Freak out time?

Chip Kelly to Philadelphia hasn’t even had time to cool yet, and the rumor mill’s already cranking up.

Nice timing with a month to go on the recruiting front.


UPDATE:  New, improved freak out!


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55 responses to “Freak out time?

  1. Rocketdawg

    Well played Kirby/Saban….well played, indeed.


    • HVL Dawg

      I don’t know how recruits can trust Kirby Smart at all. He’s positively not going to be at Alabama to see any of his recruits gradulate (h/t Corrine Brown). If there’s any Coordinator in the country who gets mentioned more for cfb jobs I’d like to know who it is.


  2. Castleberry

    And I was just contemplating how far the Eagles will fall in next year’s fantasy ratings. They’ll probably be on the field for a lot of plays next season. May be a bad career move for Todd. Of course, he is losing a lot of starters if he stays in Athens.


  3. heyberto

    Money talks… So of they throw enough at him, would be hard to say no. but if he wants a head coaching gig in college, he might stay. Hope the rumors aren’t true.


  4. sUGArdaddy

    I remember seeing him walk off the field one home game holding his young sons hand. I think he likes the college game. Wade Phillips is the highest paid DC in the NFL and makes $700K/year, abotu $125-150K less than Grantham. More pressure, less money, longer hours, 1 first round draft pick per year, shorter shelf life, and outdoor December games in Philly. Sign me up!


    • Rick

      Longer hours without recruiting? Surely this is not true.


      • sUGArdaddy

        Uh, yeah. Pro coaches don’t have much of a life. They sleep in their offices and have horrible family lives. That’s just the game. If you want a family life, do the college thing. Recruiting is time-consuming and a hassle, but the demands in the college game are just less. Spurrier wouldn’t commit to it…and failed miserably.


        • AlphaDawg

          The season never ends in the NFL, at least in college the NCAA mandates down time between recruiting and you only get o coach the players for 20 hrs during the week. As a pro you get them that much in 3 days, plus game planning.


  5. AthensHomerDawg

    Wonder where the Ducks fall to. I hope Coach Todd “Damn” Grantham stays on. I always thought that Donnan was a pretty good x&o guy (blasphemy?) but when he lost the core of his assistants he really dropped.

    Bluto’s title got me to humming…..


    • Hogbody Spradlin

      I don’t know how Jim Donnan got into this, but he was a nifty X’s and O’s guy and a good play caller. Not much of a judge of quarterback ability though.


      • tbia

        I disagree….he could see Quincy’s ability…in fact, as talented as we’ve ever had. He just couldn’t, or wouldn’t get him to cut out the candy.


      • AthensHomerDawg

        “I don’t know how Jim Donnan got into this,” Ahhhhh….I am just a poster and not a blogger, certainly not a writer. I tend to wander and dangle a bit which Hijo has patiently pointed out not only here but has emailed me directly. H/T Hijo. Point being is that Donnan’s slide accelerated when his core group of assistants made career changes. We don’t need to hire a new DL coach and lose a DC. Continuity never gets the respect its due.
        just sayin’


  6. /swallows hard

    //throws up in mouth a little


    //// (I’m not gonna cry…I’m not gonna cry)

    ///// loses touch with reality, crawls into fetal position, mumbles something about Ted Roof, one of the most respected coaches in football, passes out…


  7. Twilb Dawg

    This guy also said as little as 5 hours ago that Ken Wisenhut was the guy the Eagles were targeting as their HC…he nailed that one.


  8. Rick

    Grantham took the most talented defense in the conference and turned it into a 6th place unit statistically. I think he’s talented, and want him to stay, but why is he such a hot commodity?


    • Silver Creek Dawg

      9 defensive starters drafted, including as many as 3 first rounders, goes a long way with the NFL. Additionally, he’s had some success in the League (albeit not as a DC).


  9. What fresh hell is this?

    Chip, did you see how many yards UGA gave up against the rush down the stretch. Nothing to see here….move along.


  10. Go Dawgs!

    Those who stay will be champions, Coach Grantham.


  11. 69Dawg

    Hiring the Co-DC from MSU looks like a stroke of genuis now.


  12. Irwin R Fletcher

    I don’t think Grantham is leaving…but if he did, it’s interesting to think about a DC search in this environment (Richt’s job very secure, coming off two SEC championship games, a top 5 ranking, strong recruiting classes, etc.) versus the environment in the last DC search.

    Like I said…I don’t think he will go for this job AND I should add that I hope he doesn’t…but I would certainly have less angst about being able to attract the right hire during this search as I did when Coach Grantham was hired.


  13. Baitstand

    There’s always Rob Ryan.


  14. HVL Dawg

    The press is an echo chamber


  15. Cojones

    We have been two years with the Granthem-installed D. Since most CFB fruit ripens in 3-4 yrs, no way do I want to see another system installed on the guys who are just “getting” this one. The players and recruits deserve better.


