The Big Ten’s new tradition

How can you not laugh at that pompous ass Jim Delany announcing a retreat from the “Legends” and “Leaders” nomenclature he assigned to his conference’s two divisions with great fanfare, what, a mere two or three years ago?  His fee-fees are hurted:

“I’m not sure it was a national survey [of people who didn’t like the names], but people who hit the ‘send’ button,” Delany said. “I don’t take umbrage to negative reaction. I don’t necessarily change when I hear it. I think on the other hand, we said we would test-market it, and we have for a couple of years. We have the opportunity to look at it again. I’m sure we will. Whether or not we change or not is to be determined. I don’t have any presumption that we’ll change on it, but that doesn’t mean we’re not looking at it.

“I don’t think when you try to build something, lead some organization, you don’t want to be tone deaf. But it’s not up for vote every week.”

I bet if there was money in voting every week for that, he’d change his tune.

And, hey, this isn’t about SEC superiority.  After all, we’re dealing with the geographic absurdity of a Missouri being plunked in the East.  This is just about what money grubbing brings you.  These guys will keep crapping on everything that makes the sport they control special because they can’t help themselves.



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31 responses to “The Big Ten’s new tradition

  1. JG Shellnutt

    How about The Lousy and The Losers?

    Let me paraphrase him for a moment: ‘Everyone hates the names that I chose, but it was not a scientific study, just a bunch of whiners anonymously sitting in their moms’ basements on the computer. Even if it were everyone who hates the names that I chose, that negativity does not make me want to change anything. I’m not saying we’re going to change anything, but I’m also not saying we’re not going to change anything. Even though the names are perfect, we said we would test the names out, and we have. What we do with the test is up to me and me only. I’ll do what I want. Now, if I can just get these divisional names perfect, the B1G Ten will be even greater than the knuckle dragging SEC folks who also lie and cheat and steal (which we don’t do.’


  2. Chadwick

    Hacksaw, on the Vent, put it best. They should change the names to “the Rose Bowl Loser/ the Cap One Bowl Loser”. Appropriate, don’t you think?

    Delaney is the perfect bureaucrat.


  3. David K

    Your cynicism towards how college football is being run is overrunning the blog. Making fun of the Big Integer for backpedaling on the absurdity of the “Legends and Leaders” is enough.


    • You’re probably not going to like my next post much. 😉

      Sorry, but I’m a cynic by nature. If that’s overrunning the blog, as you put it, it’s only in response to the crass greed that’s overrunning college football these days. If they’ll stop, I will, too.


      • David K

        I’m with you and I have to believe many of they people who enjoy the blog like I do agree with where you’re coming from. Just thought pushing that angle into every post seemed forced in this case.


  4. gastr1

    Yet the next post after this one is about the “market at work.” Seems like you’re criticizing both ends of the candle a bit, Senator.


  5. Macallanlover

    Both their “Leaders” and “Legends” have taken quite a beaten since they first came up with those poorly chosen labels. That choice was always laughable but hanging on to The Big Ten name is pretty dumb too. The PAC10, Big 8, etc, all moved on, time for Delany to catch up with the past 20+ years. “Big Tent” would be appropriate for what is going on in that part of the country.


    • The Lone Stranger

      “Big Tent” — truly appropriate! Let’s all just understand, that Tent is swung wide only for institutions filled with “scholars”.


  6. Lrgk9

    9 sentences and 8 uses of the pronoun ‘I’.
    There is a definite probem with Jimmy D. and it’s in his mirror…


    • Yeah. There’s a misquote there, I believe. He actually said “I don’t necessarily cringe [not change] when I hear it…”
      And he’s lying.


  7. FCDore

    How about “Corn” and “Rust”?
    Though I do like the “Rose Bowl Loser” and “Capital One Bowl Loser” names.


  8. James

    What’s interesting is that the “B1G” thing was just as rowdily mocked on twitter the day of the presser, but that turned out to be a pretty decent play. The L&L thing never broken in, right, though, mostly because its approach to usefulness is the exact opposite.


  9. Ben

    Missouri being in the Eastern Division makes more sense than the days when Atlanta was in the NFC West and and the NL West. Whoever thought up that plan hated those of us on the east coast wanting to watch a playoff race.

    Also, they should just use “Rust” and “Dust”. Might not fit perfectly, but it rhymes and makes more sense than “Legends” and “Leaders”.


    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      Ben, I gotta say that I miss those days when the Braves played San Francisco or LA on the Left Coast with the pennant on the line and the game started at about 10 PM. I’d watch ’til then end then drag ass into work barely awake but smiling ’cause the Braves whacked ’em.


      • Ben

        I didn’t say I didn’t enjoy it; in fact, that’s the last time I really enjoyed baseball. I remember catching the Giants when the Braves were about 10 games back near the end of the season. That was an exciting time.


        • When TBS first cranked up, and were scrounging for programming, they used to re-broadcast the eastern games about 2 in the morning. Which was great for certain bachelors who had other things to do between 7pm to midnight or thereabouts.


  10. Junk Stats

    Personally I like “Tortoise and “Snail”


  11. Pvt. Daniel D. Farbecker

    how bout “Bend Over” and “Irrelevant”


  12. Watchman

    Abusers and Enablers would work well for them


  13. Dawg19

    How about “On Probation” and “Working On It”?


  14. Rebar

    What about Dumb & Dumber?