Grantham breasts his cards.

Even the guy he just picked to coach his defensive line has no clue what his plans are.


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  1. Keese

    Even though I believe this not to be the case….what if this is an amicable split between UGA/Grantham and everone is tight lipped until after signing day. Wilson hire was right about the same time…could he be the new DC? Purely speculative on my part but wouldn’t surprise me though.

    • Really would be out of character for Richt to mislead recruits like that, no?

      • Keese

        ….maybe just naively point to nothing being “official” until after signing day?….again, i don’t believe he’s going anywhere…but theres just enough to make anyone wonder.

        Hell….they all may be pushing this back including the Eagles until after signing day just so negotiations aren’t a distraction at the wrong time….Even if CTG is just leveraging a better contract at Georgia

        • Bulldawg165

          I’d be embarrassed for my team if that turns out to be the case and Grantham bolts town after signing day.

  2. Uglydawg

    I’ll agree that that kind of deception would be out of charecter with CMR.
    Maybe Grantham is enjoying tweaking the AJC’s nose.? It’s what I would fact, I’d never acknowledge the AJC if I were him.
    I hope we don’t get an ugly suprise.

  3. BMacDawg87

    Where did these rumors even stem from? Grantham hasn’t notified McGarity of anything… meaning he has not even been contacted by the Eagles yet… This is all just the media blowing around their own smoke… and blowing it right up our asses.

    • W Cobb Dawg

      Exactly. There’s no story here folks. CTG is totally focused on the recruiting home stretch – as he should be. Wouldn’t surprise me if CMR instituted a new policy regarding assinine inquiries from the press – particularly after the secc post game presser when he was pestered about losing big games.

      • Cojones

        Have to agree with you both. WCD, hope you are correct about Todd pushing back. That would give us all great pleasure.

    • superfbfan

      Grantham’s contract says he must notify McGarity before discussing a new coaching opportunity. I may be wrong, but does McGarity have a responsibility to notify the public that Grantham has made such a request?? So it’s possible he has notified the AD but McGarity just isn’t disclosing this info…just a thought

      • W Cobb Dawg

        McGarity has already said nobody asked if they could contact Grantham. But why believe our A.D. The whole situation is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma, on double secret probation (credits to Churchill and Wormer). I’m sure chip ‘scoop’ towers will soon break the big story. And when he does, we’ll all be scratching our heads wondering why we didn’t see this sooner.

        • superfbfan

          HaHa!…Very true. If I had to bet…I’d bet he leaves for the NFL. On the other hand, we have some real talent on defense (although young), if we land a few of these big name prospects on signing day it might be tough to walk away from this potential.

  4. Ubiquitous Ga Alum

    Thread Jack … Senator, you need to go read the piece on Baby Kiff at ESPN … some real red meat in there … e.g. one player described the Trojans loss to the Nerds in their bowl game as “getting boat-raced by a high school football team.”

  5. Nahila

    It would be a disingenuous development if Grantham knew he was leaving UGA for an NFL DC position and not inform the AD and Coach Richt, his fellow coaches, the current players and most of all the players currently being recruited especially on defense. That is not very helpful for future recruiting at UGA and will hurt the football program for several years.
    Grantham needs to publicly make it known before the signing day for the good name of the University of Georgia.

  6. Joe Schmoe

    I think the lack of notification of the University that TG has been contacted about a job opening speaks volumes. I seriously doubt that Grantham would risk breaching his contract and the likely loss of $$ that would come with that for not notifying the school. I really think this is much a-do about nothing. I do wonder if TG is just not saying anything so that when this proves to be bogus he has set a precedent that he doesn’t have to address every rumor that comes up.

    • AthensHomerDawg

      That could end up being an expensive precedent. This is that class where we need to sign some studs on the D side. I wonder if this isn’t a gambit to use closer to signing day to push any reluctant recruits all the way over to our side.

  7. Brandon

    I am probably in the minority on this but I honestly would not care if he did leave. I think Richt realizes how important having a good defensive coordinator is after his close brush with coaching death due to his devotion to Martinez. Don’t get me wrong I think Grantham is a good coordinator but certainly competent at the SEC level and that is saying something but I think his cult like following among some in our fanbase comes mainly from the fact that he replaced Willie Mo who was absolutely terrible. I am sure we could find a good coach to replace him and if we couldn’t I am sure Richt would be quick to pull the trigger and find a new DC asap if things didn’t work out. I think we should stick with Grantham if he wants to stay here but I sometimes think his system is too damn complicated for college kids with limited practice time to master. Sure, our blitz packages often confuse opposing quarterbacks but sometimes our complex schemes confuse our own team also and that results in missed assignments.

    • AthensHomerDawg

      “I am probably in the minority on this but I honestly would not care if he did leave.” Isn’t that rather short sighted? Lose a DC and find a new DC and find players that fit the new DC’s scheme? No problem to find a new DC right…… and certainly no problem to scheme around that? I’m sure all the influx of new and creative OC’s at Florida had nothing to do with their net O. Honestly, that sounds like something Hijo would say. Isn’t there always that editor of the HS Yearbook with excellent “reading and comprehension skills” that patrols the basketball sideline in his SEARS big boy jeans that wants to pretend to understand the nuances of college football once he graduates college? They have their own blogs. But I digress.

      • Brandon

        I stand by it. I think Grantham is good but not irreplaceable, if he wants to be here I am glad to have him but if he leaves I am not going to shed any tears. Whoever replaced Willie was going to look pretty good, all they had to be was be merely competent to be a drastic improvement. I wouldn’t go comparing ctg to erk just yet, erk consistently did more with less, I think years from now when people see how many nfl regulars we had on this defense we will wonder how in the Hell people even scored against us.

    • Uglydawg

      X and O defense is one thing. Being the kind of coach that inspires players to go all out…kind of in the mold of ERK…. is something else. And it’s something we’ve seen (SC excluded) at a higher and more frequent level since TG arrived in Athens. Franklin is the same kind of guy, and that one reason the two clashed… Don’t be in too big a hurry to dismiss either of them.

  8. Dog in Fla

    Ron salutes Todd as the most interesting man in the world