Even they know.

The basketball team, that is.

Four out of five Georgia players surveyed this week first mentioned Georgia Tech — which is in the ACC — as the Bulldogs’ biggest basketball rival. Florida got the other mention.

“I’d probably say Georgia Tech,” forward Donte’ Williams said. “And probably say in the SEC, Florida is the main one.”

The Gators were the clear top choice in the conference by Georgia players.

Coach Fox is realistic about why.

“Long-term, the most natural rivalry it’s either Auburn or Florida,” Fox said. “Florida, obviously, is a huge game in football and the Auburn-Georgia series in football has been going on forever…”



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10 responses to “Even they know.

  1. Scorpio Jones, III

    I am beginning to wonder if the constant chatter about Tech is diluting Georgia’s Championshipablity Index. When you blather about an inferior opponent….one you have beaten what? 18 of the last 21 years? Does this not speak to your goals?

    I am glad the basketball team seems to recognize the enemy….too bad others persist in clinging to the past.


  2. I wanna Red Cup

    I HATE Tech. I want to play them in all a sports every year and beat them in every single contest. I am for anyone who plays Tech in every sport every time. Tech is the enemy. There is plenty of room for more than one enemy. But if Tech is playing FLA, I want them to lose in a sloppy game. I agree with the Senator on his comments about the Gators and the Jackets.


  3. Cojones

    Another Clingon here. I’m getting slightly more pleasure from Tech’s misfortunes(?) than anything wished for the downfall of any other team. When FU’s well respected BBall Coach compliments our Coach’s abilities at the game, it sorta rounds the sharp corners off whereas that piece of gym rat pod that Tech calls a team sears my gut when we play them in BBall or baseball. Kicking their ass in football doesn’t assuage those deep-seated feelings.

    Clingon and proud of it. Not so proud of baby Clingons who can’t see the seething “piss-on-them” attitude of your elders born of verbal insults to some of your Fathers and Mothers who attended UGA long ago. While the pendulum do swing at it’s fullest in the last two decades, I want it to last at least three decades with the NATS. Those who don’t feel that way deserve the label of Doomers ; those who do not know their history and are doomed to repeat it. My God, the Nats even have a cheering/drinking song that has an anti-UGA epithet therein that’s taught to young unsuspecting children.

    What’s not to like when we have Tech, FU, Aub and Tenn running before us;when we are still goosepimply over the sound of the grieving lamentation of their women?


  4. Go Dawgs!

    Left for dead two weeks ago, the UGA basketball team is truly riding high! Three straight wins, four out of five, AND a little screen time on GTP! Happy for those guys and Fox…they’re not great this year but they are improving, and the league is down in a big way. I hope Fox does enough to get another year, but only if he can get some recruitin’ done.


  5. D.N. Nation

    Speaking of hoops, holy moly is the SEC lousy this year. Here’s a quick conference rundown for those who haven’t been paying attention:

    Florida: Legitimate Final Four contender.
    Mississippi: Surprising upstart. Not sure about staying power.
    Missouri: They’re OK. Floundering a bit, though.
    Alabama/Kentucky: On the right side of the bubble. Kentucky is really young (of course) and will only improve.

    Georgia, South Carolina, Tennessee, LSU, Arkansas, Mississippi State, Texas A&M, Auburn, Vanderbilt: Various degrees of crap.


  6. Russ

    We can’t beat the yellow maggots to often or too badly for me.


  7. revdawg

    Speaking of Bball recruiting – great to see that all 3 of this years’ freshmen came from the ATL-area pipeline. Do we think/hope we are making inroads there?