You’re dead to me, son.

The other school flips a Georgia Tech commit.


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  1. dawgfan17

    Hope this kid works out for us to help the team but it is funny. A part of me hopes Richt just did it after reading that Johnson said that the other school in the state had more decommits than he did.

  2. IndyDawg

    Evil Richt on the recruiting trail!

  3. AthensHomerDawg

    That is an old school fullback. Big, strong and he does have some speed. Hope he can catch the ball out of the backfield. We haven’t been throwing to our fullbacks enough.

  4. BMan

    How can this be? The Dogs don’t recruit kids that could quality at the Institute. What meme can we shatter next?

  5. Uglydawg

    I cant’ imagine that it would be too hard to flip a kid who is looking at a chance to play in the SEC vs that “other conference”.
    With his weight and only 6’0, he is one of those low to the ground, hard to stop blocker and runner. I bet he has good hands…this may be what got Georgia’s attention.

  6. Dante

    I have to admit that I’m really hoping this is out of spite. We just made an offer to a guy who was deciding between Tech, Georgia Southern, Wofford, and Citadel. My spider sense is telling me that’s not a good sign. But my spider sense is far from foolproof (Crowell’s dismissal comes to mind).

    • TennesseeDawg

      It was a plan c for us. We got another offer out to a plan c offensive tackle.

    • AthensHomerDawg

      Was Haynes a walk on? Seems like we picked up a fullback that transferred from Air Force Academy that walked on and he turned into a DGD. Sutherland was another fullback from a private school that did well at Georgia. Was Pollack a 3 star fb?
      Anyway the kids an athlete that runs a 4.46/40 and squats 600 lbs. Even if he just turns into a special teams player, with special teams making up around 22% of the plays I’ll take him. We can always use some help on special teams. I’d rather not leave any scholarships on the table. If we do, the Eeyore dogs will gnash their teeth and complain that we never should have let Garner get away from us. I don’t won’t to “put the poor mouth” on Garner, but the DL just wasn’t getting it done now was it? Great Thanksgiving dinners though. Make no mistake about that. Very thoughtful.

      • mcTryre

        Agree. One shortcoming of an otherwise strong recruiting history under CMR is athletes vs FB players. Fantasy/combine-minded football fans don’t understand the distinction and dynamics on championship teams. Some 5-star athletes lack the desire to play hard and fit into a team concept. finds like Tony Gilbert and Ben Jones are the key counterbalance to the superstar. Maybe this Douglas kid is one the staff expects can play somewhere . . . though offer sheet aside, does sound like a good athlete.

  7. Rebar

    Anyone hear about Zander Ogletree being let go?

    • AthensHomerDawg

      Yeah I read it on another blog. One the good Senator has referred to here before for quality recruiting. Maybe Bluto can update us.

  8. 66DAWGnNC

    I just came from that “other” blog you are referring to Athens. While the report is not confirmed, according to the article I read, all signs point to the dismissal of ZO. If that is true, then this offer makes perfect sense to me. I don’t know anything about this Douglas kid, but I will trust the coaches as always.

    • Debby Balcer

      I hope Zander find’t mess up that bad. bad He was finally showing his skills.

      • Debby Balcer

        I have read it other places. He failed his third drug test. Weed must be more important than being a DAWG. What a waste of talent.

  9. 69Dawg

    The kid is a Fullback. Not many schools use Fullbacks any more. IF he was to be the B back at Tech I’ll take him, because he must be quick. Show of hands how many of us would have loved to have had The GSU Adrian Peterson?????

  10. Brad Kessler

    It’s great to get a flip from Tech, but then again nowadays it’s also he was only going to Tech. I am concerned with the rap Hugh Freeze is laying down in Oxford. What is so darn attractive at this point, to have a great shot at landing the 1,2,3 top prospects nationally and a #1 receiver at Ole Miss, I mean chicken on a stick is only okay…

  11. Will Trane

    Recruiting is tough. Hard to understand why young men go out of state to play. UGA is a top university, top facilities, top coaches, proven coaches, proven record of winning.
    Coaches go after other coaches after losses, poor play, lost recruits, and rankings.
    Georgia has to keep plugging away. Recruiting is a year round activity. In fact it is not seasonal…years and classes are tied to each other.
    Coaches under contract have to verbal state where they are at.

  12. Hackerdog

    3 star, in-state fullbacks tend to work out great for us!