James Franklin renounces Satan and all his works… or something like that.

Seriously, what does this guy say when the cameras aren’t on him?


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9 responses to “James Franklin renounces Satan and all his works… or something like that.

  1. Go Dawgs!

    Judging by the way he recruits at freaking Vanderbilt of all places I would assume that he says a LOT.


  2. Just Chuck (the other one)

    I wonder if that’s part of the appeal for 18 year old’s, a coach with a macho attitude who shoots from the hip without a lot of thought. However, as we’ve seen, it got him a warm welcome in Athens last year and he’s probably lucky he doesn’t have the Tide on his schedule this year.


    • Chuck

      What do you man without a lot of thought? I bet he has thought that a lot; I know I have! This particular thing doesn’t bother me. It’s easier to apologize than to act like you’re intimidated. It’s a no-lose for Franklin: he stays in the forefront for no real reason, and he doesn’t have to play them in the immediate future. I think he is dumb like a fox.


  3. Cojones

    The media is doing his job for him and he is playing them like a fiddle. Using off-hand remarks and innuendo that seeks interpretation and expression in print is smart and doesn’t hurt a soul since the apology was to Bama fans more than to Saban. He was quite aware of how the press would use his apology quote as he recalled it. Saban could have said “Stuff it!” for all we know, but do you think it would reflect well on him if he went public and refuted Franklin’s take? Not after he quoted a compliment from Saban to a perennial underdog that will ingratiate them both in the press and in recruits’s eyes.

    Yep, that dumb ole sensationalist coach has been thrown into The Briar Patch again. Funny how he keeps doing that – and winning at it! His motivational methods may be immulated after this season if he continues the upward climb he has initiated at Vandy.


    • AthensHomerDawg

      I hear ya Cojones… but I have to take a pass.
      “Funny how he keeps doing that – and winning at it!” 48-3 was quite the winning hand and it all was cuz he got funny.
      just sayin’