Grass is greener, redux.

Ken Malcome again decides to leave the program.

“I have made this decision because I think I can get more playing time some place else,” Malcome said in a statement released through UGA.  “I have enjoyed my time at Georgia and appreciate the opportunity that Coach (Mark) Richt and the other coaches have given me here.  I look forward to my next challenge.”

This time, the decision sticks.  If he wants more playing time, I certainly can’t blame him, because he won’t be taking it away from Gurshall barring catastrophic illness.  I wish him the best of luck.

Meanwhile, I guess that means another roster slot has opened for this year’s recruiting class.


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23 responses to “Grass is greener, redux.

  1. collegeparkdawg

    Sorry to see him go and wish him all the luck in the future.


  2. Senator, if we can finish strong (something we definitely DID NOT do with last year’s class) these next three weeks befor NSD, we could blow the roof off with this recruiting class. Good luck to Malcome, bit anothe rslot can’t hurt.


    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      Aren’t we capped at about 35 possible signees by the “Bama Rule” adopted by the SEC and aren’t we already at the max-out? So Boo leaving would not open up another scholarship? Anyone? Beuller?


  3. Macallanlover

    There is no doubt he can find more playing time elsewhere, and I also wish him the best. Boo has talent and he came in and performed well whenever asked. Cannot blame him for this decision, you have to agree that his playing time next season is likely to be about the same if Gurley and Marshall stay healthy. I also cannot blame the staff for how they have used the RBs but feel Malcome could have been used more plays in power running situations and to shore up pass protection, but he isn’t going to be a featured back at UGA at this point in his career. Good luck Boo, hope you land in a good spot to showcase your skills and prove yourself to be capable at the next level. DGD, thanks for coming back and giving it another shot.


    • Otto

      Agreed with Macallanlover, I’m surprised he didn’t leave earlier. He isn’t going to get more time unless there is an injury, and yes I think he should be played more.

      I do wish him the bes in the future.


    • Debby Balcer

      +1 He gave his all this year and he we have too much depth for him to see the field. Godspeed Boo.


  4. AthensHomerDawg

    Since uT doesn’t have a RB with game experience and so far haven’t landed a RB commit wonder if Boo could get an opp there?


    • sUGArdaddy

      He’d have to sit out a year. He’s already red shirted, which means he’s most likely headed to 1-AA to play 2 years immediately. As for those thinking we should have played him more…I like Boo and all and think he runs hard. Gurley got 227 carries or something like that. Adrian Peterson had 339 as a freshmen. Every meaningful carry that Boo Malcome got was one less carry Todd Gurley or Keith Marshall got to take it to the house. He’s a darn good 3rd team SEC back. Those other 2 are elite future NFLers. Them’s just the facts.

      Good kid and good luck. Frees up room for Kamara at #3.


    • Gravidy

      Since he’s a redshirt soph, he would only have one year remaining if he transferred to an FBS school. Anything is possible, but I would suspect he will end up in a lower division.


  5. charlottedawg

    Good luck to the guy


  6. Go Dawgs!

    I wish him the best. He’ll be an asset to somebody, for sure. Here’s hoping Gurshall is working hard on pass blocking. Not that they had too many glaring weaknesses there, but that’s the only aspect of Boo’s game that I feel like could hurt us by losing him.


  7. Skeptic Dawg

    Yet again the tried and true theory of quiting is proven to be fact. Once you leave you will never be successful. Malcolm is simply adding to the stats. I can not think of a single player that has quit, returned and then turned out to be successful. If you have quit in your heart, you will never find success.


    • AthensHomerDawg

      Labeling Boo as a loser might be a little harsh. There is a lot going on when a kid doesn’t perform at the D-1 level. Coaches wanna win and wanna get paid. If a kid isn’t getting it done some coaches lose them or encourage them to move. Not that anyone has pushed him to go. Kids go to college for so many different reasons. Maybe its the dream of the NFL, a college education/ experience or all of that. Maybe Boo realizes that he is not going to the NFL or not seeing he field here and just wants to play some football vs “ride the pine”. Boo came to Georgia to learn something about himself whether he intended that or not. I hope he has.


    • ThePetis

      Have you ever switched jobs? Or are you still at the first company who hired you? My guess is that you had “quit in your heart” at one point.


    • GaskillDawg

      Moonpie Wilson quit, then returned and became an All-American.


  8. HVL Dawg

    Go get ’em Boo. We’ll be following you and hoping you outshine Crowell. When you go NFL, tell them to list you as a former Georgia Bulldog, because you’ve been a Damned Good Dawg.


  9. Scorpio Jones, III

    Hey Boo….try Notre Dame.


  10. I blame T. Kyle King’s departure… and Bobo, naturally.

    Run hard, Boo. DGD.


  11. fetch

    Sorry to see him leave, but would be happy to have him down at VSU.