The last Te’o joke I’ll tell.

Sorry, but this is too good to pass up.



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  1. TennesseeDawg

    This one’s for Manti

  2. Chris A.

    Te’o’s girlfriend was as real as the Irish’s defense during the National Championship game.

    • 81Dog

      In the midwest, they have fake good teams and fraudulent players with fake girlfriends. In the southeast, we have real good teams and trainers who could put about as good an effort in against Bama as ND did. Plus, national sportscasters get chastised for drooling over SEC star players girlfriends.

      Grown man football. Grown man girlfriends.

  3. Ok, I saw this post before I saw the one about Manti having a fake dead girlfriend. For just a second, I thought the Senator was being pretty crass. I should have known better.

    • Gravidy

      You didn’t know about this fiasco until 7:56 this morning? Wow! You really DO have a life. 🙂

      • I have a 9 month old, a job, a wife and two Dachshunds. I’m honestly not sure what day it is.

        • Gravidy

          I know what you mean. There was a period of my life when I had two kids in diapers at the same time. But that was, uhhh… a while ago.

          • Geez, I can’t imagine two at once. One is plenty of work. Totally, totally worth it though. Wait, did you mean two kids in diapers, or two dogs in diapers? Or two wives, for that matter?

            • Gravidy

              Kids. 🙂 My wife and I got the diaper stage over with one fell swoop. It was tough for a while, but I recommend it. I would rather wade through that process with two kids back to back than have a five year vacation and start the process up again.

  4. My wife slapped me after I pinched her several times last night. But at least I know for sure that she is real.

  5. Mayor of Dawgtown

    Sorry but I don’t buy the “Te’o is the victim” meme now being floated by ND. This was a crass attempt to market a player for awards using a heart-wrenching story that was a total fabrication. Was the ND Administration in on it from the beginning? Probably not. But they sure as hell are now.

  6. Donald Trump

    ND could have ended this by having the state of Hawaii produce her birth certificate.

  7. Brandon

    Journalistic malpractice, every reporter who perpetuated this story should be fired.

    • The Lone Stranger

      And yet, this is the least of what the brass at ND perpetrates, to wit the blatant subterfuge surrounding the rape/suicide situation and that character who plummeted to Earth from the observation crane. Stupefying!

  8. Will Trane

    Another fraud out of the ballyhooed Notre Dame and the Big Ten Culture espoused by the elite hypocrites of the northeast sports media and ESPN nerd team. Just makes me so damn mad I want to run into their press box and puke!
    Heard some last night say it would have to be investigated. What the hell for. Alleged he met her after a Sanford game. She died. She was an online chick [guess he subscribed to the same sites the Democratic New York Congressman did, at least he had the photos]. Then she died on the day his grandmother did. Which funeral did he go to. Reminds me of the scene in the movie “Four Feathers” when the guard said both “Englishmen died over night”. And the warden asked both on the same night. At least in the movie that was figured out. Did he send flowers. Did he send a sympathy card. Was he really overwelmed with grief that he sought counsel at the alleged premier Catholic University. Think back to one of my high school classmates who decided to go there…even a couple to Tech…at least 6 of us was smart enough to a real University, like The University of Georgia.
    Sorry, but all of this comes across a huge fraud put forth by Lou Holtz and Notre Dame for rankings.
    With or without this fairy tale by a fairy out of Hawaii with color crayon marks over his over awarded body by those fooled sportswriters, it is another reminder that the Dawgs should have been ahead of ND in all polls at the end. Jarvis Jones, I would blast the hell out of the news media for this. You were robbed my man. You and Tree were the best in the business this past season…hands down. Football purists know what a legit linebacker looks like, plays like, and talks like.

    • Dog in Fla

      “an online chick [guess he subscribed to the same sites the Democratic New York Congressman did, at least he had the photos].”

      Did she send pictures of her dick?

      “Did he send flowers” Good question

  9. Mudcat's Impala....

    Manti Te’O probably wont get that E-Harmony endorsement now…😦

  10. Lou Holtz....

    I could seesh Marth May making up a prethend girlfriendsh buth noth you Manthi!!!

  11. MUDawgfan

    Nobody happier about this fiasco than Alec and Jarvis. CLIMBING UP THE BOARD GENTLEMEN.

    • Dawg in Beaumont

      They were both going to be drafted before Teo anyway IMO.

    • Lou Holtz....

      @nfldraftscout: NFL exec. this morning, “We’ll draft criminals, but lie to my face and you’re off our board.” Some don’t believe Te’o’s story…

  12. What fresh hell is this?

    I heard a rumor that Lennay kekua’s father lettered in football with George O’leary at U of New Hampshire, and graduated with him at SUNY-Stoneybrook.

    Can anyone verify this?

  13. What fresh hell is this?

    Senator, I think I speak for many here when I say, please don’t let this be the last Te’o joke you tell.

  14. Bulldog Joe

    Admit it. You just knew this was coming…

  15. I agree with you mayor, Te’o is a fraud, using this hoax as to garner votes for the Heisman. A fraud just like ND football.

  16. Lou Holtz


  17. Cojones

    The “Te’oing” photos will sufficiently ride this stuff a long time before it hits ground again. Laughed at every link and “thanks” you guys/gals.

    The media is this moment backtracking and destroying poor little Te’o worse than a woman scorned. Like throwing a bucket of offal into a gathering of sharks. This sad happening will not be viewed with the same emotion that many people and the media invested into his girlfriend story. He will have his potential career in the NFL destroyed before this day is over. ND will be hurt in CFB, others have been hurt by the preferential treatment little Te’o had from the media and will the media finally confess that they are complicit by not investigating before prepetrating?

    Stay tuned to this fast-sheenating daytime drama of “The Te’o Soaps Turn” in the showers of ND. Speculation will now preceed reality as all the questions get answered. Not only is this an athletic admin failure, but the school is now actually sponsoring further NCAA investigation with their involvement.

  18. Carolinadawg

    New sign in the Notre Dame locker room: “Play like your fake girlfriend died today”

  19. Cojones

    Rumor is that he used her fake credit card for a year after her fake death. Now, what kind of football player could conceivably do such a thing?

  20. RomanDawg

    I think we should all stop with the Te’o jokes. Remember, somewhere out there a fictitious family still mourns the death of a daughter that never existed…

  21. daryl

    It looks like the media is going to give him a pass on this… More ND privilege.