Paul Johnson haz a euphemism.

The AJ-C pushes him on the Johnson Doctrine, he gets testy – of course he does, bless his heart – and then he caps off the crankiness with an oblique reference to his biggest rival:

“Our policies are no different than 90-percent of the other teams in the country,” Johnson told a group of reporters. “I mean, they make a big deal of it. It’s like ‘Will we lose some guys?’ Possibly it could happen, everybody does. But it’s a much bigger deal when we lose them because it’s our policies. I saw that the other school in the state has had five (de-commitments), and it’s no big deal. But if we lose one or two, it will be because of our policy.”  [Emphasis added.]

He does have a lot on his mind these days, so is it possible he was just a little tongue-tied and forgot a name that happens to be part of his own school’s?  Yeah, sure.  Then again, maybe he’s referring to Georgia State.  It’s all so clever.

I sure hope he hears about it when the other school in the state beats his ass for the fifth year in a row this November.


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24 responses to “Paul Johnson haz a euphemism.

  1. Ubiquitous Ga Alum

    If a trade school loses a recruit in the woods, does it make a sound?


  2. Go Dawgs!

    Oh, you think we’re going to beat him for the fifth year in a row? Hardly. Didn’t you hear? Vad Lee’s the future, my friend, he’s unstoppable. The Georgia Tech dynasty atop the state, ACC and then the Big Ten starts today, and their reign will be long and glorious. Don’t worry about the fact that Vad Lee didn’t do jack against Georgia this past fall. He’s just getting warmed up!


  3. Brandon

    His analogy to “the other school in the state” only works if one believes UGA and Tech are equally endowed with interested prospects and are on even footing when they have a decommit. I think it is pretty damn clear that Tech has a harder time making up its losses, but rock on Paul, arrogant opponents are the most fun to beat.


  4. Jcann

    Maybe PJ could recruit some better players if he wasn’t paying such close attention to UGA recruiting.


  5. Doug

    The difference is that when Georgia has five de-commits, they’ve still got a healthy commit list stocked with blue-chip talent and have an inside line on picking up a few more on Signing Day. Tech, meanwhile, is left with a bunch of two-stars and chess club members who’d probably be lucky to walk on in Athens.

    Man, and I’d just gotten to a point where I could pretty much ignore Tech as a rival . . . now I’m like burn ’em down and salt the earth for another four or five years. If the Dawgs take the next two COFH matchups, giving Johnson the same number of losses to UGA that Gailey had, it’ll be reeeeal interesting to see where that leaves Coach Genius in terms of job security — particularly now that Tech’s gonna have a new AD with no ties to the existing regime and no obligations.


    • It’s just fun to have CPJ’s comments around. Nice to have a whipping boy every now and then. Keep him around forever at GT. He hates UGA so much that he is becoming a welcome distraction during the off season.


    • Forrest Gump

      Two-star recruits are like a bag of cheeto’s… Drop one on the floor, just reach in the bag for another… 🙂


    • Will (the other one)

      As lousy as the conference is, they’d likely still be in the hunt for an ACC title. A good 3/4 of the conference simply doesn’t have the athletes to slow down the gimmick option enough, and if the NATS oft-lousy D can stop a few of them, they’re in the hunt with 8 wins or so.
      But mostly I just want them to keep Fish Fry around long enough to lose 8 in a row. As many times as we’ve beaten them, we’ve yet to top seven straight.


  6. Irwin R Fletcher

    “We’ve never pulled a scholarship offer from a kid who wanted to come here. OK?”- Coach Paul Johnson

    “We’re not going to hold until the end for you to tell us on Wednesday what you’re going to do.”- Coach Paul Johnson

    Yeah…those two statements don’t conflict. <-sarcasm

    By the way, they held Stephen Tuitt's offer until the end only to let him tell them what he was going to do. That's the beauty of being a monarchy…your policies are what you declare. King John would be proud.


  7. Russ

    I can’t quit you, Coach. Just when I think I’m over you, you give me a quote like this, and I’m fired up for another 5 years of beat-downs! Thank you, CPJ. You’re the gift that just keeps on giving!


  8. The984

    How much you want to bet there are some Techies out there that want him fired solely for daring to refer to UGA as a school? Given their childish U(sic)GA insults, there are probably a handfull.


  9. Go Dawgs!

    When you’ve lost 18 out of the last 22 encounters, you ARE the other school.


    • Dawg in Beaumont

      Good point. I’d also add that 3 of those wins were later vacated. If we don’t count those NCAA sanctioned teams, Georgia Tech has beaten UGA 1 time since the Gulf War broke out.

      A few other stats I’ve shared on here a few times (but they just never get old to me)
      Georgia Tech has more NCAA probations in the last 7 years than they have wins over UGA this millenium
      Georgia Tech’s last 6 coaches COMBINED have fewer wins in Clean Old Fashioned Hate in Atlanta than Mark Richt does by himself.


      • Irwin R Fletcher

        In the past 32 years, they’ve lost to Duke more times than we’ve lost to Tech.

        So to make it an SAT analogy so that the Nerds can fully grasp the meaning…

        UGA Football : Tech Football
        Tech Football : Duke Football


        • Dawg in Beaumont

          Great stuff, Irwin. You inspired me to visit the College Football data warehouse and really delve into the whole Georgia Tech as Duke thing.

          If you actually go all the way back to 1957, Duke has beaten GT 2 more times (17) than GT has beaten us in the same period (15).

          The past 55 freakin’ years Duke is closer to them than they are to us.


      • The984

        I think they got those three vacated wins back. Like, they appealed only that part of the decision. They didn’t care about getting off of probation or getting back scholarships or whatever. All they wanted was their wins over Georgia back.


  10. Just Chuck (the other one)

    You may be right, CPJ’s reference could easily have been to Georgia State. They have become the bigger threat to his recruiting. They probably recruit more of the people he’s after than we do.


  11. dawgy45

    Yes Coach (the) Johnson, it is a big deal when you lose recruits because you will never COACH your team out of mediocrity.


  12. Smitty

    Punch ’em in the face Paul!!


  13. heyberto

    Ole’ Paul really doesn’t get it, does he? It’s not even about the de-commitments.. the story is really ONLY about the policy.


  14. stoopnagle

    Honestly, let’s just hope to keep in competitive.


  15. Bulldog Joe

    “Paul Johnson haz a euphemism.”

    I hope he gets that treated and has a full recovery. He’s been one of the best things to happen to UGA football in recent memory.