Sorry, Todd Grantham, but if you can’t win this battle, you need to turn in your recruiter card.

Devin Bellamy, a defensive end from Chamblee High School, backed off his longtime pledge to FSU on late Tuesday. It was mainly because the two assistant coaches that landed him for the Seminoles have left for other jobs.

… The 6-foot-5, 240-pounder said his high school called Florida State on Tuesday night to inform them of the news while he was in a lengthy meeting with Tennessee’s new defensive coordinator, John Jancek…

“UGA is still my leader, but one thing I must say is that Tennessee is right behind them … right behind them,” Bellamy said. “I mean, it’s hand in hand. It’s tough right now.”

Of course, there’s the possibility, given Jancek’s talent evaluation skills when he was in Athens, that Bellamy isn’t worth the attention he’s getting, but that’s a bridge to be crossed at a later date.  Right now, it’s more important that the rightful order of the universe be maintained.  I can put up with Kirby snatching a few local boys.  But letting a guy who got run out of town partly because of poor recruiting pull this off?  That ain’t right.


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10 responses to “Mano-a-mano

  1. TennesseeDawg

    Bellamy’s concern is Grantham will take a NFL job after signing day or this battle would be over already.


  2. Ubiquitous Ga Alum

    What TnDawg said and playing time … UT is telling him he can compete for playing time as a FR & that he will have to wait maybe 4 yrs at UGA


    • Based on Jancek’s track record in Athens, I would argue that one year under Grantham would be more beneficial than four years at UT. 😉


    • Macallanlover

      No doubt there are some unethical games played during recruiting, and TN is a desperate, wounded animal at this point, but if Bellamy doesn’t feel confident enough about himself to think he will break through at UGA in four years he may not not be the guy I want occupying space. I don’t know if he will succeed at CFB at all, whether it is at TN, FSU, or UGA, but you should know what you can do by now, and be competitive enough to earn playing time where ever you go. Please don’t come to Athens looking for an entitlement. If Jancek is telling him that he should look at those comments as a sign of disrespect. It isn’t like UGA has been a defensive juggernaut recently. Man up and come make a difference or just “walk on by”.


      • Cojones

        Taking that a little further; Dawg fans don’t like this (led by the nose by a 17yr old) method of “deciding”. Let kids do what they want to do, but not without judgement as to problems they can cause before or after joining the team. All these weeks and months we hear the undiscerning leading the unthinking with their mouths. I don’t want them on our team any more than I would want Crowell back.

        Let them play their games. What they do or don’t do for CFB is up for conjecture, but don’t let the selfish little aholes near this team. If they verbaled or just put us as #1 and then are suddenly swayed by a visit to a campus they hadn’t shown interest in for years; had not looked at positions they could play as Freshmen for those schools and suddenly are impressed with a presentation of playing possibilities they didn’t know; Twitter dollar signs after committing verbally? Then there is something wrong that all the pundits and recruiting specialists could not see or project earlier (the Ole Miss/Miss St. phenomenon).

        In the last week of recruiting my curiosity is not so great that I want to place my psyche at any kid’s disposal (as you mentioned what that does to you just raising your own three),therefore, this will be the last post concerning recruits until next Thurs. The kids we have are great to build on with what we have to this moment. We don’t need no stinkin’ late recruits- they smell up the joint.


    • Krautdawg

      And perhaps Jancek can offer certain … incentives at UT that don’t get offered in Athens?


  3. W Cobb Dawg

    You can be assured that even if CTG were to return to the nfl, Coach Richt wouldn’t re-hire Jancek. I’m happy to say we’re much more selective in our assistant hires than we used to be, and Jancek has a lot to do with that. So in an odd way I guess we actually owe Jancek a thank you.