Just say no, Todd.

It’s well-known that Grantham’s contract doesn’t contain a buyout provision in the event the coach elects to go back to the NFL as a defensive coordinator.  Apparently in Chip Towers’ mind that means any time a NFL defensive coordinator position opens up, Grantham is automatically in the mix unless he issues a specific denial.  Silence is offensive.

I am not making this up.

At this point, we can’t be sure. Since Grantham’s contract allows him to leave UGA without penalty for an NFL coordinator’s job (or a head coach’s job), we can only assume he’d be interested any such position. And, again, he’s not saying anything. So until the Eagles or Saints hire someone, or Grantham speaks up, we can’t be sure whether Grantham is actually up for those jobs or not.

UGA Athletic Director Greg McGarity said both Thursday and Friday that contact between Grantham and any other teams has not been disclosed to him, as is contractually required from Grantham. [Emphasis added.]  Grantham has a two years left on a three-year contract with Georgia that pays him $825,000 a year. Including bonuses from this past season, Grantham will have made about $1 million this past year. So one would think he’d be careful not to violate the terms therein.

Of course, Grantham could solve the NFL mystery with a single statement, but none has been forthcoming. And none of the reasons for his silence are very flattering, in my opinion.

You know what happens when you assume, Chip.  Maybe Grantham’s next contract should contain a requirement that he disclose his plans to you as well as McGarity.



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  1. 69Dawg

    You know Chip and most media types they take not getting their way as a personal affornt. Chip get over it. CTG made a million, that’s a hell of a consolation prize.


    • Exactly. “How dare Grantham not issue a statement so I can write a story about it?” I’d say we should all use that paper to wipe our backsides, but the words they put on their pages would make it already used toilet paper.


  2. Mayor of Dawgtown

    AJC journalism philosophy: In a slow sports news cycle when you do not have anything to write, just make stuff up.


  3. Castleberry

    Until Chip issues a statement that he has stopped beating his wife, we can only be left to speculate.


  4. Bright Idea

    It reads like Towers is indeed just assuming that Grantham is a Saints’ candidate because they want to run a 3-4. It would be foolish for Grantham to make a public statement one way or the other. I for one can stand to wait and see.


  5. Irwin R Fletcher

    It’s funny that in just about a week, Chip has gone from ‘I normally don’t report on rumors’ to being indigent that Coach Grantham will not comment on them and content on speculating (aka starting a rumor) on why that might be.

    What a joke. The DJC is a tabloid.


  6. Irwin R Fletcher

    BTW- What freaking mystery, Chip?

    From your 1/19/13 report..
    “That said, I’d expect Grantham to take it should it be offered. While he’s been at Georgia three years, he was in the NFL 11 and is still thought of as “an NFL guy.” I imagine they’d pay him more than the $825,000 he’s currently making. And, lest we forget, Grantham’s losing 12 – that’s right, I said “twelve” – starters off his 2012 defense. Included in that group is sure-fire first-rounders Jarvis Jones and Alec Ogletree and possible first-rounder John Jenkins. No matter how good of a coach he is, Georgia’s defense is going to take a step back in 2013. He could see that as a good time to bolt with his reputation largely intact.”

    You have already proven that you are some sort of wizard…able to ‘report’ on what “will happen” without getting any sort of response from UGA, Coach Grantham or his agent.

    Just so I have it clear….baseless speculation on rumors you candidly admit that you haven’t confirmed=OK. Silence in response to said rumors=Offensive.



  7. AthensHomerDawg

    I’m sure Coach Todd “Damn” Grantham smiles a little to himself each time he sits in a recruit’s living room and tells him ” I am gonna trust you son… just between you and me …. I ain’t going nowhere. Keep that to yourself please. NOW, I want you to trust me son…let me tell you what I can teach you when you come to the University of GEORGIA to prepare you for the NFL.” Thazzz easssssy money right there.

    Probably the worse thing CTG could do is say anything about going to the NFL. If he did how soon would the Little Nicky comparisons start. Chip… there’s a story line for ya. “When that didn’t work, Saban cracked. On Dec. 21 of that year, with the Alabama rumors still going strong, Saban said,” I guess I’ve got to say it: I’m not going to be the Alabama coach.”

