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Labor Day

Here’s something to keep an eye on.

Remembering how brutal the heat was for the 2003 opener (bonus points for the concessions running out of ice before the first half was over), I’m not gonna complain if they want to see this one played under the lights.  (To be fair, the heat was my only complaint about that game.)


UPDATE:  It would have been polite to ask first, Dabo.

Georgia athletics director Greg McGarity said he was “not aware” of the possibility, when asked his reaction to Swinney’s comment. And frankly you would have a hard time seeing why Georgia would go along with it: The Bulldogs would face a short turnaround before another vital game, at home against South Carolina on the following Saturday.

In other words, this sucker’s DOA, unless ESPN wants it so much it’s prepared to pull a lot of strings to make it happen.  Which I’ll admit isn’t totally beyond the realm of possibility.  But it’s a helluva stretch.


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Georgia commit stages Te’o tribute.

Stanley Williams describes a visit to South Bend that never took place.

Mark Richt has lost control over something here.  I’m not exactly sure what it is, though.


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Grantham’s badge of honor?

Seth Emerson provides an interesting twist on the dawg that isn’t barking re:  the Eagles’ defensive coordinator job.

… It still bears noting that Georgia has not released anything from Grantham saying that he’s staying at UGA, because in the past that’s what they’ve done. In fact, it’s what happened last year, when the rumors weren’t as hot as this one. That’s either because Grantham isn’t out of the running for the job yet – or Grantham and the Bulldogs believe it’s good for recruiting purposes for it to look like he’s under consideration for an NFL gig[Emphasis added.]

Okay, it’s not exactly the equivalent of waiving around a Super Bowl ring, and it does have a certain turning-lemons-into-lemonade flavor to it but I can’t say there isn’t some element of plausibility to that explanation.


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