This gives a whole new meaning to “secondary violation”.

We’re descending into self-parody country with this news:

The NCAA has found what it calls “improper conduct” committed by former members of its own enforcement program during the Miami investigation, and will not deliver the long-awaited notice of allegations against the Hurricanes until an external review is completed.

Or they could just let Mark Emmert make up something as he goes along.  That’s worked for the NCAA before.


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22 responses to “This gives a whole new meaning to “secondary violation”.

  1. Dboy

    That is a nugget of irony covered with ironic icing.


  2. adam

    No wonder the NCAA was so eager to hire Michael Adams. He’s a perfect fit!


  3. Tronan

    “Our heart’s in the right place, we’re just incompetent.” No and yes.

    I never thought the NCAA really wanted to nuke a prominent member institution’s athletic program. I wasn’t sure how they’d avoid pressing the button, but this approach – accidental or intentional – could work.


  4. andybrad2

    Or as ESPN said it: “Miami allegations to wait as NCAA probes itself”


  5. Cojones

    So honesty wins out at the NCAA and we throw them under the bus.

    Does anyone want to see an arrogant ego-bound convict win with his allegations because he thought he was buying UM’s loylty and favor for support when he underhandedly eroded that institute? I don’t.

    What does this hold for prosecuting crooked FB and BB asst coaches? Illegally obtained info there as well? While hoping the NCAA is successful against those two, still don’t want the institution’s sports programs bogged in litigation again. You would think that the sunshine and beaches would be a good enough perks for coaches and recruits, but in this case money was the root of their evil. Fuck’em and dump their bodies into Biscayne Bay. Individuals knowingly cheating on other schools and recruits as well as their own institution don’t have my sympathy.

    Yall leave Emmert alone. He’s busy creating the US Govt of Sports all by himself. The Republican Congress can’t wait to address this vital issue confronting our Sports Nation.


    • sniffer

      Bowl season was impacted (hurt) from having OSU and Penn State on restriction this season. It allowed two interlopers to play in Bowls that wouldnt have been there under different circumstances (looking at you, Northern Ill.) UNC is still under the gun, so to speak and with the prospects of Miami being included, its easy to guess that the major conferences are having discussions with the NCAA about lost revenue and exposure. I think Emmert is under pressure to tone it down after the Penn State overreach. Where this goes, i have no idea.


      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        I wouldn’t call Louisville an “interloper” given that they soundly thrashed FU. Then again, perhaps you were referring to FU when you said “interloper” since the Gators got to play in the Sugar Bowl without winning anything (and it showed).


        • sniffer

          Didn’t have Louisville in mind. Penn State would have been in a bowl somewhere had it not been for their bowl sanctions.

          I would say the ACC has been upgraded by the addition of UofL, and the loss of Maryland, btw.


    • shane#1

      Dr John begs to differ Big Ones. “Woman is the root of all evil—-money’s bad but it’s legal”.


  6. AthensHomerDawg

    NCAA has been walking a fine line for awhile. I’m still pissed about the way they handled the whole AJ Jersey affair. Talk about over the top. Seriously damaged Georgia’s season. If the NCAA really wanted to get by with a probe of Miami and dodge any responsibility I’m surprised they didn’t adopt a Fast and Furious approach. I’ve seen it work before. Not successfully but no one got busted for lame lawyering.


  7. 69Dawg

    If you can’t get the facts straight in this case then you have no business investigating anything. This is not a crimnal trial, this is a sactioning body who, as we have seen in the PSU case, can make up the rules as it goes along. They are trying their best to screw up their own findings to let Donna’s boys off the hook.

    UNC can always use the UT defense, hell we let all the students take this basket weaving class so there’s nothing to see here move on.


  8. WarD Eagle

    You can resolve a lot of things with hookers and blow. But there’s always a backlash.


  9. Hogbody Spradlin

    I have a picture in my mind that the investigators offered to overpay Nevin Shapiro’s hookers so they could get services rendered PLUS info, then short changed the hookers. Then the hookers got mad and ratted them out. Kinda like the Secret Service guys in Colombia.


  10. Gravidy

    So, uhhh, the NCAA has suddenly decided a fishing expedition is a bad thing? I’ll bet AJ Green would love to hear about this fascinating new development.


  11. DawgPhan

    What is it that the NCAA did that was against what rule?

    They strong armed people into talking..isnt that what they have always had to do?