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Envy and jealousy: meet the NCAA, “the baggy-pants clowns of Inner Authoritarian Dinner Theater”

I’m not sure you’ll read a better one-sentence summary of the NCAA’s debacle concerning the Miami investigation than this one from Mr. Pierce“In the course of investigating Nevin Shapiro, the NCAA indicted itself.”

True ‘dat.


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The AJ-C has proof that the AJ-C was right about Grantham.

Big recruiting news from the weekend is that Georgia has managed to flip Chamblee’s Davin Bellamy away from Florida State.

“Yes, Georgia is my leader,” Bellamy told the AJC on Sunday night. “They are losing eight starters on defense. They have Jordan Jenkins at one outside linebacker, with the other side kind of up for grabs. Coach (Todd) Grantham feels I can be his guy there, and compete for the job immediately.”

Awesome, right?  Well, there’s a teeny little catch.

“He said at outside linebacker, that I will be making a lot of money one day. The thing about that is, I hope he’s there while I’m there, if I decide to go there.”  [Emphasis added.]

So much for that clever marketing strategy.  Somewhere out there, Chip Towers is nodding sagely and muttering, “Told ‘ya so, Todd.”


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“I want to make sure we keep the bowls relevant.”

One thing that puzzles me about this new “diversity” approach Big Ten ADs are talking up as a solution to dwindling fan interest:  if you’re from, say, Nebraska or Wisconsin, is freezing your ass off in late December at the Pinstripe Bowl at Yankee Stadium really a more attractive option than some bowl game in sunny Florida?


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