  49. Cosmic Dawg

    They look like nice people getting their picture taken with the trophy the team they root for won. It’s kind of funny, but I’d sure feel bad if they stopped by this blog with all the mean comments.

    • Cosmic Dawg

      Just read through ALL the comments was glad I wasn’t the only moralizing nannybob on here…just the biggest. 😉