Tramel Terry and the P word

I sure hope this is a case of Terry indulging his inner Corrine Brown here

“They’re looking for me to be like a Percy Harvin type of guy,” Terry said of the former Florida wide receiver who had more than 1,900 receiving yards and more than 1,800 rushing yards in college. “They don’t have a guy like me to where I can run the ball and I’m a wide receiver at the same time. Sometimes they’ve got to go to the defensive side and bring Brandon Boykin or Branden Smith over to the offensive field. Now that they have me, they don’t have to do all that. We’ll see, once I get healthy.”

… because if it turns out that Georgia coaches are using Percy Harvey as a selling tool, man, that’s just wrong.



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16 responses to “Tramel Terry and the P word

  1. Lrgk9

    All the UGA fans and UF fans just on’t marry aside – Would like to see him stretch the defenses after Gurley and Marshall put 9 in the box.

    Ahh – for a couple of DL and a safety to come shining through…


    • The Lone Stranger

      It is my worry as well — the onslaught of UGa-Hogs ’09 style ball. Willie Ball resurrected. In the main, however, my gut says that CTG is a more savvy evaluator of personnel so the new dudes manning vacated positions will deliver enough to support the roaring locomotive of Offense we’ll see in ’13.


  2. Go Dawgs!

    I certainly hope he doesn’t have his heart set on spending too much time in the backfield. I can see Bobo coming up with some creative shifts that put him back there or have him start back there and flex out to a five-wide look or something, but the main reason we had to have Boykin and Smith in the backfield was that we didn’t have a lot of other options there. We’ve got two of the best running backs in the country now, and we might just have THE best. So, there’s not much need to get TOO cute with it. Let’s just let Terry stretch the field like Lrgk9 suggests along with Mitchell, Conley, and hopefully a healthy Michael Bennett. Justin Scott-Wesley… oops. Got drool on the keyboard.


    • W Cobb Dawg

      Agree on getting too cute. I would like to see more passes to Gurley, or use him as a decoy. Using Gurley as a blocker is a waste of talent. But I also like the athleticism of a guy like Terry, who can turn short passes into big gains. Having too much talent isn’t a bad problem to have.


  3. Jax

    I don’t mind the mention of Percy Harvin at all. He was one of the most dynamic players of the past decade and was also, arguably, the primary reason Florida one two national titles. Yes, even moreso than Tebow since he was Tebow’s primary outlet on 3rd and whatever.


    • Bulldawg165

      This is a position that I’ve long held too. Look how much UF’s offense dropped off the year after Percy Harvin lef


    • Chuck

      Word. He can be the new PH and we can win a couple MNCs as far as I am concerned. Hell, we can be the new UF, and Corinne can gradulate us all she wants. Let’s just be willing to do it as a team.


  4. Hogbody Spradlin

    If we win the big one, I’ll be happy to give Terry the game ball for gusty play.


  5. Rebar

    After seeing Marshall’s catch in the bowl game, I hope we see him set out in the slot some next year.


  6. No worries….this Bobo we’re talking about….no way Terry has PH-like numbers.


  7. Cojones

    Speaking of Bobo, some of you still don’t get it. Besides what is already operating under the Big Tent ,Bobo continues to install larger cogs(Terry) while upgrading others (QBs) to starter status (which takes his O into the next 2-3 years). He has replacement cogs gathered into a basket in order to perpetuate the largest O-show in the SEC. Bobo is upping the dynamics of this new O machine that he has built for our full enjoyment. What’s not to like?

    Not sure as to why he is building such a juggernaught into the future if he were looking elsewhere. He is a DGD and should be fully appreciated by everyone who is a Dawg.