    Less than two weeks later, he was the Alabama coach.”

    Just say NO to saying NO…… just sayin’


  8. Go Dawgs!

    I like Chip Towers. That said, this is pure speculation and beneath him. Being offended because someone won’t give you a quote every time a job opens is just silly.


  9. Tronan

    Compared to Mark Bradley and, to a (very slightly) lesser extent, Jeff Schultz, I rarely find Chip Towers insufferable. However, not this time.

    Maybe I haven’t been paying close attention. The AJC is usually the last place I’ll read about sports.


    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      I cancelled my subscription to the AJC more than 20 years ago and haven’t missed it at all. I highly recommend that everybody do so.


  10. Anon

    Why is the AJC so bad? Are all big newspapers this bad now?


    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      Just my opinion but, no, all newspapers are not as bad as the AJC. The AJC pays sh!t so it gets what it pays for as employees plus there is a longstanding pro-GA Tech bias going back 50 years which translates into anti-UGA bias (see Bisher, Furman) that was somewhat held in check when Lewis Grizzard was alive. Now that Lewis is gone all bets are off about that.


  11. Cojones

    Why do some writers have brain farts and put out do-do to rankle the Dawgs purposefully during a down economy? Damned if I know.


    • Just Chuck (the other one)

      Maybe if you have a contract that calls for a certain number of words per week even if you have nothing and attacking the Dawgs gets hits on the web site?


  12. The984

    “At this point, we can’t be sure. Since Grantham’s contract allows him to leave UGA without penalty for an NFL coordinator’s job (or a head coach’s job), we can only assume he’d be interested any such position.”

    Assistant coaches (aside from head coaches in waiting) NEVER have penalties for taking a promotion (HC or NFL equivalent position). Never. It’s just not done. To use that as evidence of some special interest on the part of Grantham is lunacy.


  13. Slaw Dawg

    Ye Gods! My wife has never assured me that she’s not having an affair. So, by this logic, she MUST be having an affair! I’d threaten to divorce her, except for the fact that I’ve also never assured her that I’m not having an affair. So that means I must have, but just didn’t know about it. Gosh, this is so confusing…


  14. Will (the other one)

    He’s wrong. They want a 3-4 guy, and they love Kirby Smart. And can you blame a guy for wanting New Orleans over Tuscaloosa? Spread the word!


  15. Jonathan

    What dawg fan reads the AJC sports section anyway? I usually hit my favorite blogs [GTP is always my first stop] and forums for news anyway.


  16. Agree. Grantham needs to say one way or another.

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  17. Poor Chip, those twisted up – wadded up panties he has on sure must hurt.


  18. Wes


    This post of yours is EXACTLY why I hope you never stop this blog and why I check it everyday – you absolutely read my mind. Chip Towers is a frigging idiot, and you, sir, are the man! Thanks for your efforts!


  19. Cosmic Dawg

    And a little off subject, but I honestly don’t know why anybody is that worked up over whether or not Grantham stays or goes, save perhaps for consistency’s sake. I think he’s done an acceptable job, but he’s not burning up the woods and he’s not irreplaceable. Everybody worships at the CTG shrine because he’s got a swagger, but his numbers are but average, IMHO.


  20. AthensHomerDawg

    BS! I guess the Bobo has a Crayon (Hijo) meme has lost its favor and clowns gotta clown. Any of you two armchair DC’s wanna tell me when the Browns had their last winning season and who was the DC? Why lay the defensive line’s performance at CTG feet. We have been bitchin’ about the DL under performing since Donnan. Those TG dinners were special though.


  21. Grantham needs iron curtain

    How the fuck did A&M fall to the hoop dawgs?


    • Cojones

      One-at-the-Caldwell-Pope times.


      • 81Dog

        If CTG denies it now, bur fails to deny a fumor later, Chip will seize on thst as proof, too

        Better to just stick to the no comment policy thsn to set yourself up to have to respond to Chip every time some rumor surfaces.