    • AthensHomerDawg

      Didn’t Texas A&M change from the 3-4 to the 4-3 in 2012? They looked pretty solid. It is easier to move in that direction. Learning the 3-4 requires a lot more mental agility from the OLB and DE. But I do agree with you… I don’t want to see us jockeying players, positions and schemes either.


  16. mwo

    I saw Randy Shannon eating breakfast in LaGrange yesterday.


  17. What’s Brian VanGorder’s phone number?


  18. Derek

    What’s sal sunseri up to?


    • AthensHomerDawg

      Last time I saw him he was on the beach at St. Simons with one of those metal detectors. Appeared content,satisfied and well rested. 😉


  19. Mike, Not Gator Mike

    Joe Kines Bitches!


  20. JasonC

    As mentioned elsewhere, who picks there DC before their HC? It doesn’t smell right.
    Additionally, I’m sure we could get Sexton to float Kirby’s name for the Philly job.


  21. Darrron Rovelll

    Profootballtalk had the item about Grantham earlier today at 10:00 am with a link to the article on the Eagles website about the team’s top choices for DC. The top choices were Grantham and UF’s DC Dan Quinn. I tweeted to Seth Emerson and Chip Towers. Emerson said that by 11:00 AM the story on the Eagles website had been deleted.

    When I first saw it – my initial reaction was that someone was floating a rumor that someone who is an Auburn fan also is running the Phil. Eagles’s website. Most of the PFT commenters figured that Grantham was the 2nd choice behind Quinn, but everyone was expecting Seattle’s OC to get the HC job. Then Seattle and Philly would fight it out for Quinn because of his relationship to the Seattle OC & Pete Carroll.

    Of course, the Eagles named Kelly the HC around 1:00 PM? Now I guess it is not an Auburn fan but real interest from the Eagles.

    Given the fact that Kelly went back to Eugene while it appeared that he had turned down the Eagles, I would suppose that Kelly was apprehensive about the Eagles gig if he was not going to get the opportunity to hire his defensive assistants.

    I think there is pretty good chance we are going to lose Grantham.


    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      Taking the Philly DC job would not be in Grantham’s best interests at this point in his career if he has designs on being a college HC, which is what he has said he wants in the future. I’m betting Grantham goes nowhere until and unless he gets a HC offer from either a college or an NFL team.


  22. A Dawg for All Seasons

    If Coach Grantham were to take the Philadelphia Eagles’ DC job, he’d reunite w/ former Dawg CB Brandon Boykin.

    Fwiw, one guy I wouldn’t mind coaching UGA’s defense next season is Lovie Smith, former Head Coach of the Chicago Bears (2004-2012) and Defensive Coordinator for the St. Louis Rams (2001-2003). Smith is originally from Texas, was a 2x All-American LB/Safety at Tulsa, and has SEC defensive coaching experience at Kentucky and Tennessee (1992-1994).

    2012 Chicago Bears Defense:

    Takeaways: ranked #1 out of 32 teams
    Scoring Defense: ranked #3 out of 32 teams
    Total Defense: ranked #5 out of 32 teams

    If I were CMR/ADGM and Grantham leaves, then I’d reach out to Lovie Smith and offer him $1M+ to serve as UGA’s Defensive Coordinator (btw, BVG made $950K as Auburn’s DC last season). Who knows if he’d be interested or not, but after compiling an 84-66 record as a head coach and getting fired after going 10-6 this past season, maybe he’s ticked off at the NFL and wouldn’t mind returning to the college ranks. I’m sure UGA recruits and players would respond very positively toward him and would play lights out.


  23. Morgen

    Back when names were circling around the Athletic Department and on campus about who the new DC would be, Todd Grantham was brought up the most because of his accomplishments as a relentless hard worker.

    Coach Richt rewards strong work ethics and fidelity to the program; I hope all our current defensive coaches stay with the University of Georgia for many years to follow. We have a great head coach in Mark Richt and I believe we have a great AD Greg McGarity that will keep our best coaches, and more importantly, coordinators in Athens. I believe the best years for UGA football are in our very near future.

    Regardless, May God Bless our beautiful country land of Georgia (and the good people in it) and help our nation of these United States. May we remember that without the sacrifices made from our veterans and our currently serving servicemen & women, we would not be able to enjoy our freedoms and liberties (i.e. discussing Georgia football).

    Next time you see a veteran, take the time to stop and thank them for their service. As well, when you see our military soldiers in uniform (deploying or returning), thank them and shake their hands for serving.

    We are countrymen and women of Georgia, the Red and Black, and representatives of the Georgia arch: Wisdom, Justice, Moderation, capped by the Constitution. We are Georgia!

    Go Dawgs!